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Edmonton Electrician | Costly Renovation Mistakes

One of the most costly mistakes people make during their kitchen renovation, is not hiring an Edmonton electrician to begin with. This is actually extremely important, and should be one of the first things that homeowners do.

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Even if they do not think they are going to need any electrical components. During their kitchen renovations. It is always a good idea to contact them to do a walk-through of the space.

They will hear all of the homeowners plans. As well as let them know if the homeowner needs to hire an electrician. Or if it is going to be likely that they will need one.

So that they can plan in their budget to bring one in. As well as consider different things that they can get done. Since they will be bringing in an electrician anyway.

Things like upgrading the lighting in their kitchen. Such as getting rid of fluorescent overhead lighting. In favour of much more functional, and energy-efficient LED light bulbs.

As well, they might want under the counter lighting. Or even to add more electrical outlets. Something that they were not thinking of. When they did not think they were going to need an electrician to come out at all.

The reason why there is a very good chance. That they would need to hire an Edmonton electrician to begin with. Is because if they are moving appliances around. Or purchasing new ones.

They might need to upgrade the electrical outlets. To handle a greater flow of electricity. Because the circuits that they have going to each outlet. May only be wired to handle a certain amount of electricity.

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Even though most of the appliances that people can buy nowadays. Or certified energy-efficient. This does not mean that there going to draw less energy than older appliances.

Therefore, homeowners should check with their electrician. Even before they buy those appliances. To see if there electrical system can handle them. Or if they need to upgrade their electrical components.

If they need to upgrade any of the electrical components. The electrician is going to likely have to upgrade their entire system. Because according to the Canadian electrical code.

Even a small change to an electrical system. Will require upgrading that system the most up-to-date safety standards. And if homeowners think that there home will already be at the most up-to-date safety standards.

If there home is older than three years. The Canadian electrical code will have updated since there home was built. And this code is always changing, to reflect the safest ways to handle electricity in a home.

However, the silver lining in all of this. Is that since they are likely going to need to hire an Edmonton electrician. Who is going to have to do some upgrading in their kitchen anyway.

Homeowners can create a list of all of their most wanted upgrades. So that they can all get done at the same time, for a minimal cost. Therefore, homeowners should ensure they contact the right professionals. And avoid making renovation mistakes.

Edmonton Electrician | Costly Renovation Mistakes

If homeowners assume they do not need to contact an Edmonton electrician. When they are renovating their kitchen. They might end up making mistakes, that sacrifice the functionality of their kitchen. Or sacrificing the safety of their kitchen as well.

The reason why, is because even if homeowners are simply buying new appliances. And painting the walls. There is a very good chance. That the electrical outlets will not be able to handle the energy requirements of new appliances.

No matter how old their home is. Since the safety standards update every three years. In accordance with the Canadian electrical code. Old homes, and new homes.

Are likely going to only have the outlets wired. To handle the appliances that were originally put into the home when it was first built. Upgrading this is very important to ensure the kitchen can work well.

For example, if the original refrigerator. Was only wired with 14gauge wires, and a fifteen amp breaker. A new refrigerator might draw more electricity than that. And will trip the breaker just by plugging it in and turning it on.

14gauge wire used to be the standard. But now, as electrical devices become more and more powerful. 12gauge wire with a twenty amp breaker is now standard. Which is why electrical upgrades will need to happen.

As well, homeowners might be doing things like installing a dishwasher. In a kitchen that did not have a dishwasher already. Or putting in a wine cooler under their counter. And will require its own outlet.

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Therefore, any electrical components that homeowner buys. Should be checked with their Edmonton electrician. To see if they need to upgrade their wiring. Or add an outlet for that device.

And even, some of the appliances that they buy, they require being hardwired in. Because there is no outlet that is going to service that device. Such as a range hood, that is installed over a stove.

Therefore, before homeowner starts their renovations. They should talk to all of the professionals. So that they can ensure that they have thought of everything. And not overlooking anything important.

As well, when they hire the right professional to do the job. Not only are they going to be able to do the job very well. But they are also going to be able to avoid making mistakes.

And will get the job inspected properly and every important step. In order to pass inspection at the end of the renovations. An electrician needs to have their work inspected at the Ruffin stage.

As well as at the end of the process. And if homeowners do not hire the right professional. These inspections might not get done. Which could impact the functionality.

As well as impact the safety of the electrical work that was done. During their kitchen renovation. Since are so many electrical components in the kitchen. That needs to work perfectly. Any kitchen renovation requires hiring an Edmonton electrician.

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