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When a person is hiring and Edmonton electrician for their job, there are several things that they need to keep in mind to ask. These hiring protocols are true whether a person is hiring an electrician for a commercial or industrial job, or if it is residential. The matter help or small it is whether it is a new building that needs to be completely wired, building a garage, or if the electrician is working on doing regular maintenance, or service call due to an emergency. If a person who needs to hire an electrician keeps these protocols in mind, will ensure that they end up with the right professional for the job every single time.

It is that people hire an Edmonton electrician within mind, is safety. If they are not working safely, they should not be working at all. Therefore, people need to ensure that whichever Edmonton electrician they hire is able to follow safety procedures or protocols consistently. There is actually a certification that is handed up to companies have developed their own safety programs as well as been able to meet previously established safety standards. This is called a core certification, and stands for certificate of recognition. This is given out to businesses who have their own safety programs that have been documented. If asked about a corporate certification, any Edmonton electrician with the core certification will be able to work safely on any job site.

The next thing that a person hiring an Edmonton electrician should ask is if they do not have a group certification what are their safety procedures are proposed? It does not matter if they have a specific program in place, but the most important thing to keep in mind when a person asks that, is if it is defined and easily communicated, and if it is easily duplicated. For example, a business that has a series of checklists that any employee can use repeatedly. This can help ensure that a worker is suited up correctly for the job, that they have all of the tools and materials, all tools are in good working order, that they have the profit safety equipment, and that that safety equipment is in good order. These are all indications that the contractor has take the time to think about safety ahead of time.

An example of a great checklist that is used by many contractors including Edmonton electrician would be a field level hazard assessment. This form requires a contractor to scan the job site and identify and document all hazards they see. They then are required to clean up or fix the hazards, so that they have a worksite free of hazards.

By knowing what questions to ask when hiring an Edmonton electrician can help empower the people doing the hiring to verify that they will be able to keep a safe job site, not just for themselves, but for all people working at that place of business.

Edmonton electrician | critical questions to ask contractors

There are many things that people who are hiring Edmonton electrician contractors to ensure they not only are able to do the job that they are hired for, but that they are legally allowed to as well. When they know which questions to ask when they hire people, can ensure that they are hiring the best fit for the job.

One of the first things that they should ask is if the Edmonton electrician has their license and certification. The only people that are allowed to legally work as an electrician in the prophets of Alberta are registered practices, and certified journeyman electricians. How on electrician would get there journeyman, would be once they have taken classes, become an apprentice, and worked a certain number of years in order to earn their license, after they obtain their license, they can apply to the province of Alberta to get there certification. Only after they earned the certification are they legally allowed to work as an electrician. By knowing this, people can ensure that they are asking the right questions when hiring electricians.

The next thing that people need to be able to ask when hiring an Edmonton electrician for a job, is do they have insurance. This means that the contractor that they are hiring needs to have their own general liability insurance. This insurance is going to protect them as well as the person hiring them in case something goes wrong on the job. They may have made a mistake and cause damage, or if the job was accidentally done incorrectly or had something like an electrical fire. This is going to ensure that the contractor has insurance to deal with damages, and that the person hiring them will have their damages recovered. If they do not have insurance, the person who receives the damage may not be able to recover what has been damaged. They might be able to personally sue the contractor, but that does not guarantee they will get their money back.

The last question that they should be asking any Edmonton electrician prior to hiring them is do they have WCB. Worker’s Compensation coverage is required by law, and provides benefits to workers that are hurt on a job site by giving them benefits and medical care. If a electrician contractor does not have Worker’s Compensation benefits, not only are they in violation of this requirement, but it is also a warning sign that there probably not legally allowed to work in the province as well.

By knowing which questions to ask and Edmonton electrician prior to hiring them is extremely important. By ensuring they can work safely, legally and are insured can give peace of mind to people hiring contractors for their job site. This is important the more contractors there hiring, but regardless of how big or small the job site or the job is, this is extremely important at all times. People who are looking for professional and competent electricians should call the professionals at Hauer Power at 780-935-0622.

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