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It is extremely important that people understand that not all people who advertise themselves to be an Edmonton electrician carry the same qualifications as each other. Because of that, it is extremely necessary for people to ensure they check credentials of anyone they are thinking of hiring for their job site. Regardless of how large or small the job is, or whether it is for residential, commercial or industrial, it is important that they are checking credentials and verifying insurance. This way, people can guarantee that they are able to work, and provide the service that they promise.

One of the first things that people should look at when hiring an Edmonton electrician, is if they are licensed and certified to work as an electrician in the province of Alberta. In order for person to be legally allowed to work as an electrician in Alberta, they need to either be a registered apprentice, or a certified journeyman. That means, not only have they taken classes, and have worked to become an apprentice, and with the journeyman electrician for several years, after they have their experience they will need to complete their schooling to earn their license, and then apply for certification with the province. If an electrician has not gone through all of these steps, they are not legally able to provide the service within the province. People should verify that to a hire is legally allowed to work.

The next thing that people should be looking for in the Edmonton electrician they want to hire, is that they are properly insured. This means at the very least, the electrician should have general liability insurance, that starts at about one million dollars with of coverage. If an electrician does not have this, they do not have coverage protecting themselves or their client in the case of an accident, or something going wrong. Whether they cause damage to the job site, or if there is a problem with their work for example that would cause an electrical fire, insurance will ensure that the person can recoup their losses. If they hire an electrician that does not have general liability insurance, the only way they would be able to recover anything, is by personally suing the electrician. Not only is this time-consuming, they also will not ensure that a person gets all of their damages paid for.

One of the last they use that a person should look for, when hiring an Edmonton electrician is to verify that they have their Worker’s Compensation coverage. This is important if they have an employee working for them. This is a requirement by law, and not only is an electrician that does not have their Worker’s Compensation coverage not legally allowed to have staff, but is also a red flag that they also probably are lacking other credentials they required work.

When people understand what the credentials are required to hire and Edmonton electrician, they can ensure that whoever they hire has the right knowledge, and insurance to provide the services that they are providing. This can empower people to ensure they make the right decision for their job.

Edmonton electrician | crucial considerations when hiring electricians

There are many different things that people should take into consideration when they have a job they need to hire and Edmonton electrician for. Not only should people be ensuring that they have the right credentials and insurance, but is also very important that there able to work safely at all times as well. There are many things that people can look for and ask when hiring an electrician to help ensure that they are going to be paying attention to details, and working safely. This will help ensure everyone on the job site are protected.

When certification that people can ask their Edmonton electrician if they have is there COR certificate. This certification says that the company was able to meet preestablished safety standards, and have developed within their company safety programs. When people are working to ensure that the contractor that they are hiring for jobsite can work safely, this is an easy way to recognize that. However, people should also be aware that if they do not have this, as long as they have a set safety procedure set up in their business, they will be able to work safely.

A great safety protocol might involve having a set number of checklists in their day that they have to look at to verify that they have the right tools for each job, and that their equipment is in safe working order. An example of a great checklist is field level hazard assessment, that requires a contractor to look over the jobsite before they start working, to see if there are any hazards. If there are, not only are they document them on the form, but they also required to clean up all of the hazards in order to ensure the area safe before they start work. As long as an Edmonton electrician has safety procedures and protocols that up in their business, they will be able to work safely not just for themselves, but for everybody else on-site as well.

When people can understand all of the different ways that an Edmonton electrician can focus on safety, not just for themselves, but in ways that can allow each of their staff to keep their mind on safety at all times, that can help ensure that they are hiring the right company for their job. This is important on large jobs, but small jobs as well. It might even be more important for Edmonton electrician to focus on the safety of smaller jobs, as their focus may not be where it should be. By knowing what to look for when hiring an electrician to help keep the site safe and secure, people be able to make the best choice on who to hire. Hauer Power not only capable electricians, safety is their number one value. People can call them any time at 780-935-0622.

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