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Edmonton Electrician | Customer Service Is Important

One thing that however power wants to set themselves apart as an Edmonton electrician. Is a company that is between customer service back to the trades. And that is in fact, their tagline that they use.

Edmonton Electrician

But how they are going to achieve that. Will be through many of the values that they believe in. And not only do they ensure each staff member lives by. But they bring to every single jobsite that they work on.

One of the most important values that they talk about is constant learning and growth. And this is extremely important. Because not only does the Canadian electrical code change every three years.

But technology is changing regularly as well. And they want to know the most up-to-date products, and how to install them. Which is why upgrading courses are mandatory for each and every electrician.

Not only are there code update courses. But they also utilize the tissue program. To allow every electrician that works for them. The opportunity to increase their knowledge.

So no matter if this Edmonton electrician is called to install solar panels, a solar charging station. Or even to install a charging station for an electric car. Every staff member has the most up-to-date information on how to do that.

The next thing that they value at this Edmonton electrician, Hauer Power is caring. It is in fact, their highest value within the company. Because they truly believe that if they honestly care about their team, and their customers.

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Then they will do exemplary work for those customers. Doing their best work, to the highest ability. Is going to be how they are able to bring customer service back to the trades.

And while these are two very important values. They also have a high value on honesty and integrity. They cannot have one without the other. And honesty is all about what they say they will do.

In doing it on time, and at a price that they quoted. But also, integrity works with honesty. Because this is all about accountability, working hard, and putting the best that they can bring at all times.

Not only do they need to believe in all of these values as a company. But they need every single employee that they hire to believe in these values as well. Which is why they hire staff with this in mind.

They want to know that this staff members will these values in high regard as well. And that they will approve them on behalf of the business with every single jobsite they walk onto.

And finally, they want every single customer to know what their values are. Because this is how they set themselves apart from their competition. They want to be the number one electrician in the city.

Therefore, by ensuring they are doing things differently, and more uniquely. They can appeal to their ideal and likely buyers. Who will hire them to come into their home, and their business and do this very important work.

Edmonton Electrician | Customer Service Is Important

Some of the most important things that this Edmonton electrician from their competition. Their customers to know. Is that they live up to many different values. The reason why they want their customers to know this. Is because they want to set themselves apart.

There are many contractors out there, and many who will do electrical work. Sure that when people are looking for online contrition. They want to do business with contractor that upholds the same values that they have.

This is why honesty is one of the most important values that they have at Hauer Power. Because many other contractors do not live up to what they will say they will do.

Therefore, by being honest. Showing up on time, finishing the job by the deadline. And on budget. Will be how they set themselves apart from all of the other electrical contractors that there are in the city.

As well, they believe in punctuality is one of their values. And in still not in every single staff member before they are hired. Because if they cannot be punctual to work.

There is no way that they can get themselves organized and set up. In order to go to the customers jobsite and be ready to work. Therefore, punctuality is extremely important both to work, and to jobsite.

The next value that they want their customers to know at Edmonton electrician. Is that they uphold is teamwork. And while this might seem like a very fluffy, feel-good value. It is actually exceptionally important on a job site.

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In order to work safely, teams need to have great teamwork. And while the electricity is inherently dangerous. Working on it represents many hazards. That if a team does not work well together.

It can be even more dangerous. So teamwork is important for keeping everybody safe on a job site. Not just the electrician’s letter there, but the customer as well.

And in order to work well together. The next value that they uphold at Hauer Power is a positive attitude. It is very difficult for teams to work well together when one team member is negative.

And with a negative attitude, it is harder to problem solve and overcome challenges. And it can pull an entire team down. When one person is negative all the time.

And because teamwork is so important for safety. When there is one negative person on the team. It puts the safety of the entire team in jeopardy. Which is why how power insists on a positive attitude at all times.

Ultimately, all of these values merge together into they highest value at this Edmonton electrician which is care. They care about your team. They care about their customers.

And they care about the high quality of work that they do. When all other values are upheld to the highest ability. This one is the one that shines through.

It is extremely important for customers to know that they genuinely care about all aspects of the business. Because that is how they will be able to bring customer service back to the trades.

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