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Edmonton Electrician | Deciding On Bathroom Fans

Many people do not consider their bathroom fans admits Edmonton electrician. Usually, people only think about them. When they start making more noise. Or when they stop working altogether.
Edmonton Electrician

However, the function of the bathroom fan is very important. Especially to keeping the home protected against moisture. The job of a bathroom fan. Is actually to suck out the moist air from a bathroom.

During a hot bath, or steamy shower. And taking it out of the home. Where it cannot cause damage. The types of damage that moisture can cause in a home. Is actually very significant, not only can it cause.

Softer features of the home like carpet or drywall to start to rot or become mushy. It can also rot away at things like subflooring, and the studs and insulation. In the home, affecting the structural integrity of the house.

However, Edmonton electrician says the most damage. That humidity and moisture can cause. Within home, is actually black mould. Moist conditions are a breeding ground for this toxic growth.

And the people living within a home. That has toxic black mould are serious and significant. Black mould can cause a wide range. Of health conditions, such as respiratory diseases. Allergic reactions such as rashes.

And people have been known. To develop autoimmune diseases. Caused by living with toxic black mould. Therefore, not only to protect their home, and their large asset. Homeowners should protect the people living within the home as well.

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That is why bathroom fans are so important. However, it is not enough. Just to turn the bathroom fan on. Every time someone has a bath or shower. There is regular maintenance that is necessary.

One of the first things that homeowners should be doing. In order to maintain their bathroom fan. Is actually quite simple, which is taking a vacuum. Or a duster, and taking the dust off the grill.

The reason why, is dust accumulates quite quickly. On a bathroom fan, as its sucking air out of her room. There is naturally dust in the air. And the humidity makes it a perfect vehicle. For the dust to stick on the bathroom fan and components.

Therefore, the dust can build up quite quickly. And when the dust clogs the grill. It makes it difficult for the fan to be able to suck the air. Out of the room, and out of the house.

If this dust is not removed. Approximately once a month. The bathroom fan may not be able to do its job at all. And the home would be unprotected. Despite the homeowners best efforts in turning the fan on and off appropriately.

Then, Edmonton electrician suggests. Taking the grill off the fan once a quarter. In order to dust off. Or vacuum off the fan blades. If the fan blades are heavy with dust. It can burn the motor out to try and turn them.

But also, homeowners need to keep in mind. That if the fan blades are thick with dust. It is going to wear out the fan quicker. And they will have to replace the fan sooner. Rather than later to stay protected.

Edmonton Electrician | Settling On Bathroom Fans

Many homeowners may not realize according to Edmonton electrician. That there are so many different varieties. Of bathroom fans. If they find themselves having to replace theirs. Because it is making noise or it stopped working.

Edmonton electrician says they may actually be overwhelmed. With the large number of choices. Starting with how powerful the fan is. Homeowners may not even realize. What they need in terms of size.

And fans for the bathroom are rated. Or how much air they can suck in one minute. The smallest fan size is going to be fifty. While the largest is going to be a hundred and fifty. And the measurement of power is cubic feet per minute.

Homeowners should calculate how many cubic feet are in their bathroom. And find a fan size. That can move that amount of air. In order to ensure that the fan does the job properly.

However, Edmonton electrician says homeowners should be aware. That they should be getting a bathroom fan. Able to pull more air. Then the minimum requirement. There are two important reasons for this.

The first reason, is because if they get the minimum power of fan. When the fan is starting to reach the end of its life. It is not going to be working at its peak efficiency. And that means, it is not going to be sucking.

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Enough air out of the room. In order to protect the house from humidity. And the second reason Edmonton electrician says homeowners. Should get a slightly more powerful fan.

Is because inevitably, the fan will develop. A thin layer of dust. Even if the homeowner is regularly dusting their bathroom fans. Which most homeowners actually are not doing.

Once the fan has dust on it. It will not be working as efficiently as it should. Therefore, homeowners should get a bathroom fan. That is slightly more powerful. Approximately twenty or thirty CFM higher than what they need.

Therefore, in between the dusting schedule. The fan will still be able to pull. The minimum air out of the room. To protect the house from the humidity of a bath or shower. However, that is only one of the options.

There are many different options to consider. When choosing the right bathroom fan for a home. Many people are annoyed. At how loud some bathroom fans can be. And there are options for quiet, or silent fans.

Fans that have energy efficient rating. Whether people want to make their carbon footprint smaller. Or simply save on their electric bill. They also have options that have Bluetooth speaker built in.

So people do not have to put a stereo in their bathroom. To listen to their favourite music or podcasts. While getting ready for work. Or having a relaxing bath at the end of the day. Bathroom fans can also have mood lighting. So people can ensure they have a bathroom that makes them happy at all times.

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