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Edmonton Electrician | Deciding On Bathroom Vent Fans

There are so many options says Edmonton electrician. When it comes to bathroom ventilation fans. Most homeowners do not think about it at all. Until there bathroom fan starts making terrible noises.
Edmonton Electrician

Or, when there bathroom fan unceremoniously quits. Usually, in the middle of a hot bath or shower. The importance of the bathroom fan cannot be understated. It does a very important job.

Of protecting the family home from moisture. That not only can cause things to rot, like subflooring and studs. But also, moisture can cause toxic black mould to grow. Destroying everything in its path.

As well as impacting the health of the people. Living within the home. This is why Edmonton electrician says it is of the utmost importance. That people turn on the bathroom fan.

Whenever they are having a bath or shower, so that they can protect their home. However, not only are people. Not turning on the fan appropriately. They often are completely unaware. Of the maintenance that a fan requires.

And have no idea when they should be replacing their fan. That is why, homeowners should consider there bathroom fan. As soon as they move in. To know exactly what kind of fan they have.

And, often replace it. As soon as they move in. So that they have a bathroom fan. They like, and that suits their needs. Even if this is a brand-new home. Edmonton electrician says they are likely not going to have.

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High quality bathroom fan. Builders often put in. What is called builder grade fans. Which are inexpensive. And are the bare minimum requirements. They are often very noisy. And inexpensively made.

That are only going to last for two years at most. Even if the homeowner is maintaining them often. Which most homeowners are not doing. The first thing that homeowners should keep in mind.

When they are getting there bathroom fan chosen. Is know what size to get. Bathroom fans are rated in power as cubic feet per minute. Specifying how much air they can move. Within one minute.

Homeowner must calculate the cubic feet of their bathroom. And then find a fan that can pull minimum of that amount of air through it. However, most electricians also recommend to home owners.

Not getting the minimum cubic feet per minute fan. Because, when the fan starts to wear out. Or when it gets a thin layer of dust built up on it. It is going to work slower. And pull less air through it.

Therefore, homeowners should always get a fan. That is 20 to 30 CFM hire. Then what they actually need. The smallest fan that is available on the market for residences. Is fifty CFM. While the highest is one hundred and fifty CFM.

But that does not mean people can simply get the largest. If they have a large bathroom. And assume that it is going to do the job properly. Some bathrooms need multiple fans.

Which is why an electrician should always be consulted. Not only can they help choose the right bathroom fan. But they can expertly install it for the homeowner. To help give them peace of mind.

Edmonton Electrician | Agreeing On Bathroom Vent Fans

There are many different options says Edmonton electrician. When it comes to bathroom fans, and homeowners. Should consider all of these options. In order to choose a bathroom fan that is going to work for their space.

While there are different power ratings. Their Edmonton electrician can help them choose. The size and power of fan. That is correct for them. Based on how much cubic feet there bathroom is.

But after that, there are many different options. And one option. That homeowners are most interested in. Our the option to have a quiet, or completely silent bathroom fans. There are many reasons they want silence.

In a home, especially with many people. There can be a lot of on be in noise. That can cause the house. To be less peaceful than people might want. A noisy dishwasher, a refrigerator that aches a lot of noise.

Combined with the noise of television, and other electronics. Suddenly, a peaceful home can be significantly less peaceful. Putting in a silent bathroom fan. Means that no part of anyone’s peace can be disrupted.

However, Edmonton electrician says a lot of families. Are looking into a silent bathroom fan for people. Who actually work shift work. For getting ready to go to work. Or coming home from work. When the rest of the house is asleep.

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Having a silent bathroom fan means that they can get ready. Without disrupting the rest of the house. Who may be light sleepers, or have small children. That could be disturbed by noises.

Other options that people can get other than Norway’s. Our bathroom fans that come with mood lighting. LED lights, either in white or changing colours. Can be important for many reasons.

If someone needs extra light for shaving their face, doing their hair. Or applying makeup for example the bright white. Can allow them to have extra illumination. When they need it, but not all of the time.

The coloured LED lighting. Can help set the right mood. Such as orange for an invigorating and energizing shower. Or blues, pinks and reds. For a soothing and relaxing but will path.

There are also bathroom fans that come. Built-in Bluetooth speakers. So that people can listen to their favourite music, podcasts or audiobooks. When they are getting ready for the day.

Or put on their favourite relaxing music, when they are having. A soothing bubble bath at the end of their long week. One option that Edmonton electrician advises against.

Is the heater components that some bathroom fans come with. Heating elements can catch fire very quickly. And bathroom fans are a magnet for dust. If people do want to step out of their bath or shower.

And be bathed in a glorious rate of heat.How are power will be more than happy. To install a heat bulb in a different location. Than their bathroom fan, to eliminate the risk. Regardless of what is important to a homeowner. They can get the right bathroom fan for them.

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