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Edmonton Electrician | Deciding On The Right Bathroom Fans

Homeowners may not realize according to Edmonton electrician. That there are so many different options. When it comes to bathroom ventilation fans. In fact, many homeowners are not even aware.
Edmonton Electrician

Of the importance of this small, unsung hero of the home. The reason why bathroom fans. Our in fact so important. Is because they eliminate. Unwanted, and damaging moisture. From the bathroom, and out of the house.

The job that this fan does. Is to suck all of the humid air out. Where cannot cause damage. Such as rotting the floorboards, the subflooring. The studs, and insulation. Causing drywall to become mushy and require replacing.

Also, moisture in a home. Can be the perfect breeding ground for toxic black mould. That not only is destructive. To whatever surface it covers. But also, it is toxic to the people who are living with it.

Causing a wide variety of health problems. From respiratory diseases and autoimmune problems. Two rashes, and hives from allergic reactions. Caused by the spores floating through the air.

Therefore, there are many reasons. Why homeowners should always ensure. That not only are they turning the bathroom fan on. But they are also maintaining it. To ensure that it does its job properly.

However, the first thing that homeowners need to do. Is make sure they have the correct bathroom fan. For their house. Starting with the size and power of the fan. Many people might think there is only one size option.

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However this is not true. Fans are actually rated. On how powerful they are based on. How much air they can move in a single minute. This is noted as cubic feet per minute.

Edmonton electrician will calculate. The cubic square feet in a bathroom. And that is the size of fan. That people should get in their bathroom. However, one rule of thumb that they should keep in mind.

Is never get the bare minimum. If a home owner has a fifty square cubic foot bathroom. They should not get the fifty CFM fan. The reason why says Edmonton electrician. Is because as the fan wears out.

Or as the fan gets a thin, or thick layer of dust on it. It will be able to move less and less air. And if it is the bare minimum size. It will not be able to do the job. Of moving the correct amount of air out of the home.

Therefore, homeowners are recommended. To get a fan that is about twenty or thirty CFM higher. Then the cubic footage of their bathroom. Also, they should not choose the largest bathroom fan.

If they have a large bathroom. Because their particular bathroom. It may require multiple fans. To do the correct job. Once they have the right size, they should contact Edmonton electrician. To install it expertly.

As well, they will also be able to discuss. Other options in the bathroom fan. Such as built-in mood lighting, heaters switches, humidity sensors. And Bluetooth speaker conductivity.

Edmonton Electrician | Picking The Right Bathroom Fans

Homeowners may not realize how important bathroom fans are says Edmonton electrician. Nor will they realize how any options there are. When it comes to choosing the right bathroom fan.

If they have just moved into their home. Or if they have never dusted their bathroom fan. Or they have lived in their home for 2 to 5 years. And have never replaced the fan. They should pay attention to this article.

Most bathroom fans are designed to only last. A few years, the more inexpensive models. Rated last one to two years. Such as the models that homebuilders use in their construction. Or, the more well-built models.

Our designed to only last 5 to 10 years. And that is only if they are being regularly maintained. The maintenance is quite easy says Edmonton electrician. But many homeowners are not doing it.

The maintenance that is recommended. Is to simply dust the outside of the fan grill. Once a month, either by taking a feather duster. A damp cloth, or ideally. Taking a vacuum want. Or a handheld vacuum.

And sucking out all of the dust from the grill. This is important, simply because. The more clogs the grill is. The less efficiently the fan can pull air through it. And vent the humid air out of the home.

As well, the Edmonton electrician says about once a quarter. Or whenever the seasons change. From summer to fall, fall to winter and then winter to spring. It is a good reminder to do the other maintenance.

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Homeowners should pull off the grill of their bathroom fan. And vacuum the dust off of the fan blades themselves. The more dust that has accumulated on the blades. The harder the motor is going to have to work.

To turn the fan blades. Causing the motor to wear out more quickly than it was designed. But also, the more dust accumulates. And the more the fan blades are going to way. Causing the fan to not be able to turn as fast as it is required.

And therefore, not move the amount of air needed. Out of the room and out of the home. Because of this, if homeowners. Can simply vacuum the grill once a month. And vacuum the fan blades once a quarter.

They can ensure the longevity of their bathroom fan. However, once it is time to replace the bathroom fan. There are a multitude of options. That homeowners should be aware of. To get the right fan for their home.

There are different options for quiet, or completely silent fans. Since many people are aware. Of how annoying it is. That have a fan that is extremely loud. And disruptive, whether there trying to have a quiet bubble bath.

Or simply not disturb all of the other people in the home. There are options to get a built in humidity sensors which. So that the fan will only come on. When it is needed. And turn off when it is done.

If people would like more options. Or hear more information about their bathroom fan. All they have to do, is contact Hauer Power today.

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