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Many people do not think about smoke detectors on a regular basis says Edmonton electrician. Maybe, only when they have first moved into their new home have the thought about what kind of smoke detectors they should have. However, people should get well-informed before they make this decision, and any time they have to replace a smoke detector or smoke alarm, they should be finding out what is available on the market, because advances in technology means that there is a wide variety of products that can help protect a family. The Canadian electrical code recommends people changing their smoke detectors every ten years. However, Edmonton electrician says some smoke detector or smoke alarm brands require more frequent changes at seven years. Therefore, at least every 7 to 10 years, people should be considering the advancements in smoke detector technology.

There are several different types of smoke detectors that people can use. Edmonton electrician says the photoelectric styles, operate on the principle of light refraction and the light reflection inside the smoke detector. When smoke enters the device, if it refracts or reflects the light, it triggers the alarm to sound. The second type of smoke detector is the ionized detector. This contains two electrically charged plates, that provides an electrical current. When smoke enters the unit, it interrupts this electrical current and sounds the alarm. Not only can people get a smoke detector with a photoelectric detector or an ionized detector, but people can also get units that combine both of those styles together, which helps prevent false alarms from being sounded.

When asked about the best smoke detector on the market, Edmonton electrician said that nest systems are by far the best. The reason why is because the nest system not only contains a combination of the photoelectric and ionized detector together, but they also use split spectrum light technology and blue light filter in addition. What this does is helps ensure that nuisance tripping of the alarm is reduced significantly to help ensure that the alarm only goes off when there is danger.

Another great feature of the nest system according to Edmonton electrician is the fact that not only does it hardwire directly into homes electrical wiring but it also has Wi-Fi capability. Therefore, it connects to the homes data network, so people can get alerts and updates directly to their phone or mobile device. This will alert people whenever there is an alarm that is going off, updates them on the carbon monoxide reading as well as allowing them to silence alarms directly from their phone. This might be a higher cost than any other smoke detector on the market, but it has higher functionality as well, and can help keep a family even safer.

With all of the various things that people need to consider when choosing the right smoke detector in smoke alarms for their home, they should contact Edmonton electrician and find out all of the features that they can get, and choose a system that is going to be the best fit for their home, their family and their lifestyle.

Edmonton Electrician | Different Types of Smoke Detectors

Many people do not consider their smoke detector says Edmonton electrician. Therefore, they may not even understand how many different types of smoke detectors and smoke alarms there are out on the market. As technology changes and improves, so do the smoke detectors that people can utilize. Therefore, every time someone needs to change the smoke detector in their home, which should be at the maximum every ten years, they should get reeducated on the different styles that are out there.

In addition to the different types of smoke detectors that detect smoke differently, there are also different ways that the alarms can be powered as well. Edmonton electrician says there are units that are solely battery-operated and while these will work if it is the only thing that a person can afford at the time, they are not the best choice. The reason why, is because if the unit is solely battery-operated, if the battery dies, it will not protect the family. A better option are for the alarms that are wired directly into the electricity of the home, but have a battery backup. This battery backup ensures that the smoke detector can still make a sound even if power has been cut to the home for any reason.

However, the most current form of smoke detector on the market not only wires in to the electricity of home, but also are hardwired together, so that the units throughout the home are interconnected. The reason why this is beneficial says Edmonton electrician is because if one alarm is triggered in the home, all of the alarms sound. This is a great because if a fire breaks out in a garage, a basement or the third floor of a house, all the alarms will sound, ensuring people can get out safely, or extinguish the fire quickly.

Regardless of what style of smoke detector, all of them will have a battery backup. The type of battery that is required in each one will depend on the make, the model and the manufacturer says Edmonton electrician. Some battery options and a smoke detector are 9 V, AA, AAA, or even lithium ion batteries. The thing that people should take into consideration, is the life of the smoke detector is only as long as the batteries that are put into it. Therefore, people should put the best quality batteries possible in the units. The lower quality of the batteries, the more often are going to have to replace the batteries in the unit.

Understanding all of the various differences between the smoke detectors and smoke alarms that are on the market can help people alongside their Edmonton electrician make the decision on what unit is the best one to protect their family. Once they have made this decision, they will be able to sleep easier at night, knowing that their family and their home is protected.

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