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When hiring an Edmonton electrician for their job, whether it is commercial, residential or even industrial, there are several things that people need to keep in mind to ensure their hiring the right person for the job. One of the most important things that people need to ensure regardless of how big or small the job is, that the company is licensed, and is in assured to do the work that they have been hired to do. If people do not take this step when hiring an electrician for their job, they are putting their job at risk.

Very important that people understand that someone working as an electrician needs to be licensed, and has the proper certification to do the work. In Alberta, that means that Edmonton electrician would need to take classes in order to become an apprentice, and after working as an apprentice for a certain number of years, they need to earn their license. Once they have earned their license, they can acquire certification from the province of Alberta that will allow them to legally work as an Edmonton electrician. So if the person that a person is hired to work on their job is not either registered apprentice, or certified journeymen, or not legally allowed to do that work no matter how big or how small the job is.

It is also important that the person is verifying that they have the right insurance in place as well. If they do not have both commercial insurance and liability insurance, that means that if there is a problem with the work, or damage done to the job site, there is no way that a person is going to be to recoup their losses. They may be able to sue the worker personally, but that is not a guarantee that they are going to be able to recover all of their losses. They can simply ensure that they are insured properly before they set on the jobsite to eliminate this risk.

It is also very important that people are verifying that the Edmonton electrician they hired has the correct WCB coverage. If they have at least one employee, they need to legally have this coverage within fifteen days of hiring them. Not only is it a legal requirements, but not having WCB coverage is also a warning sign that this person is probably not a licensed contractor either, and people should be wary of hiring them.

It is very important that people are ensuring that the Edmonton electrician they hire has the right licensing, insurance and WCB coverage to be able to be on that jobsite. Even if it is a small job, a person is putting themselves at risk by not verifying this information ahead of time. Any great electrician that is worth hiring will be able to provide all of this documentation upon request. People should ensure that they are verifying the people that are by to be working on their electric work are extremely qualified to do so.

Edmonton electrician | do electricians need to be licensed

It is not just enough that the Edmonton electrician that a person hires for their jobsite is licensed and insured, they also need to ensure that they are working safely as well. There are several things that people can look for to verify the company that they are thinking of working with will be able to work safely, keeping not just themselves and their employees, but all other people on the jobsite as well as the jobsite itself safe.

One of the things that a person can ask for from their Edmonton electrician to verify that they can work safely is to ask them if they are COR certified. This stands for certificate of recognition, and it is a certification that recognizes companies that have developed safety programs within their business, and have been able to meet the established safety standards. Any company that has this certification, will also have a well-established safety program, or safety procedures in place.

Some examples of a great safety protocol would be a series of checklists that can ensure people are verifying that they have all of the right tools and material to do the job they are about to, that they have all safety equipment that is going to be needed for the job, and that they have inspected the safety apartment to ensure it is in good working order. By having well-established safety protocols can give a person peace of mind that the company that they have hired is going to be able to work very safely, and will be able to easily avoid certain problems.

Another great example of a safety checklist that many Edmonton electrician companies use is a field level hazard assessment, or a FLRA. This safety checklist is, is it requires the worker to assess the jobsite for any hazards and document them. Whether that is broken glass on the jobsite, tripping hazards due to a mass or extension cords, or even things like a wet floor. After the person has documented them, going to require them to clean up and remove any hazards that they see to ensure the jobsite is safe and free from any hazards. If when asked about what safety protocols they have in their business, and Edmonton electrician produces this form, it is a great indication that they are a safe worker.

By putting safety first, people can ensure that the Edmonton electrician they hire is going to be able to keep themselves, their workers and everyone else in the jobsite safety. It does not matter how big or small the job is, how big or small the jobsite is this is important. People can feel free to call Hauer Power, because they indicate that safety is the number one value. Not only are they COR certified, but they also have all of their business in and insurance in place that allow them to be on any jobsite necessary. People will not be disappointed if this sue they hire for their electrical job.

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