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Edmonton Electrician | Do Kitchen Renovations Correctly

Whether people are planning a small kitchen upgrade, or a full renovation they should contact an Edmonton electrician. Because there is virtually no chance that they will not have to upgrade the electrical components during the process.

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Even if what they are doing is very small. Such as upgrading the outlet. So that they can buy a fancy new stove or refrigerator. That draws more electricity than what the outlet is wired for.

According to the Canadian electrical code, even a small change to a electrical system. Means that the electrician working on the job. Will need to upgrade all of the wiring in that room.

In order to bring it up to code. Therefore, a seemingly simple job. Of rewiring an outlet in the kitchen. May end up requiring the Edmonton electrician to upgrading all of the wiring.

The reason why, is because the Canadian electrical code gets updated every three years. And chances are, when people are doing a kitchen renovation. There kitchen was built longer than three years ago.

And depending on how old their kitchen is. There might be a lot of Canadian electrical code changes that need to happen. As well, when people are bringing in an electrician anyway to do the job.

They can start to think about things that they would love to have. But were not thinking about, when they thought. They would not have to hire and Edmonton electrician to do the work.

But now that they do have to hire an electrician. They can start thinking about their wish list. Such as increasing the number of outlets that are installed in their kitchen.

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So that they can have both their slow cooker working. As well as doing their Christmas baking at the same time. Something that is not always possible, with the few amount of outlets that kitchens typically have.

Therefore, they can increase the number of outlets that they have in their kitchen. To increase the number of electrical appliances they can use at one time.

But also think about things such as upgrading the lighting in their kitchen. For example, getting LED lights to save on electricity. Or getting under the counter lights, so that they can have lighting, without turning the main kitchen light on.

These are all things that they can do. When they hire an electrician to help them with their kitchen renovation. And even a small amount of electrical work.

It is well worth hiring an electrician to do it. Because they will be able to do the work correctly. And not potentially cause problems. Such as doing something in a way that could cause an electrical fire.

As well, when homeowners hire the right professional to the work. They will be covered by the right insurance. And if damage is done. As they do their job. They will have insurance that can help pay for those damages.

Something a general contractor typically will not have when they are hired to do many different trades in a renovation.

Edmonton Electrician | Doing Kitchen Renovations Correctly

It can be very tempting for people to skip hiring an Edmonton electrician. In order to save money will doing kitchen renovation. This is because the kitchen renovation is going to be the single most expensive renovation in a home.

However, when it is done correctly. I kitchen renovation is also. Going to be the renovation that adds the most value to a home. And well worth the effort and money. To hire the right professional.

When people are doing a kitchen renovation. They are typically doing things like adding an island, adding counter spaces. Or tearing down a wall. And while they might not realize they are going to need an electrician.

They typically will end up needing one for at least part of the job. For example, if homeowners want to add a kitchen island. To add functionality in their kitchen space.

Many homeowners might not consider adding electrical outlets to the island. But when they do, it increases the functionality of that kitchen. By allowing people to run appliances without being attached to the main counter.

Many people love the idea also, of adding a sink to that electrical outlet. And when this is the case, they need to adhere to the Canadian electrical code. About how far away outlets can be from the sink.

And whether they need a GFCI outlet. Which is mandatory when putting an outlet close to a water source. Therefore, hiring an Edmonton electrician to help with the job.

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Will mean that it is able to get done properly, and pass inspection. In fact, many homeowners may not realize that there kitchen renovation. Needs to be inspected at all.

Let alone that it needs to be inspected several times. The hiring an Edmonton electrician can give them peace of mind. That not only will it be done properly. It will be inspected the correct number of times.

And get the job inspected at the correct times as well. For example, the first electrical inspection that needs to be done. Is after the electrician does what is called the rough in.

And matter how correctly they do the work. If it is not inspected at this point, it will not pass the final inspection either. Therefore, it is very important that homeowners hire the best professionals to do every aspect of their kitchen renovation.

So that they can be certain that all aspects of the job was done properly. And will help them not only pass inspection. But keep their kitchen, their home and their family safe.

When they are hiring an electrician to help them out with the renovation. They should ask important questions. Such as what insurance they have, and how much it is.

As well as asked questions about what version of the Canadian electrical code they operate by. This to be certain that their hiring the right professionals. That will be doing things properly and to code.

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