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Edmonton Electrician | Do Not Overload Electrical Circuits

It is easier to overloaded electrical circuits says Edmonton electrician. Then many homeowners realize. In fact, people can overload circuit. Simply by having to electrical devices plugged in at a time.
Edmonton Electrician

A common myth that many homeowners believe. Is that because they have two outlets. To plug electrical devices in on a circuit. They can plug to devices in safely at any time.

Each circuits is typically only designed. To handle around 1500 W of electricity. While many of the electrical devices that we use in our home. Do not use anywhere close to that amount of electricity.

For instance, people can use lamps, charge their cell phones. Plugged in radios, and other small devices. All at the same time, because they will only drop. Around 300 W per device.

That means, it is not a problem to have a radio and a lamp. Plugged in and turned on on the same circuit at the same time. The problem comes in, when people start plugging in. Electrical devices that draw more electricity.

And the kitchen, is the most common offender of this problem. In the kitchen alone, people will have electrical kettles, toasters, frying pans. Hot pot, pressure cookers, microwaves.

Slow cookers, fridges, stoves and dishwashers. Just to name a few, each one of these devices. Will draw close to, or over the amount of watts. That can be safely drawn by one electrical circuits.

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That is why in the kitchen, many devices have their own circuits. And people should not plug more than one device in. To that circuit at any given time. The bathroom is another area that draws a lot of electricity.

With people having razors that need to be plugged in. Hair straighteners, and blow dryers. And an easy to remember rule. Is that if people are using an outlet extender. An extension cord, or a power bar.

This is usually a sign that they are overloading the circuit. Some people will protest to Edmonton electrician saying that. If they are overloading there circuit, than the circuit breaker will start working.

Turning off the flow of electricity to that circuits. And while yes, that is the function of the circuit breaker. Circuit breakers often fail. Especially if the panel is older. And also, the pioneer brand of panel.

Is well-known for having the most failures, with almost 90%. Of all of the Pioneer panels installed, having a circuit breaker failure in the last twenty years. Which means people should not count on the circuit breaker.

To save them from an electrical fire. Therefore, if people are using extension cords, power bars. Or they are constantly having to turn the breaker back on. After the circuit breaker was tripped.

This is a good indication that they can benefit. From getting additional outlets installed in their home. Even if they only do this a few times a year. Such as over Christmas. When they have Christmas lights plugged in.

As well as decorations, their Christmas tree and other devices. That require them to use extension cords and power bars. They should not leave their family susceptible to electrical fires at this most special time of year. Call the Edmonton electrician today to help.

Edmonton Electrician | Do Not Overload Electrical Circuits Today

A common problem in homes according to Edmonton electrician. Is that homeowners are accidentally overloading there circuits. Which leaves them at risk of having an electrical fire in their home.

Electrical fires happen when a circuit is overloaded. Which means more electricity than the wire was designed to handle. Flows through the wire, and it tries to manage the amount of electricity.

The wire actually starts to heat up. As the flow of electricity goes through the wire. That it is not designed to handle. Typically, a circuit breaker is designed to turn off the flow of electricity when this happens.

However, circuit breakers are known to fail from time to time. And if the circuit breaker does not turn the flow of electricity off. The wire will simply get hotter and hotter. Until the electrical device is turned off.

And if that does not happen, the wire will start to ignite flammable surfaces. Such as the studs in the wall, the drywall itself and insulation, if it is not treated with fire protectant.

This happens far more often than many homeowners realize says Edmonton electrician. And the reason why electrical fires are so dangerous. Is because they start in between the walls of the home. And they can spread very quickly.

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Inside the walls, without detection. By the time the fire eats through to the other side of the wall. Usually, all of the inside of the walls are already burning. And the fire has spread to every single room in the home.

And often has caught the floor, and ceiling on fire as well. This makes escaping a home with an electrical fire. Particularly dangerous. Especially if the fire is happening at night.

This is why it is incredibly important. For homeowners to understand how to avoid. Overloading there circuits. And when it is time to call their Edmonton electrician in. In order to add more circuits in their home.

Common offenders of this problem include air-conditioners. Especially as many homes do not have built-in air-conditioning. And people get portable versions in order to cool off.

In the two or three months of hot summer that we get in this part of the world. Another common offender is a heater, that people use. When the cold winter months. Because certain rooms to become extremely chilly.

They often plug these devices in two one electrical outlets. While other devices are plugged in, and the electrical fire becomes a risk. People may not even think about addressing this issue.

Because it happens so seldomly. Such as a month in the winter, and two months in the summer. However, this is no excuse. To overload circuit at any time. Rather than risking overloading circuits in a home.

Any time someone has there circuits being tripped on a regular basis. Or if they are using extension cords, outlive extenders. Or power bars on a consistent basis. That is a good indication to contact Hauer Power to install more outlets and circuits in their home.

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