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Edmonton Electrician | Do Not Overload Your Circuits

A common problem in many people’s homes according to Edmonton electrician. Is that they often overload their electrical circuits. It can be very easy. Especially when people do not understand. What causes overloaded circuits in the first place.
Edmonton Electrician

They also often believe incorrectly. That any time there circuits are overloaded. The circuit breaker will be triggered. And they do not have to worry about plugging too much into their electrical outlets.

While it is true admits Edmonton electrician. Electrical circuits that are overloaded. Should trigger the circuit breaker to work, turning off electricity. To the circuits that have too much electricity flowing through them.

However, circuit breakers are known to fail. Especially if people have old or outdated circuit breakers. This is why one of the first things that any capable electrician should do. When they are looking at the electrical system of any house or home.

They should check the circuit breaker. And the electrical panel, both for age. And signs of wear. While it might not be in a homeowners budget. To replace the panel. This is often a very good thing to do.

Especially if they have a brand name, such as Pioneer. Which is known to fail often. Rather than leaving themselves. At risk, hoping that the circuit breaker. Will simply work. If there circuits are overloaded.

Edmonton electrician says it is far better to know. How much they should be plugging into their electrical outlets. And avoid overloading a circuit.

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A good indication that a homeowner is overloading there circuits. Is if they are using a power bar. An octopus, or an outlet extender. While these devices are usually designed for convenience.

Helping someone extend their outlets. To an area of the room that there electrical device cannot reach. All too often they are used. In order to plug more devices in. Then the typical outlet could handle, which is usually two devices at a time.

Each electrical outlet can typically handle 1500 W of electricity. Unless homeowner has asked there electrician. To increase the wattage of certain outlets. This is what most people should expect to plug in. To an outlet at any given time.

The problem is, while some devices draw much lower wattage. Than fifteen hundred, some draw close to. Where exactly 1500 W. Which makes plugging anything else. Into the electrical outlet besides the device they are using.

Problematic, for example if a person. Has plugged their hair straightener in, that is likely drawing 1500 W. If they try to use anything else. Like a blow dryer, or even charging their phone for example.

They can cause the outlets to be overloaded. This is why it is extremely important for all homeowners. Two first, understand how much they can plug into each outlet.

But if they are routinely plugging in more. Or find that they are using too many power bars or extension cords. This is a good time to call the experts at Hauer Power. To come in and install more electrical outlets throughout their home. So that they can eliminate this risk in their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Do Not Overload Your Circuits Today

It is extremely important that people do not overload their electrical circuits according to Edmonton electrician. The reason, is because if people overload there circuits. There putting their home at risk for an electrical fire.

Any people mistakenly believe. That there circuit breaker. Will work automatically. To turn off the power supply. To a circuit that is overloaded. And while that is the exact function. Of the circuit breaker, they are not infallible.

Things tend to stop working intermittently. Especially if they are older. Which means people are simply hoping. That there circuit breaker will not fail. In preventing house fire. The reason why an overloaded circuit.

Leaves a higher risk of an electrical fire. Is due to the amount of electricity. Flowing through the wires. Edmonton electrician says there wires used. To bring electricity to an electrical outlets.

Our only a certain thickness. They are designed to handle the flow of 1500 W of electricity. Through that outlets. If someone tries to use more wattage in that electrical outlet. The wire is unable to handle that amount of electricity.

And heats up as it tries to handle that flow. The longer a device is left plugged in. The hotter the wire gets. It is at this time, that they circuit breaker. Is supposed to cut the electricity to that outlet.

But if it does not, or if it does not cut the electricity quickly enough. That heated up wire can easily. Because the flammable surfaces around it. To break out into flames. Since electrical outlets are surrounded by wood in the framing.

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Drywall, insulation and more. It is very easy for the hot wire. To catch many things on fire. In between the walls of the house. It is at this point that even turning off the electricity to that circuit. Will not help, as the fire is fully underway.

Therefore, people should not leave it to chance. Hoping that there circuit breaker is going to work flawlessly. And protect their home from an overloaded circuits. Instead, they should understand. How not to overload there circuits.

Or, call their Edmonton electrician, Hauer power. To come in and add electrical outlets. So that people can plug in whatever they want. Without risk of overloading the circuits in their home. And risking on electrical fire.

Depending on the size of their electrical panel. And how many circuits they have. They might need to either get a larger panel. Or have Edmonton electrician install a subpanel.

So that they have the ability to add more circuits. One of the most common areas of the house. To use the most electricity. And often is the first that requires. More electrical outlets is the kitchen.

Anyone who finds themselves. Constantly triggering there circuit breaker. For using power bars, or extension cords. To plug more devices into outlet.

Should call today, to get more outlets installed. And eliminate the risk to their family, and do so before it’s too late.

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