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Edmonton Electrician | Kitchen Renovation Done Right

When homeowners are ready to renovate their kitchen, hiring an Edmonton electrician. Can be one of the smartest investments they make. During the entire renovation process.

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The reason why, is because no matter how big or small the renovation is. Chances are very good. That they are going to have to change some aspect of their electrical system. And when this happens.

Homeowners may not realize that changing one small aspect. Of their electrical system, will require bringing the rest of the electrical system up to the most current Canadian electrical code.

And since most people will be renovating their kitchen that is older than three years old. Chances are very good, that they will have to also bring the kitchen wiring up to code.

Therefore, the hiring an Edmonton electrician. That electrician will know this information. To ensure that it gets done to code, and that it will pass inspection.

If a homeowner simply thinks they are going to be able to hire a handyman. Who will be able to do all aspects of the renovation, such as the plumbing, electrical work and even flooring and dry walling.

That might cause problems in the long run. When important aspects are missed. Or inspections are not done. Causing a bigger mess later on down the road. Especially for causes electrical components to not function properly.

Even if the renovations are so small. That people do not think an electrician is going to be needed. Such as all they are doing, are adding new countertops and buying new appliances.

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Even that small renovation is going to require an Edmonton electrician. And the reason why, is because they will need to ensure that their new appliances will not overload the circuits that are already there.

Since all of the kitchen appliances, such as the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and microwave. Need to be on their own circuits. Chances are quite high that the homebuilder. Wired each outlet specifically to each device that was being plugged in there.

Therefore, if the outlet needed 12gauge wire, or 14gauge wire. That is all that was installed. Or whether they needed a fifteen amp breaker, twenty, or thirty amp. This is all that was installed as well.

Since nothing additional was installed in those locations. If the electrical requirements of the new appliances are greater than what was there before. They will need to rewire the outlets.

So that they can handle the larger flow of electricity that the new electrical appliances will require. And chances are extremely high, that the new appliances will draw more electricity.

Whether it is because they are larger, or do more things. Such as a fridge that has a built-in icemaker. Or an oven, that is a convection oven. Or has gas burners on it.

Even the smallest renovation that someone is doing to their kitchen may require an electrician. And by contacting them first, for an estimate and a walk-through. Can help prepare homeowners to hire them for even a small renovation.

Edmonton Electrician | Doing Kitchen Renovations Properly

One of the most important things for people to know, is hiring an Edmonton electrician is important. No matter how big or how small of a kitchen renovation they are planning.

They typically are going to need many different services. Such as a plumber, submit to do the flooring and drywall. And most commonly, an electrician. If they are trying to save money.

They might be very tempted to hire a handyman who says they can do all of these things. And only have to hire one person. But this is a very that idea for many different reasons.

Handyman who says they can do many different things. May no one or two of those things very well. And only know some information about the other jobs that they are trying to do well.

Therefore, perhaps they are a flooring person, that knows some electrical and plumbing work. They may not know enough about the jobs to do them well. Such as not knowing the most current electrical code that they must adhere to.

Or not realizing that in order to have the job done correctly. That they need to get it inspected twice, at two different stages of the renovation itself. Therefore, people might think that there saving money.

But in the long run, they are not ending up with a good final product. There could be mistakes that cause things to not function properly. Or are putting their home at risk of an electrical fire.

And in the instance that when the mistakes that handyman makes. Causes actual damage to a person’s home. If they are not accredited Edmonton electrician. They are most likely not insured properly.


Which means both the handyman, and the homeowner will be in a world of trouble. Because they will not be able to get anything covered by their insurance companies.

Therefore, since the renovations of the kitchen will be the most expensive to do. But also, add the most value. People should avoid trying to cut corners by saving on labour.

And instead, they may want to save money by being frugal with the kitchen appliances they are installing. Or getting a less expensive finish or countertop.

But if they are not willing to settle with their appliances, or the materials that they are installing. They definitely should not be settling and trying to save money on the labour.

Since the labour is going to be what helps renovations look as good as they should. And function even better than that. When people are doing a renovation.

Calling an Edmonton electrician should be the first thing that they do. And they will show up to do a walk-through of the property. To take a look at what they already have in place.

Such as what gauge wires the outlets have, how many outlets are CFI certified, and if there are any split circuits. As well as looking at things like the number of outlets they have, versus how many they will need to install.

They will be able to get a good estimate. As well as see exactly what is going to be involved in construction. So that they can be prepared to do the best job they possibly can.


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