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Edmonton Electrician | Doing Kitchen Renovations Yourself?

It is extremely important for people to hire an Edmonton electrician. Whenever they are doing kitchen renovations. No matter how large or small they think they are. Because chances are, some electrical components are going to need to be changed.

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And unless the kitchen was built within the last three years. Chances are quite high that there going to need to upgrade electrical systems. In order to handle an increased electrical need in the kitchen.

Not only is the kitchen the one room in the house. That uses the most power, over any other room. Because the appliances that are used, are used so often. Such as every single day.

The refrigerator draws a lot of power, and must be on constantly. To keep peoples food cold and safe. But also, there is the stove and oven, the dishwasher, microwave and even the hood fan.

As well, people use electrical appliances. That to draw a significant amount of power. Such as a crockpot, a pressure cooker, and coffee maker or espresso machine.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to electrical vices that need to be plugged in. But also, people often want things like a radio, or a television in their kitchen as well.

Which means any changes in the kitchen. Will often require electrical components to be changed. And therefore, it is important that they hire an expert such as Edmonton electrician how her power.

Even if people are just purchasing a new appliance. And think that they can bring it home, and simply plug it in. May be surprised to find out. That their new appliance has a larger electricity draw.


Then their current outlet can handle. The older the home is, the greater risk of this happening. Because since electrical appliances in the kitchen. Need to be on their own circuit.

Whoever was building the house in the first place. Typically only wired each outlet to handle the power capabilities. Of the appliances that are going to be installed in that kitchen after it was built.

Which means if the outlets that the fridge is supposed to be plugged into. Was only wired with a 14gauge wire and a fifteen amp breaker. But the new refrigerator that is going to be put in the kitchen.

Requires heavier gauge wire, or a larger amp breaker. They are going to risk overloading the circuits. Simply by plugging in the refrigerator into that outlet. This is why it is important to hire a professional.

As well, a common occurrence is people doing their entire renovation first. And then finding out at the very end that they should have hired an Edmonton electrician.

And then a lot of the work is going to have to come undone. In order to wire all of the outlets correctly. Which is why homeowners should always consult with an electrician before starting any kitchen renovation.

And find out if they need to upgrade anything. Or if the electrician says they can do the renovation without adding any electrical components. So that they do not have to waste time and money doing it at the end.

Edmonton Electrician | Doing Kitchen Renovations

Even though kitchen renovations are going to be the single most expensive run no homeowner does says Edmonton electrician. It is also the one renovation that adds the most value to any home.

Because it is so expensive, and so valuable. It is important that homeowners are hiring an Edmonton electrician specifically. In order to do all of the electrical components. Because while it might be very tempting.

To hire a handyman, or general contractor to do all aspects of the renovation. It is not recommended to let a contractor handle the electrical work. Because of how dangerous it is when done incorrectly.

Even a small renovation is often going to require adding circuits to the panel. As well as running heavier gauge wire, and adding amps to the system. And when that happens, several things need to happen by law.

Not only does it need to get inspected not once, but twice. By an official from the municipality that they live in. And no matter where in Alberta they live. This is a requirement that is mandatory.

Will a general contractor know that the electrical work will need to be inspected twice? And will they know at what stages it is going to need to be inspected? Another question that homeowners should ask.

Is if it is not someone who does electrical work all the time. Are they going to be using the most up-to-date Canadian electrical code? This gets updated every three years. And someone who does not work full-time in the trade.


May not be aware that it has updated. And if they are using an old code. It will never pass inspection, even if they get it inspected at the correct stages.

As well, another reason why homeowners should hire and Edmonton electrician to help with their kitchen renovation. Is because when electrical work is not done properly.

They could at the very least, because their new kitchen renovation to not work. Such as the circuits become overloaded. Or the electricity simply does not work at all.

And at the most, the could have done the electrical work improperly. That would cause an electrical fire that could damage their property. Or worst, burn down their home, and put the inhabitants at risk of injury or death.

It is not worth all of the headaches, and danger. Of hiring someone who is not a certified electrician to do the work. This is why anyone who is doing any kind of kitchen renovation. Should contact Edmonton electrician.

They will happily do a walk-through, to see exactly what is going on in the kitchen. They will hear all of the renovation plans, look at things like the wires that are in the wall, how many outlets the homeowner wants and where.

And then they will offer quote, on how to do it properly. People should factor this into their renovation budget, and get it done perfectly, so that they can have a perfect kitchen.


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