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Edmonton Electrician | Don’t Cut Corners On a Kitchen Renovation

It may be very tempting for homeowners doing kitchen renovations to skip hiring an Edmonton electrician. There are many reasons why they should avoid doing this.

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Although it might help them save a few dollars. If the work is done by someone other than a certified electrician. Who is up-to-date on all of the training. And operate by the Canadian electrical code.

Homeowners could find that the electrical work done on their kitchen. Is not done properly. Which may not pass inspection. Or worse, be faulty. At which point it could start an electrical fire in their home.

It may be very tempting to hire a general handyman. Instead of an Edmonton electrician to do the work. Simply because kitchen renovations are of the most expensive to do a home.

However, with how technical the renovations will be. And how much value kitchen renovations can add to a home. It is well worth homeowners time and money to find the right electrician to do the work.

Even if people think that their kitchen renovation is small. And it is not going to require a lot of electrical work. Even something as minor as adding a new kitchen appliance can require an electrician to do the work.

This is because when the home was built. The outlets that the appliances are plugged into. Typically will wired for that appliance. And nothing more. Therefore, if a homeowner is buying appliances.

That will draw more electricity than what was originally in that location. They might overload the circuits. Simply by plugging in that new appliance to that electrical outlet.

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Therefore, homeowners who are simply buying new appliances. And putting up a new coat of paint. May want to simply contact an electrician. To ensure that they have the correct gauge wire.

And an appropriate amp in the outlet. Before they buy the appliance, and plug it in. Thinking that is going to be able to work. However, homeowners should keep in mind when they do this.

That if the electrician says that they need to upgrade the wires in their outlet. In order to power their new appliances. They are also going to have to upgrade the rest of the electrical wiring in the kitchen.

The reason why this is so important. Is because according to the Canadian electrical code. Even a minor change to an electrical system. Requires upgrading the entire system.

Therefore, what might appear to be a very small job. Can quickly turn into something much larger. However, homeowners can be satisfied that as long as they hire the right electrician for the job. It will be done safely as well.

Any time someone is planning a renovation, big or small in their kitchen. They should always contact an Edmonton electrician in order to have them do a walk-through. So that they can be sure they will do things correctly.

Done correctly, this renovation can add a lot of value to the home. Done incorrectly, it can be problematic, or cause fires or worse damage.

Edmonton Electrician | Don’t Cut Corners

No matter how big or small homeowners kitchen renovation is planning on being, they should contact an Edmonton electrician. To do a walk-through of their home, and hear their plans.

The reason why this is so important. Is because the electrician will tell them. If they need to do any electrical upgrades. In order to accommodate a lot of their plans.

Even if they renovations are very small that they are planning. Chances are quite good. That there going to want to hire an electrician. To do some small upgrades. And it is much better to hire a professional.

Then try to do the work themselves. Or hire a general handyman, who may not do the job safely or properly. If homeowners find out that even a small change, such as adding a dishwasher or even buying a new microwave.

Will require some upgrades to the electrical system. Homeowners may want to find out. How much it would be to increase the electrical function in their kitchen since the work is already being done.

Things such as adding more electrical outlets. Can be incredibly beneficial and useful. Especially as more and more homeowners. Or adding electrical devices to their kitchen. Such as a pressure cooker.

As well as their espresso machines, air fryers. And even their toasters and electric kettles. Most kitchens do not come with enough electrical outlets. Therefore, when they are having another electrical job done.

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Homeowners should consider creating a list of all of their wants. So that they can get it done all at the same time. And truly have the kitchen of their dreams. Another common upgrade that people choose.

When they are doing kitchen renovations, is upgrading to LED lighting. And even under the counter lighting. That will help them illuminate their kitchen. When they do not want to turn on the main lights.

This typically will require adding not just more wiring. But adding a circuit or two to the existing panel. And the Edmonton electrician will come in, to see if there is space available in their panel.

To accommodate all of the changes that they are making during their kitchen renovation. Or if they need to either install an entirely new panel. Or add a subpanel to the existing one.

It is going to be important. That when homeowners are doing this. That they do not simply add enough space to accommodate their current needs. But adding a subpanel or a new panel.

That will have room to grow, to accommodate any future electrical requirements. Even if all people are doing is upgrading their electrical outlets. Adding a few more to their kitchen. And upgrading to LED lights.

That may require adding several more circuits to their panel. Especially since electrical outlets typically will need to be on individual circuits. As well as LED lighting, typically can only have fourteen lights per circuit.

Therefore, homeowners should ensure that this is all being done by a certified Edmonton electrician. To be sure that it is being done properly. To have a safe, and well-functioning kitchen.

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