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Edmonton Electrician | Don’t Overload Your Outlets

People should be aware of what the cause of most house fires are says Edmonton electrician. And that is overloaded circuit the reason why December has more house fires than any other month.

Is because people are overloading in there electrical outlets and their circuits. Because their energy demands are much higher this month than any other time of year.

For example, people might have multiple strands of light on their house. And an inflatable or two in their yard, which not only requires light. But also requires a motor to keep the inflatable inflated.

Inside their house, during the holidays people typically will have a Christmas tree with multiple strings of lights on it. They might have space heaters because it is winter and very cold. And even an electrical fire place being plugged in.

This is all in addition to all of their typical electrical needs that might include several cell phones in each household. Personal computers or laptops, tablets.

Multiple TVs, DVRs and gaming devices like Nintendo’s or Xboxes. All of these things together, with the increased electricity strains that happen at Christmas time. Make it a perfect storm to overload the circuits in a home, which causes an electrical fire.

The reason why it is so much easier to overload the circuits at Christmas than any other time of year does Edmonton electrician. Is because when people run out of room in there outlets. They add one or more power bar or Outlet extender also known as an octopus.


Many people believe that this is a safe way of adding power capability to their outlet and this is simply not true. Edmonton electrician says all this does is spread out the number of amps that each item and how when it’s plugged into the power bar.

What causes the fire of an overloaded Outlet is that the wire physically heats up in order to manage the increased flow of electricity through that wire. If that wire remains not enough or long enough, that’s can create enough teeth to start a fire with in the wall.

An electrical fire is very dangerous, because the empty interior walls of a home is a great conduit full of oxygen for the fire to travel. This way, the fire can typically make its way around the entire house very easily, before anybody even realizes that there’s a problem.

By the time the fire eat through one of the walls, typically the whole house is surrounded and the occupants have an extremely short amount of time to evacuate the house.

Because of how dangerous electrical fires are. People should not be using Power Bars to plug more things in then should be pumped into that outlet.

Therefore, anyone who as used a power bar in the past year to make up for the fact that they don’t have enough electrical outlets in their home does Edmonton electrician.

Or, if they have ADD their breaker turn off because they have overloaded a circuit at least once in the past year. That is a great indication that they need to contact Edmonton electrician in order to add Outlet into their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Don’t Overload Outlets

December is the highest instances of electrical fires being started says Edmonton Electrician. Because of the increased electrical demands. Summer and also be bad for using a lot of electricity. As people have air conditioners that they use non-stop to keep the house cool.

Have electrical fireplaces out on their patio, electrical grills that they are cooking on everyday. And even having the space heaters on their patio to enjoy the summer nights as long as possible.

Halloween is also getting to be just as bad as Christmas or electrical usage. Because people are doing more than simply putting candle lit pumpkins out on their porch. People are bringing your house with creepy Halloween themed light. Using projectors in their home to project spirits in their Windows if people are spooked.

And they are even using things like fog machines, and stereo systems to provide the creepy ambiance or the perfect Halloween house. In addition to that, many people are putting animatronic figures on their lawn, which take additional electricity as well.

Anytime someone has house party, and they need additional power because they are using many more things that have electricity. Or, they have a lot of family over for a holiday, anniversary or Thanksgiving.

The increased cell phones needing to be plugged in, curling irons and electric razors for example and increase the demands of electricity in a home.

Rather than purchasing Power Bar to give them more places to plug things in. But putting their home at risk of overloading the circus. Edmonton electrician that says that people should instead merely increase the number of outlets do they have in their home.


They should take mental inventory of how many Power Bars are in use in their home typically. And then during each holiday, how much more their electricity needs are increased. By taking into consideration how many more Outlets they need regularly. And how many more Outlets they need during the holidays.

And they can call their Edmonton electrician to install these additional Outlets. So that they don’t put their family at risk of having a house fire. Because they overloaded the outlet and the circuits in their home.

Their Edmonton electrician should be license. Because licensed contractors that carry their own insurance. And in case something goes wrong. The homeowner will damages recoup if they fired a licensed contractor. But also, a licensed contractor will pull the correct permits for their work and also get the work inspected at the end. The people can be assured of the high quality of work that is being done in their home.

The same time, their Edmonton electrician can also inspect their breaker box. To ensure it is still functioning at a high capacity. If the house is very old, people might want to replace the breaker box. Because as the wires will be fine, the breaker box might not be.

Especially if the brand of breaker box is federal. That has been known to fail very often. And so replacing that and continue to keep the family safe from electrical fires.

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