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Edmonton Electrician | Don’t Pull Your Own Wires

Even though do-it-yourself renovation projects are very popular right now says Edmonton electrician. There is one thing that people should always avoid trying to do themselves, and that is electrical work.

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They may have watched a lot of videos. That makes electrical projects look easy. However, homeowners need to keep in mind. That these videos are done by professionals, who have decades of experience behind them.

That makes what they do look easy. However, it is not so easy. For someone to watch a few of those videos. And then think that they can replace a professional. Who has years of school and decades of experience behind them.

And unlike other renovation projects. If people do not do their painting, or their flooring. The problems that having those things done incorrectly. Is not going to results in the safety of their home being compromised.

The way that improperly done electrical work can says Edmonton electrician. Therefore, people should avoid trying to do themselves. And ensure that they keep their home as safe as possible.

However, many people might continue to think that they can do this. But even when it is something as simple as installing a smart thermostat. It could be a lot more complex than they realize at the beginning.

For example, smart thermostats. Which are extremely popular right now. Will require running an additional wire. Not only does this mean people need to add an additional circuit.

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If they do not have enough room on their panel. It becomes a much more complex job. They will need an Edmonton electrician to either add a subpanel. Or come in and replace the entire panel.

And if people realize this, only after they get started. It will cost them more to contact an electrician to fix their mistake. And then do the job properly. Then it would have cost.

To simply call in the professional to do the job properly the first time. However, if people have enough circuits on their panel. And they think it is going to be as simple as running the cable through their walls.

They might start, only to realize. That it is not as easy to run cable as they first thought. Or that it is not as easy as the video on YouTube made it look. For example, there home may be framed differently.

There are many different ways that buildings and homes can be framed. For example, balloon framing, or directional framing. And when people are unfamiliar with where they are expecting studs to be.

It can make it very difficult to fish wire through the wall properly. They may think they know where a stud is, and derail into that area. Only to realize that they are drilling into insulation.

There are so many problems that can happen. When people try to do their own electrical work. And while it may be very tempting, people should contact their professional. To ensure that it can get done properly and safely.

Edmonton Electrician | Don’t Pull Your Own Wires

Renovations can be very expensive, especially when people want to do a lot of things says Edmonton electrician. And because of this, try to do as many things themselves as possible.

And while this is fine when it is flooring, painting, even tiling. Or trying to install their own cupboards. There are certain things that they should avoid trying to do themselves.

One of these things is their own electrical work. Because of how inherently dangerous electricity is. While many people think that the danger is just when the breaker is turned on.

And that as long as they are turning the breaker off. Before they do their electrical work, that it will be safe. They may be underestimating, how difficult it is to do electrical work.

For example, the grounding and bonding is an important safety feature. Which means that there is a safe way to discharge excess electricity. And that there is a safety feature to turn off the flow of electricity.

When two much electricity is being used. For example, when two much electricity is flowing through an electrical outlets. For example, an outlet that is only designed to handle 15 A. Has two fifteen amp devices plugged in to the same one.

The grounding and bonding, is what will keep the home safe. By allowing the breaker to turn off. To avoid overloading that circuit. What happens if the breaker does not turn off says Edmonton electrician.

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Is that the wire, trying to handle a flow of electricity. That it was never designed to handle, start heating up. With no breaker to stop the flow of electricity. That wire will continue to get hotter.

Until it is able to catch things surrounding it on fire. And electrical fires, that start in the middle of the wall. Are able to spread very quickly. Because there is a lot of oxygen in between the walls.

And while there is a fire stop, which is perpendicular stud. Put in the furnace room. To slow or stop the flow of electricity. If people have drilled through this stud, in order to pull their wire properly.

They may not realize that they have just rendered this safety feature unusable. These are just some of the reasons why it is not recommended. For people to do their own electrical work themselves.

Instead, they can contact their Edmonton electrician. To come in and offer an estimate. On how much it would cost to do their electrical job. And particularly if people think that it is going to be easy enough for them to do themselves.

It is probably going to be a rather inexpensive job. And when compared to the safety of their family, and their home. That cost will suddenly seem a lot less hard to swallow.

Even though it might be very tempting. To try to save money, especially on a very expensive renovation. People should avoid doing this, and instead save their do it themselves for painting techniques they saw on YouTube instead.

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