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Edmonton Electrician | Electrical Grounding In A Home

Electrical grounding is always found in residential buildings says Edmonton electrician. And while it is possible to do in commercial or industrial settings. It is not always required by electrical code.

The reason why it is so important to do in residences. Is because what electrical grounding does. Is protects the home and its inhabitants from power surges.

As well as protects against overloaded circuits. That could end up resulting in an electrical fire. Since these are extremely important, because they are damaging, and potentially deadly.

It is important that any homeowner who is preparing for renovations. Or a brand-new build should hire the right Edmonton electrician. To get the job done correctly.

The first thing that they should take into consideration, is what Canadian electrical code electrician is using. Because this code needs to be followed, in order to ensure that the electrical work is done properly.

But the code is also updated every year. Which means electricians need to get a new code regularly. To ensure that they can do things according to that code.

So by simply asking the electrician which code they are using. They can ensure that things will be done as properly, and as safely as possible at all times.

The next thing that homeowners should ask in Edmonton electrician while they are deciding to hire them. Is to ask if they will need to pull any permits.


Because as per the code, all new builds, or additions or alterations to the grounding or bonding of an electrical system. Needs to have a permit in order to get them done.

So if any electrician that someone is thinking of hiring. Says that they are not going to need to pull a permit on this particular job. That is a great indication that they should hire someone else.

And another thing that they should be asking an electrician. In order to ensure that they are hiring the right one. Is asking them what their systems and processes are.

To help ensure that they are doing all aspects of the job correctly. The ways in why this is so poor and. Is because electrical jobs are extremely complex.

And an electrician might be going from a commercial or industrial job. To a residential wiring job. Expecting an electrician to commit all aspects of all jobs to memory. It is extremely difficult to do.

Especially when the Canadian electrical code gets updated every single year. Which is why checklists are extremely important to help get a task done properly from start to finish.

When an electrician is a checklist. They do not have to commit all parts of the job to memory. They can simply pull out the right checklist with jobsite that they are on. To ensure that all parts have been taken into consideration.

Checklists have helped emergency room doctors save lives. And checklist can help an electrician did a job properly as well to ensure the property and the people are safe.

Edmonton Electrician | Electrical Grounding In A Home

It is very important that people understand how important it is to hire and Edmonton electrician. Who is not only certified, but follows code at all times.

The reason why, is because if the wiring is not done properly. Or it is not done to code, it can not only cause damage to the building. But it can also cause damage to property inside the building, and even cause injury to the people living in the home.

When way that Edmonton electrician can ensure that the wiring is safe. Is to pay attention to the grounding and bonding that they do. To ensure it is done correctly.

The reason why, is because the grounding and bonding is what helps safely discharge an abundance of electricity in a system. So that it does not overloaded circuits, or cause power surges.

The grounding does this, by seeing what is called a ground fault. To ensure that electrical current that is in abundance. Flows back to the source where it came from. Instead of remaining inside the circuit, where it can cause problems.

And when the current flows back to the source where it came from. What happens is that it causes the breaker to open the circuit, so that it does not overload the system.

The breaker or fuse is a failsafe, that ensures that if there is problem with an abundance of electricity. Then the system is protected. Which in turn protects the property, and the people.


If the ground fault has problems with it. Such as having some faulty parts to it. Or having it not installed correctly. What could happen, is that the overabundant current will not flow back to its original source.

And when that happens, it stays in the electrical system. And the breaker will not trip, which means if it is overloading a circuit. There is nothing that will stop it from continuing to overload.

And what happens when a wire is being overloaded with an overabundance of electricity. Is that the wire will physically get hot to the touch as it struggles to handle a flow of electricity larger than it was designed for.

And if this wire stays hot for long enough. It can cause an electrical fire to break out. Where it will be able to spread very easily in between the walls of the house.

Often, when an electrical fire happens. People are not aware that there is a fire in their house, until it has spread everywhere in the house. Making it very risky for occupants to escape without injury.

Another problem that can occur says Edmonton electrician. Is that it can cause a power surge. That can end up causing electrical shock in people. Or causing damage to equipment that is plugged into the electrical system.

This is why many people understand that they need to use a surge protector with their computer. And the same reason they need to protect their computer.

Is why they need to ensure the grounding and bonding is done correctly. So they are not risking this with not just their computer. But other electrical devices they have plugged into their home as well.

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