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Edmonton Electrician | Electrical Kitchen Upgrades

Whether homeowners planning a small or large kitchen renovation, hiring and Edmonton electrician. The help them ensure that not only are the renovations done well. But that the renovations will be done safely at the same time.

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Even if people are simply buying new kitchen appliances. And putting a new coating of paint on the wall. They may end up having to hire an electrician. And the reason why, is because the outlets they have.

May not be rated to handle the electrical requirements. Of new kitchen appliances that they are purchasing. Typically, when homeowners house was built, typically several years ago.

The electricians that did the wiring in the kitchen initially. Typically would have only put the wiring required. To handle the electrical draw of the appliance that was going to be installed in that location.

Which means if a refrigerator only required a 14gauge wire with a fifteen amp breaker. That is all the electricians would have installed. Even though the rest of the outlets might have been wired.

Something that had more capability. In this would typically be done. In order to save money. Therefore, if the new refrigerator that people are purchasing. Draws more electricity their previous appliance.

They might overload there breaker, simply by plugging the new appliance in. Therefore, it is always a good idea. For homeowners to consult with an Edmonton electrician. Prior to purchasing their new appliances.

In order to find out if they need to upgrade the wiring in their kitchen or not. If they do, homeowners should be prepared. For the fact that according to the Canadian electrical code. Any changes to the electrical system.

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No matter how minor those changes are. Will require upgrading the entire electrical system. To ensure that it is brought up to the current Canadian electrical code.

If they have a kitchen that was built longer than three years ago. Chances are quite good. That it is not up to the current Canadian electrical code. Since this code changes every three years.

With updated safety practices. To ensure that all electricians are doing things as safely as possible. And this updated Canadian electrical code. Is the reason why homeowners should always hire and Edmonton electrician to do the job.

Instead of hiring general handyman. Because they may not be using the most up-to-date Canadian electrical code. Because it is not there full-time or day-to-day job to know this information.

As well, the Canadian electrical code specifies how many times this renovation should be inspected. And at what stages of the renovation it needs to get inspected.

Therefore, when homeowners are the right professionals. Not only will it be done properly. But it will be inspected, and passed that inspection. So that homeowners have peace of mind that it is safe.

Even a very small renovation may require hiring a electrician in the long run. Therefore, homeowners should plan on it both in their renovations and budget. So that they can be sure they get this important service done correctly.

Edmonton Electrician | Electrical Kitchen Upgrades For Modern Homes

There are no more expensive renovations in a home than the kitchen renovation says Edmonton electrician. Because not only are the kitchen appliances very expensive when they need to be replaced.

But even a small change to the electrical system. Will require upgrading the entire system. However, it is very important that this be done properly. So that people can have comfort in knowing that their kitchen is safe.

One of the most common things that people do in their kitchen. When they are renovating, is add electrical outlets. So that they can increase the number of things that they plugged in at a time.

Typically, Edmonton electrician will use this rule of thumb. That on a countertop, any space large enough to be able to hold a microwave. Should typically have its own outlet.

The important thing for homeowners to keep in mind. Is that particularly in the kitchen. Every single outlet that is installed. Should be its own circuits. Even have the outlet split.

The reason why this is so important. Is because most of the electrical devices that people are using in a kitchen. Draw a large amount of electricity. Therefore, when they do not split the outlet.

They could very easily cause the circuits to overload. Even by plugging something small in to the outlet. That already has another kitchen appliances plugged in and turned on.

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And since homeowners may be adding three or four or more electrical outlets to their kitchen. This means they may be adding at least 6 to 8 new circuits. Which is why all of the electrical work.

Needs to be done by an Edmonton electrician. So that it can be done correctly, and safely. When homeowners are getting this upgraded in their home.

They might want to use the old wiring that is there. In order to save cost. However, this is not always a good idea. They old wiring is typically 14gauge wire. And the electrician will typically want to run at least 12gauge wire.

That way, they can have twenty amp outlets. And have them staggered along the kitchen countertops. This will allow the electrician to have fewer circuits. But also run high powered electrical devices.

This is all very highly technical. And another reason why homeowners should always hire the right professional to do the work. And while there many stages to a kitchen renovation.

The electrical work should be one of the first things that gets done. So that all of the other trades that come in after, can have the groundwork done for all of things that they are going to be doing.

For example, even though the lighting in a kitchen may be the very last thing to be added. It is important to pick out that lighting, and tell their Edmonton electrician what lights are going to be installed so they can wire it properly.

So that when the kitchen renovation is done, the paint is on the walls and backslashes are up. When they put the lighting in place. The electrician will have done the wiring for those lights properly.

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