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Edmonton Electrician | Electrical Service Upgrades

There are many reasons why people might want to call an Edmonton electrician in order to get some electrical service upgrades. Whether people are starting renovations, find that they are tripping their circuit breaker a lot. Or if they need more electrical power than they currently have.

One of the first things that Edmonton electrician is going to look for when they are called out to get an estimate on an electrical service upgrade. His check to see what kind of breaker panel people have. Especially if it is an older home.

What they are looking for, is to see if people have the brand called Federal Pacific for their breaker panel. Because this is an extremely well-known brand to fail.

In fact, according to Dr. Aaron Steen, the Federal Pacific Breakers have been known to have a 70 to 80% failure rate. Which means they have been responsible for about twenty-eight hundred house fires in the United States every single year.

Not only almost 3000 house fires can be attributed to this brand of breaker panel. But also thirteen deaths, and over fourteen million dollars in property damages. Can be directly linked back to house fires that were started. Because of the Federal Pacific breaker panel.

The job of a breaker panel. Is to interrupt the flow of electricity to a wire. If more electricity is being directed to that wire then it was designed to handle.


Most wires are designed to handle 15 A of power. And if someone plugs something into their plug-in that is more than 15 A. Such as a microwave and an electrical cattle. Or a hair curling iron and blow dryer, or a space heater and anything else.

Those combinations will typically be more than 15 A. And when plugged in to an outlet and then turned on. Should cause a breaker panel to be tripped. And turn off the electricity. So that it does not put that wire at risk.

When a wire has too much electricity flowing to it. It struggles to keep up with the flow of energy that it was never designed to handle. And it will get physically hot to the touch. The longer the wire stays hot, the more of a fire risk this becomes.

The breaker box is designed to cut the flow of electricity. So that the wire does not heat up and run the risk of causing a fire. However, Federal Pacific breaker panels are known to fail more often than not.

This is why when people contact and Edmonton electrician for any kind of electrical service upgrades. No matter what, they are going to check the brand of the breaker panel. And give a free estimate on how much it would cost to replace.

So that as few homes as possible can have this breaker panel in their home or business. So that they can minimize the number of house fires that can be started due to this issue.

Edmonton Electrician | Electrical Service Upgrades

There are many reasons why people would want electrical service upgrades and need an Edmonton electrician to give them a call. Often, people are living in old homes, and simply need more electrical outlets than they currently have.

Especially people live in older homes. Such as from the eighties, seventies or even sixties. The number of electrical devices that they had were a lot less common than they are now.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to have only two or three outlets in every room or less. Which is why many people want to upgrade their electrical. So that they can plug the wide variety of devices they have in at the same time.

Whether this means they have a television in the living room, plus a PVR, as well as a gaming system. Plus they want to have a reading lamp, the ability to plug-in their phone or tablet. This is often more capability than they actually have in their older home.

When they call an Edmonton electrician to come give them a quote. They should ensure that the electrician is taking several things into consideration.

Not just what style and brand of breaker panel they have. But also what kind of wires they have. Because many older homes have aluminum wires. And that should eventually be upgraded to copper.

As well, in older homes. People might only have two wires in their home or business. Which means they will not have any grounding wires. And a good electrician will want to ground each of those by installing a ground fault circuit breaker.


This is important in order to protect the building whether it is a home were business. And in Edmonton electrician that is thorough when providing a quote. Will see if this needs to be done. So that they can add to that to the quote.

Something else that they are going to search for when they are offering people quotes for their electrical service upgrade. Is to see if any of the wires going into the panel are degraded. Because any wires that are not in good shape. Should be replaced at the same time.

For example, houses built anywhere between nineteen sixty and nineteen eighty, will typically have a smaller wire ground. And according to the current electrical code, needs to be upgraded for safety reasons.

It is also very important that when people are getting a quotes on their electrical service upgrade. That they are getting a new panel if needed. And that they are getting a large enough one installed. To allow them the opportunity to continue to add more circuits in the future if needed.

While it may be tempting to go with the absolute lowest quote. People should take into consideration that they may not get everything included in that quote that ends up being necessary.

And when they get a quote from a thorough electrician. They will take all of these things into account when creating the quote. So while it might end up being a bit more money.

People can be assured that they will not get a larger bill of the end. And that they will be able to protect their family from a house fire.

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