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Edmonton Electrician | Electrical Upgrades Are Necessary In The Kitchen

Whether homeowner is doing a full renovation, or simply buying a new appliance they should hire and Edmonton electrician to help them with it. The reason why, is because of how the electrical system was wired in their kitchen.

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Since all of the kitchen appliances would have needed to be on their own circuit. Chances are quite high. That the company that built the home. Only wired each outlet to the specifications of each appliance.

This means, if the fridge only required 14gauge wire, and a fifteen amp breaker. The home builder typically was not going to install something that was more than what was needed.

Such as a larger amp breaker, or more heavy-duty wire. Therefore, if all a person is doing is buying a new kitchen appliance. It may draw more energy than their previous appliance.

And in that case, in Edmonton electrician will need to upgrade the outlet. In order to avoid overloading the circuits. And tripping the breaker. The same thing is true, no matter what electrical device they are buying.

Whether it is a refrigerator, a stove or oven. A dishwasher, even a microwave and a hood fan, whether it is an exterior ventilated hood fan. Or if it is one of the kinds of hood fan that we circulates the air.

They all would have been put on their own circuit. Which means they may require upgrading the outlet. To keep up with the electrical needs of the new appliance that they are installing into their kitchen.


And the reason whites important to have this done by an Edmonton electrician. Instead of just handyman. Is because the Edmonton certified electrician will know how to do this properly.

For instance, they will understand that any change, no matter how minor to an electrical system. Will require upgrading that entire system to the new Canadian electrical code.

Whereas a handyman may know how to upgrade the electrical wiring in outlet. But may not realize that they need to upgrade the entire wiring system. They may not even know what the new Canadian electrical code is.

And the handyman also may not know that they need to get their work inspected. Or they know that it needs to get inspected. But they know they will not pass inspection. And therefore, their work will go on inspected.

This can cause a huge problem. Especially if they are there to upgrade the wiring in an outlet. To handle a larger output of electricity. If they do this incorrectly. It could cause an electrical fire.

That could damage the homeowners house. Or even cause the house to burn down. And chances are quite great. That handyman would not have been carrying the right insurance.

To protect themselves as well as the homeowner in an instance like this. The risk of damage and injury is simply far too great. To trust such an important task. To someone less than a professional during a renovation.

Edmonton Electrician | Electrical Upgrades in the Kitchen

It is incredibly important that homeowners hire and Edmonton electrician. When they are doing a kitchen renovation. The reason why, is because the kitchen renovation typically is one of the most extensive in a home.

Because there are many different areas that needs work. Such as electrical, plumbing, as well as things like flooring, counters and cupboards. As well as painting and drywall work that needs to get done.

Because it is such an extensive renovation. It is one of the most expensive renovations that homeowner can do. However, it is also one that is going to increase the value of a home the most.

Because it has the potential to add such value to a home. Doing it properly. Will ensure that homeowners can keep their home valued high. Because the renovations are done to a good quality.

As well, the reason why it is so important to do all of the renovations in the kitchen well. Is so that everything can function properly. Because so much of the kitchen is used on a daily basis.

One of the most common electrical upgrades to happen in a kitchen renovation. Is adding electrical outlets. Typically, homes only come with the there minimum of electrical outlets.

Therefore, people typically move into their home, wishing for more electrical outlets. Which is why when they are renovating, they typically ask their Edmonton electrician to add more.

In order to do this properly. Electricians are going to want to know how many extra outlets they want installed. As well as what things are going to get plugged into them, and where they are going to be located.

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This is important, because depending on what people are plugging in. They are going to put each outlet on its own circuits. To avoid plugging too many things into one circuit and overloading this system.

The reason why this is so important. Is because there so many kitchen appliances. That have to be used on their own circuit. So that they do not overload the system.

Such as a pressure cooker, a crockpot and a toaster oven. But other appliances such as an electrical frying pan, a coffee maker or cattle. Even an espresso machine, coffee bean grinder and toaster.

Should all be on their own circuit. To avoid overloading the system. Therefore, depending on how many electrical devices people would want to use in the kitchen.

The Edmonton electrician will be able to figure out how many outlets to install. Where they should be. And how many should be on their own breaker.

Also, it is very common for people to want upgrade the lighting in their kitchen. Either because their kitchen is too dark. Or they want to upgrade to more energy efficient lights, such as LEDs.

However, it is very important that the lighting wiring is done correctly too. Because electrical code says lighting should be on its own circuit. However, only fourteen items can go on a circuit.

And LED lights are considered individual devices, or light. Therefore, there are many different aspects of wiring that needs to be done properly. Which is why homeowners should always hire an electrician to work on the wiring in their home.


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