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Edmonton Electrician | Emergency & Exit Lighting Info

Emergency and exit lighting is the lighting that’s required to illuminate all of the exits in a building as well as the path on how to get there says Edmonton electrician. My understanding that commercial and industrial buildings require emergency and exit lighting is very important. However, many businesses are not aware of this, or they think that they can save money by installing the lights themselves. With how important these lights are, because they’re going to help evacuate people in case of an emergency, business owners should always call a professional, so that they can get the correct lights installed correctly, and hope that they will never have to be used.

One of the first things that business owners needs to understand, is that if they have a red exit sign that uses the word exit, that is no longer allowed for use in buildings in this part of the world. Edmonton electrician says if they are already installed in their building, they might be grandfathered in, depending on what building inspector someone has. But they are not to legally allowed to be installed anymore. Therefore, by calling a professional to do the job, business owners can avoid making a critical error of installing these red exit lights, and then being fined for having the wrong ones. What business owners should be looking for, is a green sign that is commonly referred to as the Running Man.

Something else to keep in mind is that the emergency exits and emergency lighting needs to have their own power supply, so if the power goes out during an emergency, people will be able to see the lights and evacuate. They are legally required to have a power supply capability of 90 minutes says Edmonton electrician, to help get everybody evacuated safely. Therefore, not only do they need to have emergency lighting, they need to have their own power supply. in order to ensure this, they have to be tied into the regular power, but also have a booster pack attached as well as a battery backup.

To ensure that these lights are operating properly in case of an emergency, Edmonton electrician says that business owners need to test them for 30 seconds every month, and test for the full 90 minutes annually. Business owners should create a schedule that they can follow strictly, and if they can’t, or would rather not deal with it themselves, can call in the experts to come in and test them regularly. This is often ideal, because if the system is not working properly, they will be able to perform any necessary maintenance on the lights.

Business owners should ensure that they have emergency and exit lighting for not only all of their exits, but all of the pathways leading to the exit. By ensuring this, they will be able to know that in case of an emergency, they will have done everything that they can to help everyone get out safely. However, business owners should also hope that they never have to use them.

Edmonton Electrician | Emergency & Exit Lighting Tips

Business owners should ensure that they have up-to-date emergency and exit Lighting in their buildings says Edmonton electrician. This is incredibly important, because if there is an emergency in the building, all of the occupants of the building must be able to safely evacuate. Emergency and exit lighting can help ensure that even if the power is cut off to the building, the way out is illuminated, and all of the exits are clearly marked. business owners should be not only getting them installed by professionals, but getting them serviced on a regular basis is important to help ensure that business owner can help get their people oats if the worst-case scenario happens.

Many business owners often wonder if they need to have emergency and exit Lighting in their business. And the answer to this question says Edmonton electrician is if they’re going to have any employees or customers in their business the answer is yes. Whether it’s an office building, a school, a hospital, a movie theatre, a shopping mall, these are all examples of businesses that needs to have emergency and exit lighting. Some business owners operate home business, and while it is not mandatory for home business to have emergency and exit lighting, especially if there are no employees and business owners However, if it is a home business that accepts customers such as someone cutting hair, doing nails, or offering massages, this may be a very good idea, in case of an emergency.

Many business owners question if it’s important to have every single exit illuminated, and all Pathways litter, because it can be very expensive. Edmonton electrician says every emergency lights has two lamps on it, and its own battery pack and will cost anywhere between $150 to $200. And depending on how many pathways are in the building, it may add up quite quickly. However, business owners need to understand what the higher cost will be if they don’t have enough or any of these emergency lights. If people are not able to escape during an emergency, the business owner will have to live with the fact that they didn’t put in the correct amount of emergency lighting. In addition to that, it is required by law, so if business owners end up not having the right emergency exit lighting, they may have to pay far more in fines if they get discovered to not have enough.

When business owners are having their space built, or if they’ve purchased an existing building, they should call an Edmonton electrician to find out if they have adequate emergency lighting and adequate exit signs. By getting a professional to verify this, business owners will be able to sleep better at night knowing that they are going to be able to help their employees and their customers Escape if the worst-case scenario happens and there’s an emergency in their building. By allowing the experts to help them with this, they know that they’re going to be able to have them installed correctly, have them maintained properly, and can ensure that they will work for many years to come, helping people leave the building safely.

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