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Edmonton Electrician | Ensuring a Home is Grounded

One of the most important things that Edmonton electrician needs to do when working on a home. Is ensuring that the grounding and bonding is done correctly.

While commercial or industrial buildings do not necessarily need grounding and bonding. According to the Canadian electrical code, grounding and bonding is necessary in every residence.

While many homeowners do not necessarily need to understand what grounding and bonding is. It is very important that they understand what they might experience if it is not done properly.

If they have recently had renovations, and changed some of the electrical systems in their home. Or if they have recently had their home built, they need to be aware.

When the grounding are bonding is not done properly. People might experience the dimming of their lights, or their lights flickering. And they do not know how to solve this problem.

They may try changing where their electronics are plugged in. Or unplugging all electronics. In order to see if that fixes the flickering or dimming lights.

But ultimately, Edmonton electrician says if it is a new builds, or renovation. There should not be any electrical problems. But when they experience these issues, it is likely a grounding or bonding problem.

What grounding and bonding refers to, is safely discharging excess electricity. Either by helping ensure that the excess electricity can get discharge safely into the ground.


Or by ensuring that the ground fault has the current flowing back to its original source. So that the breaker will, if there is a power surge. So that it does not overload the circuits.

The danger when the grounding and bonding is not done properly. Is that there can be a power surge that can damage the electronics that are plugged into electrical outlets.

And even injure people if they are) the power surge happens.

Or worse, if there is a problem with the grounding are bonding. And the circuits become overloaded, and the breaker does not turn off. It could cause an electrical fire.

Because as the wires deal with a flow Electricity they were never designed to handle. The wires physically get hot to touch, and it does not take very long for those overheated wires to cause a fire.

Therefore, if people are experiencing these flickering or dimming lights. They should immediately call their Edmonton electrician to inspect their electrical systems.

However, if people have not had any renovations, or their home is not recently built. They are experiencing these problems. They still need to call an electrician.

Because this is often a problem that the grounding and bonding is not working. Most likely because there are parts of the grounding and bonding, such as the grounding electrode, may cause the grounding and bonding system to stop working.

And as the grounding electrode ages this is why three important that any time people are having an electrical problem, or problem with their lights. They should contact an electrician to inspect their property.

Edmonton Electrician | Ensuring a Home is Grounded

It is very important for people to understand that they should call their Edmonton electrician. If any parts of their electrical system are not appearing to work properly.

Because if there are parts that are not working. Not only can it cause things to work in efficiently or not at all. But also, because it can be very dangerous.

People may not realize how dangerous and nonfunctioning electrical system could be. Particularly if the grounding or the bonding is not done properly.

And when people are looking for an electrician to hire. Either because they have parts of their electrical system that are not functioning. Or if they are planning on doing renovations.

They need to know what they should be asking these electricians before they hire them. To ensure that they are hiring the best professional for the job. In a way that is not going to cause problems.

The first thing that they should ask, is what version of the Canadian electrical code they are using. Because it is required that electricians use the most up-to-date code available.

By understanding that the code is updated every year. Means that an electrician that is working on any part of the electrical system of a residence. Needs to be using the most up-to-date code.

The next thing that they should ask an Edmonton electrician before they hire them. Is asking them after they see the work that is going to be required.


What permits they are planning on pulling in order to complete the job. The reason why this is important to know. Is because if the electrician says they are not planning on pulling any permits at all.

This is a great indication that they are not the right electrician for the job. Because whether they are starting a job from scratch, or if they are making alterations to an existing system.

They need to pull a permit matter what they are doing. Because that is what is required by the Canadian electrical code. And what they need to do to ensure that the electrical work can get inspected.

And finally, when they are hiring an electrician. They should feel free to ask them what systems and processes they have in place. In order to ensure that they get the job done correctly.

Even the best electricians in the world not going to be able to commit every detail to memory. Especially as they go from one jobsite to another. That might be very different from each other.

And this is why it can be very important to hear that they have things like checklists in place. They can use to ensure that they are not forgetting every important detail of an electrical job.

Especially as even the smallest detail missed, such as not screwing in the grounding electrode completely. Can cause they electrical system to either not work, because it not be grounded or bonded properly.

So hiring the best Edmonton electrician can ensure that all the electrical work is done properly, to code. And as safe as possible for the residence.

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