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Edmonton Electrician | Ensuring Bathroom Fans Are Working

The function of a bathroom ventilation fan according to Edmonton electrician. Is to move air out of the bathroom, and invented out of the home.

The reason why this air needs to be vented out. Is because there can be a lot of moisture buildup in the air of a bathroom. From showers, baths and all of the moisture that can be inside a bathroom.

In order to ensure that the moist air is being vented out properly. The bathroom ventilation fan first of all needs to be the right size, and have a large enough motor to move that amount of air.

And the bathroom fan also needs to be working efficiently as possible. The older the bathroom fan is. Or the lower quality the bathroom fan is, means the more often is going to have to be replaced. In order to do its job well.

The amount of air that it needs to be able to move is expressed as a cubic feet per minute. Or, CFM for short says Edmonton electrician.

Bathroom ventilation fans come between fifty CFM and one hundred and fifty CFM. Which should be able to ventilate all sizes of residential bathrooms. However, Edmonton electrician can use to fans in the same room. If the bathroom is larger, and requires more airflow.

What else can cause a bathroom ventilation fan to not work efficiently. Is a buildup of dust on the fan itself. It is inevitable that bathroom fans are going to attract dirt, dust and pet hair. Simply by sucking air out of the room on a regular basis.


Any dust or pet hair that is in the air at the time will be moved through the fan grill, and passed the blades. A certain amount of dust will settle on the grill and the fan blades. And if not cleaned regularly, can accumulate to a quite thick layer.

This thick layer of dust will cause the motor to have to work harder to move the air. And the more dust that is on the bathroom fan. The less air it is going to be able to move.

Therefore, if homeowners are not regularly cleaning their bathroom ventilation fan. They may think that they are protecting their home from moisture buildup. But the bathroom fan will not be able to do its job well.

In order to clean the bathroom ventilation fan. Homeowners can take the grill off of the fan, and wash that. And while it is air drying. Homeowners can take a vacuum with the brush attachment. And vacuum the fan blades and surrounding area.

It is recommended that for a typical size bathroom which is about 10 x 6. That is being used by two adults. Having this cleaned every 3 to 6 months is adequate.

For larger bathrooms or for bathrooms that get more use. May require cleaning sooner. Because they can have an increased buildup of dust on the grill and fan blades.

By ensuring homeowners have the right size fan. And that they are cleaning it regularly. Can help homeowners keep their bathrooms moisture free. So that they do not cause damage to their home by all of the problems that moisture buildup can create.

Edmonton Electrician | Ensuring Bathroom Fans Are Working

Most homeowners do not think about their bathroom ventilation fans often says Edmonton electrician. And this can cause fans to not to be replaced as often as they should be.

The lower quality of fan that has been installed. And the more often it is going to need to be replaced according to Edmonton electrician.

For example, in brand-new homes. Builders often install builder grade fans. Which have an extremely low cubic feet per minute. And are only designed to last between two and five years.

Many homeowners might assume that the bathroom ventilation fan that is installed in their brand-new home. Can last for a very long time. Which will create problems. As moisture buildup can cause rot and mould buildup.

It is very important that homeowners understand that there fans need to be replaced more often than they assume. And that they need to ensure that the right amount of air is being moved by the fan. In order to protect their home from moisture buildup.

When homeowners are deciding to replace their bathroom ventilation fans. They can also have their Edmonton electrician look to ensure that the ducting that they have is done properly as well. Because this is an important factor in ensuring they are venting the moist air outside.

Ideally, the ducting will go out the roof of the home. Or out through the side of the home. Blown through a rated exhaust hatch. This exhaust hatch needs to be sealed properly. To ensure that moisture buildup around the opening does not happen.


The exhaust hatch also needs to have a flap or damper on it. And that they are in good working order. To ensure that the moist air can be vented out of the home. But nothing can come back in through that exhaust hatch.

Once people have insured that the ducting is done properly. And that the exhaust hatch is sealed properly. Homeowners can pick the right bathroom fan for their needs.

However, other than the size of the fan. Many homeowners may not realize all of the various options that they have to choose from.

Noise level is an extremely important option for many homeowners. As they work to ensure that their home is as quiet as possible.

Another great bathroom ventilation fan option. Are ones that come with a built-in humidity sensor. That will allow the fan to turn on automatically when it senses the humidity rising. And then turned back off again, when the humidity levels drop.

Not only can this help homeowners save energy. By only having the bathroom fan on when it is absolutely needed. But it can also help in a family where people are forgetful in turning the fan on or off again.

When homeowners understand all of the different options they have in choosing bathroom ventilation fans. As well as why they should buy a high quality fan. Can help ensure that they are making the right choice. To protect their home Easter buildup. But also to protect their family, because if mould grows in their home. That can negatively impact their families health.

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