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Edmonton Electrician | Kitchen Renovations & Using Professionals

The one renovation that is going to add the most value to a home says Edmonton electrician. Is the kitchen renovations. Because of how used the kitchen is. But also, how expensive it is to upgrade.

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Not only will people typically be buying new appliances, such as a new fridge, stove and microwave. But they also need to ensure that all of the electrical work is done properly and to code.

So that all of the devices that they by. Can get installed correctly. So that they can all work at the same time. Without overloading the circuits in the kitchen. That would cause the breaker to trip.

It takes a lot of technical knowledge, to understand not only that each major appliance must be on its own circuit. But went wires, and what am breakers are needed for each device.

The fridge for example must be on its own circuit, and typically will need 14 gauge wire with a fifteen amp breaker. But it will depend on the individual specs of the appliance.

Therefore, when they do the initial walk-through with the homeowner. They are going to need to know specifics, such as what make and model of electrical appliances they are going to be purchasing for their renovation.

As well as where those electrical devices are going to be Used. So that the Edmonton electrician will know what kind size of wire to install. As well as how many breaker circuits they are going to need to install.

As well, the electrician is going to need to take into consideration, where see if I circuits are going to be installed. Because they need to be tested every month.

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They also will want to take a look at the panel, first of all to check what brand it is. Such as federal, ITE or Siemens. Those are all problematic panels and will need to be replaced.

And if the panel brand does not need to be replaced. They are going to need to ensure that there is enough room for all of the electrical devices and outlooks that they are going to be adding.

Neither change the entire panel to an that is larger. Or they can add a subpanel, and in that case. Ideally, the kitchen will be the entire subpanel. So that all of the kitchen appliances are on one section of the panel.

As well, hiring a certified Edmonton electrician will ensure that they know the most current Canadian electrical code. So that they can do all of the wiring in the kitchen up to that code.

And if someone that the homeowner is thinking of hiring. Says that they either do not need inspections. Or they do not need to upgrade anything to the most current code. That is a red flag, but they are not planning on doing things properly.

This is when they should look for the next electrician to hire. Ideally, have one that does residential work, and is using the most current code. And is insured as well.

Edmonton Electrician | Ensuring Kitchen Renovations Are Done Properly

Kitchen renovations are the most expensive renovations to be done says Edmonton electrician. However, that does not mean homeowners should cut corners. In order to make it more affordable.

And if they do decide to lower the cost of their renovations. One thing that they should not try to save money on. Is hiring an electrician. The work that the electrician does is incredibly important.

This will make sure that all of the grounding and bonding is done accurately. So that the flow of electricity is managed properly throughout the kitchen. And throughout the house.

But also, they will ensure that all of the appliances will be on their own circuits. So that they do not overload any circuits. Simply by having the fridge plugged in and turned on.

But as well, they are going to ensure that there are going to be enough outlets. Because while kitchens typically have too few outlets to begin with. Their Edmonton electrician will work hard.

To ensure that not only are there enough outlets. But that they have taken into consideration what electrical appliances are going to be plugged into the outlets.

So they can ensure there is enough circuits in the kitchen to handle all of the appliances. For example, electrical devices such as the crockpot, the pressure cooker, and an electrical frying pan.

Will all need to be on their own circuits. So that they do not overload the circuits, and trip the breaker. But also, there are many devices that can be plugged in such as toaster, espresso machine, blender.


And knowing what electrical devices the homeowner has. Approximately where they are planning on plugging them in when they use them. Can help the Edmonton electrician.

Plan out how many electrical outlets they need to have. And where they should be placed in the kitchen. To ensure homeowners can utilize all of the outlets properly. And place the appliances where they want.

As well, using a certified electrician. Will ensure that they do not make mistakes, like failing to put in an arc fault circuit interrupter breaker for things that are going to get plugged in.

Even the hood fan, or range microwave may have the electrical outlets in a cupboard, or in place that is unreachable for the most part. However, if they are plugged in through an outlet.

It is vital that they have the arc fault circuit interrupter breaker. And if they do not, they may not pass the first or second inspection. Therefore, hiring the right Edmonton electrician. Will ensure that things are done properly. And no corners will be cut.

To ensure things are done properly, and safely, also be able to pass both inspections. And if the worst-case happens, and there is a mistake that caused damage to the homeowners home.

Uninsured electrician will have their insurance take care of anything that is needed. Whereas an uninsured handyman, would leave both themselves, and the homeowner in trouble.

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