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It is extremely important that when people are hiring an Edmonton electrician, that they are asking all the right questions to ensure that they are hiring a company or an individual who is going to be able to help keep the jobsite that they are working on safe. If they are not working safely, they should not be working at all. Whether it is a large commercial or industrial job, or if it is a small residential job or even a maintenance or service call, by focusing on safety first, people can ensure that not only will they have an electrician that is able to get the job done, but they can get the job done safely as well.

At Hauer Power, safety as their number one value, and they focus on customer service. They have indicated that some of the most important ways to ensure that an Edmonton electrician that they hire is focused on safety, is by asking them if they are COR certified. This stands for certificate of recognition, and is given to contractors and contracting businesses who have developed their own safety programs. This means it has to be defined, and their fight. It also means that the company has met already established safety standards. Any company that says that they are core certified are going to be able to work very safely on any jobsite they encounter.

Even if the Edmonton electrician does not have this course certification, that does not mean they cannot work safely. All a person has to do, is simply ask the contractor to describe their safety program, or what their safety procedures or protocols are. Whatever the answer is, as long as their safety procedures are duplicatable, easily followed by anyone including their employees, can help ensure the safety of their staff and the job site. This might include a series of checklists that will be required to check off by anyone starting work that day. By making sure that they have all of their tools and materials and that they are all in working order, and that they have taken into consideration what safety equipment they need, and that it is in good working order.

Another way that people can ensure how safety conscious their Edmonton electrician is, people can ask if they use in FLHA, or in FLRA. These field level hazard assessment forms require the contractor to scan the entire jobsite before they set will audit, documenting any hazards they see. This might include broken glass, wet or greasy floors, MS that indicates tripping hazards for example. Then, the contractor must clean up the jobsite so that when they set foot on the job, it is safe.

By hiring the right Edmonton electrician with a focus on safety, people can ensure that they are keeping their workplace safe for all employees. This is important matter how big or small the jobsite is, or how many people are there. Guaranteeing the safety of everyone should be the top priority.

Edmonton electrician | ensuring the safety of the jobsite

One of the most safety for things that a person can do when hiring an Edmonton electrician, is to verify that they have all of the credentials to do what they say they can do. The reason why this is so important, is because not everyone that works as electrician has the same credentials. Therefore, it is up to the person that is hiring the electrician to verify that not only do they have the skill to do what they can do, but they are legally able to do that work in the province, and that they are covered as well. By knowing what questions to ask can help people make the right decision on what electrician to hire.

It is important that people are aware of the requirements are for electrical contractor in the province of Alberta. In order for someone to work as an electrician in this province, they either need to be a registered apprentice, which means they are working with a certified journeyman, or they need to be a certified journeyman. This says that not only does that Edmonton electrician need to have earned a license, but once they got a license they also need to apply to the provincial government to acquire their certification to allow them to work as an electrician in the province. By asking these questions, people can ensure that electrician they hire is legally allowed to work doing that job.

The second question that people should be asking any company that they are thinking of hiri to do electrical work is to verify that they have insurance. This means they need to have a general liability insurance, and that typically starts at one million dollars and goes up. Without verifying that they have this insurance, people will not be able to guarantee that the Edmonton electrician that they hire will be able to pay for any damages that occur on the job, or even if something goes wrong with the job that they did. For example, if there was an electrical fire, if they had hired an electrician that did not have insurance, there may not be any way that someone could recover the damages. They might be able to personally sue the Edmonton electrician, but that takes time and money as well as hassle, and it is not a guarantee that they are going to be able to recover all of the money that they lost.

It is also important that people are asking their Edmonton electrician if they have Worker’s Compensation coverage. If they have an employee, this is an absolute legal requirement. However, people should keep in mind that if a company does not have Worker’s Compensation coverage, that is usually a warning sign that there not legally allowed to work as an electrician in the province.

By knowing owe the questions that they need to ask in order to verify that the Edmonton electrician that their thinking of hiring has the appropriate licenses and certification can help ensure that people are getting exactly what they paid for, a great Edmonton electrician is going to be able to do the job for them safely and efficiently.

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