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It is extremely important that prior to hiring an Edmonton electrician, they can demonstrate that they can work safely. There are several questions that anyone hiring an electrician should be able to ask them to verify that not only are they knowledgeable, but they also can work safely on the jobsite, regardless of if it is a residential, commercial or industrial site. They do not necessarily have to be using a specific safety program, as long as they are able to answer questions about safety well enough to give assurance to the person hiring them that they are able to work safely on their jobsite.

A great thing that people should be doing, is interviewing and the Edmonton electrician prior to hiring them. Not only do they need to ensure that they have the knowledge to do the job, by asking them how many years of experience they have, asking them for a list of references of satisfied customers, and even perhaps looking online on their Google reviews to verify that they have happy customers. By doing that, not only are they ensuring that the company is legitimate, and the electrician is knowledgeable, but that they are able to do the job well enough.

Not only should person hiring an Edmonton electrician be verifying that they are experienced, and have satisfied customers, but they should also ensure that the have liability insurance and WCB. If they do not, this should be a giant red flag that they should not be working. If a person can verify that they have these legal requirements, it will be able to hire them without worrying that if something happens, they will be able to recoup damages, or have their injuries taken care of.

It is important that customers are verifying that their Edmonton electrician uses some sort of the safety procedures or protocols. There is a number of safety programs out there that they can be using, but it is less important about what safety program there is, as it is to ensure that they have something in place. A great template or a checklist that many contractors used to verify that they can work safely is something called a field level hazard assessment or field level risk assessment. These checklists ensure that before an Edmonton electrician sets foot on a job sites, that they are surveying the entire site, and documenting any hazards. Hazards such as tripping hazards, wet, greasy or dirty floors that could be a slip hazard, or things like broken glass. The Edmonton electrician would be required to document all hazards, cleanup those hazards, and then document how they cleaned them up before working. This is required to do before the set foot on a job sites, and leave a jobsite. This ensures that not only can they be keeping themselves safe, but the jobsite and anyone else working on that site as well.

Ensuring whichever Edmonton electrician they hire can work safely should be one of the most important questions that is considered in the hiring decision. When people are hiring an electrician, or any contractor, they should ensure not only are they capable to do the job, and licensed to do the job, but that they can also work safely as well.

Edmonton Electrician | Ensuring Your Electrician Works Safely

It should be one of the top priorities when hiring an Edmonton electrician that the person hiring them is able to verify that they can work safely. Even though there are several formal programs that not only electricians, but contractors in general can use to ensure their working safely. However, using a certified or specific program is not as important as just committing themselves to safety. Therefore, anyone hiring an electrician or a contractor for their jobsite, regardless of if it is residential, industrial or commercial should be asking specific questions to verify that they have a safety focused mindset.

One good indication that the company can focus on safety is if they are COR certified. This means that they have developed their own safety programs, safety procedures or safety protocols. Not only does this certification mean that they have developed those safety programs, but they have been able to prove it to a governing body. Therefore, if someone who is hiring an Edmonton electrician sees that they have this COR certification, they should be satisfied that they are going to be working safely. Because if contractors are not working safely, they should not be working at all.

Something else that people can ask is what templates are checklists they use in their business. If the have safety equipment, they should be using a checklist to verify that they have all of the safety equipment that they need, and a checklist to verify that it is all in good working order. This is especially important if they are using tools, to ensure that the tools are in good working order, if they use lifts, to ensure that the lift is going to work without problems, and harnesses. To ensure that all the safety equipment not only is accounted for on the jobsite, but is in good working order can ensure that the Edmonton electrician has not only all of the tools to keep them safe, but they verify each and every time that they go onto a jobsite that they are not good condition.

When someone is hiring an Edmonton electrician, they should be doing their due diligence to ensure that not only is the company that they are hiring knowledgeable enough to work on the jobsite that they are being hired for, but that they have customers that like what they do, that they are insured, and licensed and that they can work safely. Safety conscious electricians typically have extremely happy customers, because they have such a high focus on working safely. Therefore, by doing some due diligence to verify that the company that they are hiring is knowledgeable, courteous, safety conscious and licensed are the requirements that people should be looking for regardless of what size of job they have, or what the work is.

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