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Edmonton Electrician | Exit and Emergency Lighting For Your Building

Business owners need to be familiar with exit and emergency lighting for their business spaces says Edmonton electrician. The exit signs need to be a self lit, and posted at every single exit of a building. Meanwhile, the emergency lighting also needs to be self-powered, and mounted on the ceiling or on the walls, Illuminating on the floor the path to the exit signs. Business owners may not be aware of how important this is, but a quick building inspection will be able to show business owners if their office space is lacking in this department, and what they can do to fix it.

One of the first things that they might realize is that they are no longer allowed to use the red exit signs. The reason why, is because exit is written in English, which may not be able to be read by everybody. Edmonton electrician says the red colour of the sign is hard to read if there is a fire. Therefore, green is now the new colour, and the sign now looks like a stickman exiting out a door. This is more universally understood, and therefore businesses that already have red exit signs are being asked to change them. Depending on which building inspector they get, they may get the red signs grandfathered in, but should make plans shortly on how to fix this says Edmonton electrician.

The next thing that business owners should take into consideration, is that each of the emergency lights needed to be self-powered, which means they will come with their own battery pack, and we’ll have two lamps on them, that can points in the various directions they might need. If business owners think they’re going to be able to install these themselves, they might make critical errors. Many business owners who install these themselves don’t have the lamps pointing in the right direction, have them pointing at the wall, or even at the ceiling. But they needs to be pointing in the various directions of the exit, so that the floor is illuminated, so that people can find the exit even if they are having a hard time seeing, for example if the room is full of smoke.

In order to understand how many emergency light fixtures they need, the best bet is for a business owner to contact their Edmonton electrician. If they have too few, they are putting their building at risk of not helping people find the exit. There needs to be continuous streams of light, so people can easily see the path leading to the exit. Also, if business owners end up installing the units themselves, they may overloads the ballast, which can end up causing irreparable damage to the lighting unit itself. And also, it could end up damaging the wiring to the building, requiring an electrician to fix it, or even damaging the building itself.

If business owners want to ensure that they have the correct emergency lighting fixtures and exit signs and have them installed properly, they should contact their Edmonton electrician. By considering how important it will be to ensure the safety of all occupants of the building where they are employees or customers should be of Paramount importance to any business owner..

Edmonton Electrician | Exit and Emergency Lighting Information

It’s extremely important that business owners understand that it is a very serious situation to ensure that they have the correct emergency light fixtures and exit signs and their building according to Edmonton electrician. Whether they have a commercial, or an industrial business, exit lights illuminate the location of the exits, and emergency lights illuminates the way to those exits, so no matter what the emergency might be, but they’re there’s a power outage due to a storm or a tornado for example, or if the entire building is on fire and the rooms filled with smoke, all occupants will be able to get out safely and quickly.

Whether a business owner has purchased a business that already has emergency lighting and exit signs install, or if they have decided to build their office space themselves, they’re going to have to have the correct amount of emergency lighting and exit signs stationed at every single exit in the building. Each unit will cost a business owner anywhere between $150 to $200 each. The more exits to a building, and the more hallways, the more exit signs and emergency light fixtures they’re going to need. Business owners should be contacting their Edmonton electrician to find out exactly how many that is, so that they can be sure they are putting the right amount. If business owners think they can guess the correct amount themselves, they may not realize it, but they might be putting their business in danger of not having well enough lips home ways to help people evacuate in a timely fashion.

The next thing that business owners needed to know is that it is of vital importance that they are testing their emergency lights on a regular basis. Similar to testing their smoke detectors, business owners should be checking their emergency lighting every month, by testing them to see if they will illuminate for 30 seconds. A business owner can make it very easy on themselves by ensuring that they are testing all of the smoke detectors and all of their emergency lights on the same day. They also need to ensure that they are testing their emergency lighting system for 90 minutes once a year. The reason why it’s important to do this for an hour and a half’s is Edmonton electrician is because that is the amount of time that the Lighting systems should illuminate, in order to allow everybody enough time to evacuate the building.

Depending on how many emergency light fixtures a business owner have, they may opt to ask their Edmonton electrician to test their system for them. This way, if the electrician finds any deficiencies or necessary maintenance on the light fixtures, they can perform it easily and on the spot, making it very simple for business owners to ensure that their emergency lighting system will always be working anytime that there’s an emergency. In order to ensure the safety of everybody in the building, customers and staff alike, business owners should work hard to ensure that in case of an emergency, regardless of what that emergency is, that today are prepared.

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