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Edmonton Electrician | Great Tips for Hiring Contractors

There are many things for people to look for in an Edmonton electrician. However, they do not need any technical knowledge. In order to find the right one for their jobsite.

Edmonton Electrician

And while some electricians only work on residential, or industrial, or commercial jobs. When they find have power, they know that they will be able to work on any jobsite.

No matter how big or small the job is. Or if it is residential, commercial or industrial. And the reason why people should contact Hauer Power. Is not just because they will be able to work on any job.

But because they are different than many other contractors. In their values, and in their business’s mission. Their tagline is, burning customer service back to the trades.

And it is such a passionate mission for them. Because they know that many contractors and trades have very bad reputation when it comes to customer service. Therefore, in order to stand out.

They want to ensure that they do bring great customer service. To every single jobsite and customer they have. So that they can give customers what they deserve they hire and Edmonton electrician.

The way they plan on delivering this customer service. Is through many values that they hold in high regard in the company. And not just values that they say they believe in.

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But values that they look for in every single electrician they hire to work in their company. And that is very important that they impart to every single customer. So that they can deliver their mission.

One of the most important values that they believe and in the company. Is continual learning and improvement. The reason why this is so important, is because the electrical code is constantly changing and upgrading.

Not only are they learning more, and changing the code. To reflect safer practices. But it actually changes so often, that the entire Canadian codebook updates every three years.

In order to know most up-to-date information. At Hauer Power it is mandatory. For their staff and particularly electricians. To take code upgraded courses. So they know the most up-to-date codes and standards.

But also, new features and technology are being developed every single year. For example, solar panels and electric car charging stations. And it is important that they know all of the most up-to-date information.

So that no matter what the job is, this Edmonton electrician have the most up-to-date information. About how to do that job. And how to do it as safely as possible. But this is not the only course they ensure their staff takes.

They have constant training and upgrading. And ensure that any electrician that wants to participate in the apprenticeship program is able to. Therefore, they can become journeyman, master electricians or red seal electricians.

When people are ready to hire a company that focuses on customer service. And delivering the most current and up-to-date information And techniques. They should contact Hauer Power, for free estimates. And find out how they are different.

Edmonton Electrician | Great Tips for Hiring Contractors

When people are looking for the right Edmonton electrician to work on their home or business. They should consider how important values are to them. And hire a company whose values will affect their own.

Unfortunately, many trades and contractors do not focus on customer service or values. Which can make this a little bit more difficult. Until people hear about Hauer Power.

They are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service at Hauer Power. And how they do that, is through holding many values in high regard.

One of the most important values that they have with this contractor is honesty, and integrity. Those two values go hand-in-hand together. To ensure that their staff will be able to be honest.

Whether it is doing a proper goal or estimates. They will ask all of the right questions. And even go into a jobsite. In order to look around. To see if there are any challenges that may affect the job.

So that when they do deliver an estimate. They know that they are going to be able to get the job done on time, and on budget. So that they can build trust with their customers.

Who knows, that when they say something, they will do it. And while honesty is important. Without integrity, it is a lot more difficult to be honest. Integrity is all about accountability, and working hard.

However, these are not the only two values that they have at Hauer Power. They also value punctuality and being on time. The reason why, is because they need to show that they respect the customer’s time.

Whether they are homeowner, or a business owner. Therefore, they hire staff based on the value of punctuality. Because when there electricians are on time or early for work.

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They can get prepared, gather their supplies. And find out any updated information. Before heading out together on time to get to the jobsite. When they arrived at work on time. There going to be overly punctual to the jobsite.

Which means they can the job started on time. Finish on time. And show the customer that they respect their time. Whether they are homeowner, and they need to get back to work, their kids or start dinner.

Or if it is a business, that needs to made with other contractors. Or service their customers at the same time. This is why punctuality is such an important value to this electrician.

Another value that they focus on, is teamwork and positive attitude. And while these might sound like pleasant values that do not really mean a lot. These values are all about safety.

Because electricity is inherently dangerous. This Edmonton electrician knows how important it is to minimize dangers. By working well together for teamwork and cooperation.

When teams can work well together, with positive attitude. They are going to be able to communicate and be more safe together. So that not only are they keeping each other safe.

They can keep the jobsite safety for their customers, and anyone else who works in it.

When people are looking for the right Edmonton electrician, they should look no further than Hauer Power. Because they are bringing customer service back to the trades.

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