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Edmonton Electrician | Grounding a Home Correctly

It is extremely important for people to have hired the right Edmonton electrician. Whether they are getting new build done, or if they are doing renovations to an existing system.

But even if they are not doing renovations. They need to know what to look out for. To ensure that the grounding and bonding has been done correctly.

So that they can minimize or eliminate the risk of electrical problems in their home. And when it comes to grounding and bonding. While most commercial applications do not require this.

With the exception of hospitals, schools and laboratories for example. All residential applications require grounding and bonding to be done properly. Whether that is a detached house, a duplex or a townhouse.

Or even if it is an apartment building, or a residential high-rise. Therefore, in the Edmonton electrician they hire needs to be familiar with residential wiring. Otherwise, they may not realize that these buildings depend on it.

And while following the right Canadian electrical code is mandatory. Homeowners should not be shy in asking an electrician they are thinking of hiring. Version of the code they are using.

And if they are using an older code. Either knowingly, or unknowingly. This is risky, and should be avoided at all costs. Because the code is there to ensure the safest methods are always utilized.

Bonding refers to creating a low impedance half by joining all noncurrent carrying metal parts together. And this will ensure an electrical current can continue down a safe path.


While grounding refers to creating a permanent and conductive path back to earth. With sufficient enough capacity to carry any fault that is imposed upon it.

And ultimately, the Canadian electrical code has a fancy way of saying. These are ways that people can ensure that either the electrical current can be safely discharged outside of the electrical system.

Or it helps ensure that the breaker or fuse can work properly. In stopping the flow of electricity. If there is an overabundance of electricity in the system. Such as a power surge, that does not get discharged through other means.

And ultimately, Edmonton electrician says the entire idea behind grounding and bonding. Is to limit injury and reduce property damage. Which is why it is necessary in residential properties.

If the electrician is not using the current Canadian electrical code. That is a giant red warning flag. That means people should look for another electrician.

Another question that they can ask. That can help ensure that they are making the right choice with hiring that electrician. Is asking them what permits they are going to need to pull to get this job done.

And the ultimate correct answer, is that as long as they are indicating that they will have to pull permits. People should be reassured that they are doing things correctly.

Because it is mandatory by law that whether it is a brand-new electrical job. Or if people are altering a current electrical system. That permits are always pulled. So by asking this question, can help ensure that the electrician that is hired knows how to ensure they do it properly.

Edmonton Electrician | Grounding a Home Correctly

Even though all homes, whether they are apartments or unattached residences says Edmonton electrician. All have grounding and bonding. Because that is what Canadian electrical code has specified is mandatory.

And what grounding and bonding does. Is protect the home from an overabundance of electrical current. Grounding helps the overabundant electrical current get discharged by sending it into the ground.

While bonding says electrician. Helps ensure that the breaker or fuse will work. If there happens to be an overabundance of electrical current. In a person’s electrical system.

If the grounding and bonding is not done correctly. Or if it was done correctly, but the system is starting to show signs of aging. What could potentially happen.

Is that if a power surge happens, the breaker will not work. And it will not turn the flow of electricity off to a circuit. And as the wires in that circuit struggle to handle a flow of electricity that they were never designed to handle.

The wires will actually get physically hot to the touch. And if they stay hot enough for more than a few seconds. They can burst into flames, and start an electrical fire in the walls of the home.

An electrical fire is extremely dangerous says Edmonton electrician. Because it can spread to every single room in the house, in the walls of the home.


Which means people typically will not know that their home is on fire. Until it is almost completely engulfed in flames. And not only is this damaging their property. But it is risking injury, and the lives of the people inside the home.

Another way that an overabundance of electricity can cause damage. When the grounding and bonding is not done correctly. Is having a power surge, that can actually damage electrical devices.

And while many people are very familiar with power surges, and how they can damage their computer. Which is why most people have a power surge protector on their computer.

But power surges can actually harm and damage anything that is currently plugged into the electrical system. If there is a power surge on that circuit.

And it could cause whatever is plugged into the electrical socket to be damaged. Whether it is a television, a stereo or gaming system. Or something like their fridge, washer and dryer or oven.

Therefore, it is very that ensure that they hire the right electrician. So that they know the grounding and bonding will get done properly in their home.

But also, if people end up discovering that there lights are flickering or dimming. And no matter what they do to stop that from happening in their home. Such as plugging different devices into different electrical circuits.

And nothing works, that is a good indication that there grounding and bonding is faulty. And they should contact their Edmonton electrician. To inspect their system, and if it is not working, help them fix it quickly.

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