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Edmonton Electrician | Grounding a Home Is Crucial

Even though many people do not know a lot of intricacies about their electrical system says Edmonton electrician. They do need to understand how important it is to hire the right electrician when needed.

If people are doing renovations, such as a kitchen, or family room renovation. And is going to require them to change their electrical systems. They need to hire a knowledgeable electrician to help them with that.

Or, if people are building something brand-new. Such as a garage, or a basement suite in a unfinished basement. They also need to hire the right electrician to help them do this.

While there are many different electricians out there. Hiring the right one is very important. To ensure the job is done properly, and safely. Because when an electrical system is not installed correctly.

Not only is the building at risk. But so are the people that live within that building. In this needs to be remembered at all times, to help people choose the right electrician.

The first thing that they need to do, is ask the potential electrician they hire several questions. To ensure that they are going to start correctly. And this question simply is what permits they are planning on pulling.

And ultimately, the answer to this question is no matter what is being done. Whether it is a brand-new job, that never has had electrical work done on a before.

Or if it is a renovation that is making small changes to an electrical system. A permit needs to be pulled regardless of the job. And if an electrician says that they will not need to double a permit.


That is a great indication that they are not the right electrician for this residential job. And homeowner should keep looking until they find the right Edmonton electrician to hire.

The next question that they should be asking an electrician that they are contemplating hiring. Is what version of the Canadian electrical code they are using.

Ultimately, homeowners need to keep in mind that this code gets updated yearly. And so if an electrician is using anything other than the most up-to-date code.

It is also an indication that they are not the right electrician to be working on home that their family lives in. So knowing what to ask, and knowing what the answers should be. Can help homeowners hire the best person for the job.

And when they think they have the right Edmonton electrician for the job. The last question that they should ask. Is what systems or processes they have in place.

That can ensure they are going to be able to get the job done correctly. Even the most brilliant electrician should not be expected to commit everything to memory. Because that is a recipe for disaster.

And when they try to commit things to memory, they will for sure is something at some point. And by using checklists, electricians can ensure that they are remembering every important aspect of the job.

Because they love of visual reminder in the list that they are using to check their work. An electrician that does this, will be able to work very safely on any residence.

Edmonton Electrician | Grounding a Home Is Crucial

Though many homeowners may not know what it is to ground or bond their home says Edmonton electrician. They need to know how important those systems are.

And they also need to know what to look for that could indicate that the grounding and bonding is not done properly. Especially when considering a new build or renovations.

Or if people are living in a home that has been around for more than two or three years. They need to understand what a system that is starting to wear out looks like.

So that they can call their electrician in an a timely enough manner. To protect their assets and home. As well as protecting their family from injury.

Ultimately, grounding and bonding is designed to limit injury and reduce property damage. But it is very important for homeowners to know how.

If they find that there lights are starting to flicker, or go dim. And there is not a direct correlation between other things that are plugged into the electrical system.

This is a very good indication of calling their Edmonton electrician to inspect their electrical systems. The grounding and bonding is very important.

Because it protects the electrical system from overloaded circuits. As well as protecting the system from power surges. Both of which can cause injury, and damage to property.


When there is a power surge, that is because there is overabundance of electricity in the system. And no safe way to discharge the electricity. So it stays in the circuits.

When it is in the circuits, it will come out eventually, as a power surge. In a way that can either hurt people if they are around the outlets when the power surge happens.

Why damaging electronic devices that are plugged into the circuit. Such as computers, televisions and gaming systems. And in fact, many people recognize that power surges are damaging.

Which is why so many computers are plugged into surge protectors. And while people protect their computers for random surges from happening. If there home is not grounded and bonded properly.

Then they will have even more surges, that is leaving them at greater risk of damaging more property. Which is reasons why they should call in electrician to fix their electrical system.

However, when they have in overabundance of electricity, and it is not causing the breaker to trip. This can cause a circuit to become overloaded. And when this happens, and there is no way of turning the circuits off by a breaker.

It can over load the wires. And the wires that are overloaded get hot. And it only takes a few seconds of this for those overheated wires. To trigger electrical fire.

Therefore, people should ensure that if they have flickering or dimming lights. That they call an Edmonton electrician to check the grounding and bonding.

So that they do not potentially cause damage to electronics, because the fire to their home. Or risk injury to their family when their electoral system stops working properly.

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