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Edmonton Electrician | Grounding a Home Is Essential

While many people may not understand what grounding and bonding is in a home says Edmonton electrician. Ensuring that they hire the right electrician who can ensure that is vital.

However, since there are so many electricians out there. Homeowners may not know exactly what they need to do. To ensure they are hiring the right person. Work on whatever electrical project they have.

Whether it is a brand-new build such as a garage. Or if they are doing something like a kitchen renovation. For all they need to do is make alterations to an existing electrical system.

One of the first questions that they should ask an electrician that they are thinking of hiring. Is what permits they anticipate pulling before doing their job.

The important thing to know says Edmonton electrician, is that the answer should be that they are going to pull a permit no matter what the job is, every time.

It is actually acquired by law that an electrical work is permitted. And that is what is going to because the electrical work being inspected at the end. To ensure it is done correct.

Therefore, if a person is talking to an electrician that does not think it is necessary to pull a permit. That is a giant red flag. That indicates that person should not hire this individual.

They also need to ask a potential electrician that they are thinking of hiring. What version of the Canadian electrical code they are currently using. The correct answer to this one.


Is that they are using the most current and up-to-date code. Because this is a code that is updated yearly. And electricians bylaw need to be using the most current one.

Therefore, if they are not using the most current one. Not only are they not following standards set out by the government. There financially doing things in an unsafe way.

Because the code is updated when better systems are found. In order to ensure that the electrical systems that are being installed. Our as safe as they possibly can be at all times.

And finally, when the electrician has passed all of these questions. The last thing that homeowner can ask them. Is what systems or processes they have in place.

To ensure their job gets done correctly. This is extremely important to keep note of. Because even the smartest electrician in the world is not going to be able to remember every single job.

That they have to work on by memory. Especially since the guidelines and the code changes every single year. Therefore, by using a system of checklists and templates.

Can help ensure that the electrician is doing things correctly. That they are not relying on memory to keep family safe. When homeowners are satisfied that they have answer the questions correctly.

They can go ahead and hire this Edmonton electrician. Whether they are working on a complex residential electrical job. Or if the job that they need is extremely simple.

Edmonton Electrician | Grounding a Home Is Essential

Even though many homeowners may not realize exactly what grounding and bonding is says Edmonton electrician. They should understand that there is things that they can do to ensure that it is done.

And by ensuring that the grounding and bonding is done. They are protecting their home from damages, protecting their property from damages. And most importantly, limiting injury to people in the home.

When the grounding and bonding is not done properly. People might find that there are flickering lights. Or that there lights are dimming in a way that is unrelated to other electrical devices.

This could be happening whether people have had a renovation recently, have moved into a new home. Or if they are living in an older home. There are several things that these flickering lights and dimming lights could point to.

One of the first things that might be happening, especially if they have recently had a renovation or removed intimate new home. Is that the grounding and bonding is simply not done properly.

Whether something was forgotten, or missed. It could end up causing these flickering lights. But the danger it represents is much more significant.

However, if people are living in an older home, and they find that there are lights dimming and flickering. They should contact an electrician anyway.

Because it could be that the grounding and bonding is starting to wear out, because the systems are starting to fail. And if this is the case, there might be other things that need to be replaced as well.


When the rounding and bonding is not working properly. There is no Safe way to discharge an overabundance of electricity. Which puts the home at risk for power surges.

When there are power surges, what could happen is damaging property. Such as electronic devices that are plugged into a system. And many people are aware that power surges can damage computers.

Which is why so many people have a surge protector plugged into their computer. But essentially any electronics can be damaged by a power surge. Which is why grounding and bonding is so important.

But also, if the grounding and bonding is not done properly says Edmonton electrician. It also can cause a system to overload. Because the breaker will not operate properly as well.

And when the breaker does not stop a flow of electricity to an overloaded circuit. The wires on that circuit will get hot. And it only takes a few seconds of that, to break into an electrical fire.

That can ravage a home, and put people in the home at risk of injury. Which is why it is incredibly important to have the grounding and bonding done properly.

And why people should hire and Edmonton electrician to help them with that. The sooner they can get the grounding and bonding done properly.

The sooner they can protect against power surges, overloaded circuits. And all of those things can cause damage their property, home and potentially cause injury to their family.


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