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Edmonton Electrician | Grounding a Home Is Important

Even though it is not important for homeowner to understand exactly what grounding and bonding is says Edmonton electrician. They need to know how important it is.

So that if they are doing a new build, such as a garage they are hiring the right electrician. Or if they are doing renovations to an existing system. Or adding circuits to their electrical system.

That they do their due diligence to find the right Edmonton electrician. Because the best electricians will be able to do the work correctly, and safely.

While there are many electricians who are willing to cut corners, and do things quickly. But also not in a way that is safe. Helping homeowners understand how to find those safe workers is important.

The first thing that homeowners should ask when they are hiring an electrician. Is what Canadian electrical code they are using. It is important to know that the current code gets updated every year.

So that if the electrician they are thinking of hiring is not using the most current code. That is a good indication that they are not the right person to hire.

The next thing that homeowners can ask. Is what permits the electrician is planning on pulling in order to get the job done. This is a great question, and will not require homeowner remembering what permits are needed.

Because ultimately, whether an Edmonton electrician is working on a brand-new job. Or if they are making any alterations to an existing system. They need the correct permits.


Therefore, if they are hiring someone who says they will need to pull permits on this particular job. That is also an indication that they are not the right electrician. Because they will not be doing things correctly. Or in a way that can pass an inspection.

And finally, another question that homeowners can ask an electrician. Is what systems or processes they have in place. To ensure they can get everything done correctly.

This is incredibly important. Because even the smartest electricians cannot commit every job to memory. Especially when they are likely going from commercial sites, to residential sites.

Or Are going from small and simple jobs, two larger and complex jobs. By relying on memory. Is setting up a system that is designed to fail. And by using checklists and templates.

Can help whatever electrician is working on a job site. To always have a visual reminder of what needs to get done. Therefore, the right electrician will specify what checklists will be used on which jobs.

And studies have shown that checklists can help many different professions. Including doctors are working in emergency rooms. Save lives, because they have checklists handy that can help them do the right things at all times.

Ultimately, when people are doing changes to their home. They need to ensure that the electrical work is done correctly. Because when it is not, not only is there home at risk. But their family as well.

Edmonton Electrician | Grounding a Home Is Important

Although many homeowners do not need to concern themselves with exactly how their home gets grounded and bonded says Edmonton electrician. They just need to know that it is important.

They also need to know what to look for in their home that could point to the grounding and bonding either not being done correctly. For example after a renovation. Or after they move into a new home.

Or if they are living in an older home, they need to know what to look out for. So that they can call in Edmonton electrician. Because they are aware that there is a larger problem happening.

For example, people who have problems with a faulty grounding or bonding system. Might experience dimming the lights, or flickering lights. And no matter what they do to fix the problem.

Such as changing where things are plugged in, unplugging electrical devices. Or turning lights off and on does anything to fix the situation.

That is a good indication that either the grounding and bonding is not done correctly. Or it is starting to age, and not work properly.

For example, the grounding electrode may be faulty, installed incorrectly. Or simply be aging. Which would cause all of these problems to happen, and it is important for homeowner to realize.

That that is a sign to call in Edmonton electrician. While grounding and bonding do two different things. They both help protect the electrical system from electrical surges and overloaded circuits.


What happens when there is an electrical surge, it happens because there is no safe place for additional electrical current to discharge. So it stays in the system, creating problems.

Many people are aware of how damaging power surges can be to their computer. Which is why most homes with computer also have a surge protector.

However, people may not realize that power surges can actually damage other electrical equipment that is plugged in to the circuit. Such as televisions, stereos and gaming systems for example.

Therefore, it is important that they ensure the grounding and bonding is done correctly. So that they do not have unnecessary power surges. That can damage their property.

At the same time, power surges can also cause injury to people. Especially if they are in close proximity of an electrical device when it is hit with a power surge.

The next thing that people need to be aware of. Is that what happens when there is an overabundance of electricity, and the bonding is not done properly.

The overcurrent device, whether it is a breaker or fuse will get tripped. And when there is an overloaded circuit, without that breaker to protect the system. The circuits can simply overload.

And what happens when circuits are overloaded, is that the wires get hot to the touch. As they strain to handle amount of electricity they were never designed to. And ultimately, only a few seconds of that can cause an electrical fire in a home.

Therefore, ensuring they have proper grounding and bonding. Can protect their home from damages, as well as protect the people in their home as well. Which is why they need to contact the right electrician if they suspect there is a problem.

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