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Edmonton Electrician | Grounding a Home is Necessary

While not all electrical applications require grounding and bonding such as most commercial and industrial buildings says Edmonton electrician. It is important for homeowners to realize that all residential buildings do need grounding and bonding.

And whether people are building something brand-new, such as a garage, or building a basement suite. Or if people are simply doing renovations to an existing system.

They need to hire the right Edmonton electrician. Ensure the job can get done properly. Not only so that it can pass inspection. But so that they are protecting their property, and their family as well.

However, many homeowners do not know what they need to look for. To ensure they hire the right electrician. So here are some of the things that they need to look for.

As well as important questions they can ask when they are hiring an electrician for a job they have. One of the first questions that they can ask is what permits they need to pull in order to complete this job.

And while homeowners might think they have to memorize a list of permits that right have to be pulled depending on what to put job. This is not true. Because any electrical work needs a permit.

Whether people are building something brand-new. or they are simply making alterations to in existing system. They require permits, and if an electrician says that they will need to pull a permit for this particular job.

That is a very good indication that homeowners should not trust that electrician. Because there are no electrical job that electrician can do. Without getting a permit correctly.


The next thing that homeowners can do. To ensure they hire the right professional for their electrical job. Is ask them what version of the Canadian electrical code they are using.

The trick to this question, is the fact that this code is updated every year. Therefore, if an electrician is not using the most up-to-date code. They are not going to be able to do the electrical work correctly.

Therefore, this is very important to keep in mind. So that people can ensure they are hiring professional that is going to pull the right permits. And do the work according to the specifications as outlined by the government of Canada.

And finally, the last question that they can ask in Edmonton electrician. Is what systems or processes they have in place. To help ensure they do the job properly.

Even the most talented electrician is not going to be able to commit every aspect of every job to memory. Which is why checklists can come in very handy.

To help give a visual reminder of what needs to be considered on every type of job. Especially as electricians may be going from more complex jobs to more simple jobs.

It can be very difficult to remember every aspect of every job. By explaining to homeowner exactly what they do to help them keep on task. Can help put a homeowners mind at ease.

Edmonton Electrician | Grounding a Home is Necessary

Even though homeowners may not know exactly what it means to ground or bond their homes is Edmonton electrician. They need to know what grounding and bonding is protecting them from.

They also need to know what to look for in their home. To help them understand when it is time to call an electrician. In order to fix their electrical system.

Often, people will find that they are experiencing a dimming of their lights. Or that there lights will flicker intermittently. With no obvious cause that they can find.

They might try unplugging different appliances. Or turning off electrical devices. But this will have no effect on the flickering or the dimming of the light.

In a scenario like this, it typically points to a grounding or bonding problem. Either because the grounding and bonding was installed incorrectly.

Or, like it is known to have been in homes that are few years old. The grounding and the bonding is starting to wear out. Which is causing some of the systems to fail.

This is why if people are experiencing dimming or flickering lights. And they do not know why. They should call an electrician to inspect their system.

Because if they find anything that needs to be fixed, they will be able to give a quote to do the job immediately. And help protect the family, and their house.


The reason why grounding and bonding is so important says Edmonton electrician. Is because it protects the home against electrical power surges. As well as overloaded circuits.

When there is an overloaded circuits, the grounding helps the breaker or refuse to operate. And when the ground fault has the electrical current flowing back to its original source.

This is what causes the breaker to trip, opening the circuit. And turning off the power to an overloaded circuit. When this system is not functioning properly, the breaker will not stop the flow of electricity.

And when the wire in a circuit is dealing with the flow of electricity to great for its design. Wires will actually physically get hot to the touch as they struggle to deal with that large flow of electricity.

It does not take very much time for that wire to overheat, and then catch its surroundings on fire. Causing an electrical fire. That not only will damage their home. But put the people inside the home at risk as well.

On the other hand, the grounding and bonding will also protect people and their property from power surges. Because most people are very familiar with what will happen if a power surge happens in their computer does not have a surge protector.

They realize that it will damage their computer, and wipe its memory. But the grounding and bonding actually works to protect their home from more common power surges by safely discharging additional current.

And if the grounding and bonding is not done properly. It can damage their electronics in addition to their computer. Such as their television or stereo.

Therefore, Edmonton electrician says if people find that there lights are flickering, or dimming. As a good indication that it is time to call them. To inspect, and fix their electrical system.

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