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Edmonton Electrician | Grounding a Home Is Vital

It is very important for people to understand that when they are making changes to their electrical system, they need to hire the right Edmonton electrician. This is to ensure they do the electrical work properly, and to code.

If people are not getting the right electrician for their electrical work. At the very least, it might not be done code. Which can cause expense, as they have to get the job fixed.

But at the worst, and improperly done electrical system. Can cause property damage, because the system will not be grounded or bonded properly.

Which can result in power surges damaging electronics in their house. Or causing on electrical fire. When overloaded circuits do not have the breaker turn off the power to the system.

And when there is overloaded circuit, and the breaker does not turn off. This can result in electrical fire. Which not only can do a lot of damage to a home.

But it can also be very dangerous to escape from says Edmonton electrician. Putting the people inside the home at risk. Of getting injured, or worse as they try to escape burning home.

When people are hiring an electrician, they need to keep several things in mind. To ensure that they are hiring the right professional, who will do things correctly and to code.

This is why it is very important for them to be asking potential electricians that they are going to hire. What version of the Canadian electrical code they are currently utilizing.


The most important thing for homeowners to keep in mind. Is that the electrical code gets updated every year. And so if they are not using the current years code. They are out of date.

And potentially doing things incorrectly. That could mean that not only their work might not pass inspection. But that also could mean that they are doing things in a way that is now found to be unsafe or dangerous.

This is why it is very important for electricians to always use the most current electrical code that is put out by the government. The sooner they understand what code an electrician is using, the better.

The next question that they can ask an electrician prior to hiring them. Is asking what permits they are expecting to pull during the project. Again, the answer that homeowners should be looking for.

Is that no matter what the project. Whether it is a renovation to an existing system. Or if people are getting a brand-new build done. All projects need to get the permits pulled.

If people are not pulling permits, there is good chance that the electrical work may not get done properly. And that could cause problems to their property, as well as the people living in their home.

By knowing what questions to ask in Edmonton electrician before hiring them. Can help prevent problems on the half of the homeowner. And ensure that things get done correctly, and safely.

Edmonton Electrician | Grounding a Home Is Vital

Grounding and bonding home helps protect it says Edmonton electrician. And while people may not know exactly how that works. It is important that they hire the right electrician that can ensure it happens correctly.

Grounding and bonding both pertain to ensuring additional electricity can get discharged safely. And that it can help ensure the breaker is working. So that overloaded circuits can be avoided.

While both procedures are slightly different. With bonding pertaining to systems that are put in after the service. While grounding retains do anything before and including the service.

They both work together, to protect home and the inhabitants inside of it. If the home is not grounded or bonded correctly. People may find that there lights are flickering or dimming intermittently.

When they experience this, and they are unable to figure out why. And they may be plugging things into their electrical outlets in a different way. In order to stop this from happening.

They should stop their doing, and contact their Edmonton electrician. To see if there is a problem with their grounding and bonding system. This is especially important if they have recently had a renovation.

Or have moved into a new home, because the grounding and bonding might not have been done properly. Which can cause a lot of risk to the homeowners, and the people inside the home.

But if people have not recently made any changes to their electrical system, and their home is not new. This could be an indication that the grounding and founding system is wearing out.


They could have felt the parts due to age. And because of that, they should contact their Edmonton electrician. To have a look around, to see if this is because of their electrical problems.

If people do not get their grounding and bonding fixed. What could happen, is power surges. Because there is no safe place for excess electricity to discharge.

And when there are power surges people understand that their electronics could be at risk. Which is why most computer owners have a surge protector on their computer.

Also, if the grounding and bonding is not done properly. What also could happen. Is that there overcurrent device whether it is a breaker or fuse. Does not work properly.

Therefore, if there is an overloaded circuit. There breaker will not turn the flow of electricity off. And as the wires in the overloaded circuit struggle to handle of flow of electricity they were never designed to handle.

Those wires will get hot to the touch, and it will take very long before they can start on electrical fire. Electrical fires are very dangerous because they can spread quickly.

Therefore, before people put their electronics, home or family at risk. Because the grounding and bonding is not done properly. They can simply contact their electrician to inspect their property.

And if there is work that needs to be done to fix the situation. They know that they will be able to do so quickly, and safely. So that they can stop putting their family in their home at risk.


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