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Edmonton Electrician | Grounding a Home Properly

Although homeowners do not really need to understand their electrical system says Edmonton electrician. They should be able to know how to hire the right electrician if they need one.

People could end up wanting to build something such as a mother-in-law suite in their basement, that does not currently have electrical service. Or building a garage, that they want wired.

Or, people might want to do a renovation. Such as modernizing their kitchen, or adding additional electrical circuits throughout their house.

To facilitate the number of electrical devices they would like plugged in at one time. And all of these scenarios require hiring an Edmonton electrician.

And if people do not hire the right professional, they might end up with improperly done electrical systems. That could cause damage to their home, or potentially injure their family.

And while people are not going to need to know a lot about electrical systems to hire the right electrician. They should know what questions to ask and what kinds of answers they are looking for.

The first thing that people should do, is ask an electrician what version of the Canadian electrical code they are using. The most important thing to keep in mind. Is that the Canadian electrical code is updated yearly.

Therefore, if they are using any code other than the most current one. That is a huge red flag that they might not be doing things correctly. Or they may not be planning on getting a permanent.


Because if the old code is being used. Things will not be done in a way that will allow them to pass an inspection. The next thing that they should be asking before they hire any electrician.

Is what permits they plan on pulling for the job that they are going to do. And this is a little bit like a trick question. Because the correct answer is permits are always going to need to be pulled.

Whether it is a brand-new job. Or making alterations to an existing electrical system. If people are hiring an Edmonton electrician. They will want to know that the electrician knows that it is important.

To pull the right permits so that they can ensure the job can get inspected. And have another set of eyes to guarantee that it will be done properly.

And finally, the last thing that homeowners can ask an electrician. Is what systems or processes they have in place. That will help them get the job done correctly.

Even the smartest electricians in the world are not going to commit every aspect of every job to memory. Especially since electrical jobs are so complex.

By using checklists and templates, electricians are going to be able to have a visual reminder of what they need to do. To ensure everything is done, and done correctly.

By ensuring the electrical system is done correctly. The electrician can protect not only the home. But the inhabitants inside the home, so that they are not put at risk by improper electrical work.

Edmonton Electrician | Grounding a Home Properly

Grounding and bonding are very important aspects of electrical job says Edmonton electrician. And while people do not necessarily need to know how to do these aspects of an electrical job correctly.

They need to know why it is important to hire the right electrician. So that these can get done properly. And what they need to watch out for. That could point to the fact that it is done incorrectly. Or that it needs to be fixed so that they are no longer at risk.

A common indicator that the grounding and bonding is not done correctly. Or that the system is starting to fail, potentially due to age. Is if people start noticing that the lights are dimming or flickering.

And no matter what they are doing to address that problem. Such as unplugging electrical devices. Or plugging them into different circuits fixes the problem.

This is a good indication that they should call an electrician if for no other reason than to inspect their electrical system. They might find some small things that are wrong.

Or they may discover that they need to fix the grounding and bonding in their system. It is important for people to understand what grounding and bonding does. So that they know how important it is.

Ultimately, grounding and bonding are two different ways. That an Edmonton electrician can ensure that any overabundance or additional electrical current. Can get handled properly.


While grounding ensures that there is a conductive path back to earth. To help discharge and overabundance of electricity in a system.

What bonding does, is help ensures that the breaker can function properly. By turning off the power to an overloaded electrical circuits.

When the grounding is not done correctly. People can end up with power surges that can damage their electronics. And potentially cause injury to the people in the house. Based on their proximity to electrical outlets, or electrical devices.

While grounding that is faulty. Means that there is no system that will allow the breaker or fuse to cut off a flow of overabundant electricity to a circuit.

And when the wires of the circuit struggled to handle a flow of electricity that they were never designed to handle. They will get physically hot to the touch.

And it only takes a few seconds of uninterrupted power to cause these wires to burst into flames. When this happens, there is an electrical fire and house. Which not only can cause significant damage to a house.

But as it is able to spread throughout the entire house very quickly. It puts the inhabitants at risk as well. Making evacuation difficult to do without injury.

This is why it is very important to hire the right Edmonton electrician. So that they can be ensure that the grounding and bonding is done properly. Because if it is not, not only is there home at risk. But the people that live in the home are at risk as well.

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