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Edmonton Electrician | Grounding a Residence Correctly

Even though grounding and bonding is not something that most homeowners think about regularly says Edmonton electrician. It is of vital importance that it is done properly. Because it protects the home and its occupants.

And while it is possible to do grounding and bonding in any building. Residential properties are the only ones that require grounding by the Canadian electrical code.

However, some commercial applications do require grounding and bonding. Such as hospitals, schools and laboratories. Not only because of the equipment that needs to get plugged into the building.

But also because hospitals and schools contain vulnerable people. And the grounding and bonding will protect them. By ensuring that a power surge does not cause an electrical fire, or other problems.

One of the first things that people should ask an electrician before they hire them. Is what version of the Canadian electrical code they are using. And be assured that they are using the most current code.

The reason why this is so important. Is because the Canadian electrical code gets updated once a year. And it is required that any electrician follows this code when they are working on any electrical project.

Therefore, if a homeowner realizes that their Edmonton electrician is not using the most current code. They should get them off the jobsite, because they might be doing something in an unsafe manner.

Other things that they should look for. Is that their Edmonton electrician is going to pull a permit. And even if the job is very small. Permits are required for all alterations to an electrical system.


And if the person that they are thinking of hiring has said their going to be able to do the job without needing to pull a permit. This is a very big warning flag, that they are not right person to hire.

And finally, the last thing that homeowners might want to ask. To ensure that the electrician they hire is going to do the right job, and work safely.

Is ask them what systems and processes they have in place. To ensure they can get the job done correctly at all times. This is very important even for incredibly smart electricians.

Because even the smartest electrician will be able to commit every single step of every job that they have to do to memory. Especially if they are going from residential site, to commercial and industrial.

And expecting people to have memorized extremely complex jobs is not practical. It has even been proven that emergency room doctors can save more lives when they use checklists.

Therefore, since doctors can use checklists to save lives. Almost any industry can be improved by using checklists. And when used by an electrician, they can be assured.

That every aspect of the job has been taken into consideration. And know that is been done correctly. Therefore, they should feel free to ask Trish in their thinking of hiring, we checklists they use.

By getting the right person on the jobsite. Homeowners are protecting their property. But more importantly, are protecting their family as well.

Edmonton Electrician | Grounding a Residence Correctly

Even though many people do not know what grounding or bonding is says Edmonton electrician. They definitely benefit from this every single day of their lives. Which is one of the reasons why they need to hire the right electrician.

The first thing that people should understand, is that while grounding and bonding are two different names. They both work together, in order to protect the buildings from power surges.

Not only does it protect them from power surges, but it protects them from an overabundance of electricity in an electrical system as well. Not only will this protect their property, but it will protect their family as well.

What happens when the grounding or bonding is not done properly. Is that if there is an over abundance of electricity in an electrical system. It does not get discharged safely.

Instead, it stays in the electrical system, where it can either cause a power surge. But if it does not cause a power surge, could simply overload circuit in a way that prevents the breaker from tripping.

And when that happens, it can cause an electrical fire. Not only can both of these things cause significant damage to property. But people can also get hurt during a power surge.

And if a building that people are in catches on fire due to an electrical issue. Their lives are at risk, and they are potentially going to get hurt if not worse during an electrical fire.


Therefore, when their Edmonton electrician is able to do things correctly. They protect the home, and the family that lives inside the building. Whether it is a detached house, townhouse or high-rise apartment building.

What grounding actually does. Is it uses a ground fault to ensure the current can flow back to the source that it came from. And when that happens, and causes the breaker to trip, and break the flow of electricity.

And if the grounding or bonding is not done correctly. Or, if the wiring is aging, and parts of it have started to come full the. People might get an indication that there is a problem with their grounding and bonding.

When they start experiencing flickering lights, or lights that dim and then get brighter with time. These are great indications that they should contact an Edmonton electrician for inspection right away.

They will be able to investigate the entire electrical system. Checking the grounding as well as bonding. To see what they can do to update the system, and make it safe once more.

When people contact there electrician. They should explain what the problem that they are experiencing is. So that electricians can get an idea of what is going on, and before they get to the home.

If homeowners have any other questions that they want answers to about their electrical system. They can always contact there electrician any time. And asked their question. To be reassured that their home is safe for all inhabitants.

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