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Edmonton Electrician | Grounding a Residence Properly

Even though many people may not take grounding and bonding into consideration says Edmonton electrician. When they are doing at new build, or renovation. They need to hire an electrician that does.

In fact, many people do not even know what grounding or bonding is. Even though it is one of the things that ensures the electrical system is safe. And will cause damage to their property, or cause injury to the people inside the home.

So homeowners need to ensure that they are hiring an Edmonton electrician. That they know what questions they should ask. To ensure that they are going to do the job correctly.

One of the first things they need to take into consideration. Is that the Canadian electrical code is updated yearly. So they need to ensure that the electrician that they hire follows this code.

While some electricians might say that they do not worry about updating their code every year. Because the code was current ones, so it should be good for another year. But this is not safe.

The code gets updated as things change. And as information is known. To ensure that everything can be done as safely as possible at all times. Therefore, all electricians should be using the most updated code.

The next thing that people should take into consideration. Is that many electricians have several different jobs that they are working on from the day to day.

Going from commercial and industrial back to residential. Or having a difference in jobs such as wiring multilevel buildings. To simply adding a new breaker in a home.


And because of this complexity. They should hire and Edmonton electrician that has systems and processes in place. That allow them to go from each jobsite to the next.

Doing things as per the code. And ensuring that they are not missing vital steps. No matter how complex the job is or not. And checklists can significantly help accomplish this.

Even the smartest electrician may not be able to commit every aspect of every kind of job to memory. And by trying to memorize everything. They may not do every step correctly.

But by having a checklist that they can follow along with. And ensure that everything has been done properly. Can significantly increase the chances of everything going properly on the jobsite.

In fact, studies have shown that checklists can help doctors keep patients to live in an operating room. Therefore, when electricians adopt this practice themselves.

Can also ensure that everything that they do get done to a much higher level as well. This is why is very important to ask this question, before they set foot on the jobsite.

The last that they need to ask any electrician before they hire them. Is if they are planning on pulling a permit before they do work on the jobsite. The correct answer needs to be yes.

There were people are doing a job from scratch, or simply altering a system that exists. They need to pull the right permit to ensure its done correctly.

Edmonton Electrician | Grounding a Residence Properly

Whether people have recently had renovations, or not says Edmonton electrician. If they find that there are flickering lights in their home. Or they have dimming lights occasionally.

This is a good indication that they need to contact an electrician to inspect their electrical system. Because while the solution might be very simple and easy for an electrician to fix.

This is also an indication that the grounding and bonding is faulty. Either from a step being missed during renovation. Or, due to an aging electrical system, which is why inspections are important.

And if the grounding and bonding is not done correctly. Or it is faulty. It puts the home, and the family at significant risk of damage and injury.

But the grounding and bonding does says Edmonton electrician. Is helps safely discharge an overabundance of electricity in a system. To ensure it does not cause problems.

For example, the ground fault has the current flow back to the original source where the current first came from. And what this does, is causes the breaker to trip, and opened the circuit.

When the circuit is open, the flow of electricity stops. And people often experience a breaker tripping, if they have plugged into many things into one outlet at a time.


However, if the grounding is not done properly. It does not allow the current to flow back to its original source. And it simply stays in the system, where it can cause a lot of problems.

Not only can the electricity end up discharging and cause damage. Such as a power surge, and how power surge can damage electrical devices. Such as a computer, television or a gaming system.

But it can end up hurting people if it discharges. But also, by being faulty, it can ensure that the breaker is not functioning properly. And if there is a power surge, or too much voltage being plugged into electrical sockets.

There is nothing that is going to turn that electrical circuit off. And stop the flow of electricity from overwhelming a wire. When this happens, when the wire struggles to manage a flow of electricity that it was never designed to handle.

That wire physically gets hot to the touch. And if it is hot enough, for a long enough period of time. It will start an electrical fire. Which can not only be very damaging to the property.

But it can cause injury to people, and make it very difficult for people to escape home. Because by the time they realize that the home is on fire, it has likely spread to every room in the house.

This is why it is incredibly important to hire the right Edmonton electrician. Who will be able to ensure that the grounding and bonding is done correctly. So that this does not happen to them. And can protect them, their home and their family.

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