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Edmonton Electrician | Grounding and Bonding a Home is Vital

The people are going to build a new home, or build a garage or basement suite. And will need to hire an Edmonton electrician. In order to ensure that it gets wired correctly.

Or if people are doing some renovations in their home. And will need to make changes to their existing electrical system. They need to know how to hire an Edmonton electrician that will do the job correctly.

The reason why it is so important, is because there are many different electricians available to be hired. But they are not all the best electrician for each job. And people need to understand this when they for one to hire.

The first thing they should understand, is that there are electricians that can commercial and industrial settings. And electricians that work in residential settings. And while they might say they can work in all of them.

This is not always the best idea. Because commercial and industrial electrical jobs. Often have different requirements than residential homes. Such as a grounding and bonding.

While only a few commercial applications require grounding and bonding. Which is the system that can safely discharge excess electricity. Such as hospitals, laboratories and schools.

However, all residential electrical projects. Need to be grounded and bonded. In order to ensure the electrical system is as safe as possible. Because when grounding and bonding is not done.

What can happen, is the power surges that can damage electronics, and potentially cause some injuries to people that are nearby. Also, it can cause the circuit breaker to not function properly when there is an overloaded circuits.

Which puts the home at risk for electrical fires. Which not only causes significant damage to a home. But puts the inhabitants in the home at risk for injury, when they try to escape a house fire.


Therefore, people should ask in Edmonton electrician what version of the Canadian electrical code they are using. They hire them. And the reason why, is because it is important to use the most current code at all times.

It is also important to note that the Canadian electrical code gets updated on a yearly basis. So if they are not using the most up-to-date code. They may not be doing things up to spec.

Which could cause them to not be doing things as safe as possible. Or doing the electrical work and way that is not going to pass inspection. That is why it is very important to ask this question.

The next question they can ask their electrician before they hire them. Is what the permits they think they will need to pull before starting work on their job.

Whether it is a new build, where changes to an existing system. The answer should be that they are going to pull a permit new matter what. Because that is what is required by law.

Whether they are working on something brand-new. Or if they are making alterations to an existing electrical system. So if they are not planning on pulling any permits, is electrician that should not be hired.

The next thing that people can ask in by hiring right electrician for the job. People can ensure that the wiring is done correctly, including the grounding and bonding. To keep their family safe.

Edmonton Electrician | Grounding and Bonding a Home is Vital

While many people do not know the technical aspects of their electrical system says Edmonton electrician. They should be familiar with what to do if it is not working properly.

Often, people will experience things like flickering lights, or lights that dim and then go bright. And do not realize that this is an important time to call an electrician.

And while the problem might be very simple to solve. The problem also might be with a faulty grounding and bonding system. Which can potentially put the family who lives in the home at significant risk.

The reason why, is because grounding and bonding is the process that helps safely discharge any electrical current that is in an abundance. So that it does not either cause a power surge.

Because a power surge can damage electrical equipment that is plugged into it. But also, it could cause overloaded circuits, And when the grounding and bonding is not done properly.

The overcurrent device such as a breaker or fuse. Will not work to turn off overloaded circuits. And avoid electrical fire. Therefore, should call an electrician.

If they are experiencing any electrical issues, that may not seem important. Such as flickering and dimming lanes. That might indicate a far more dangerous.

Often, if there has been a renovation, and there are changes to the electrical system made. It could be that the grounding electrode could have been installed incorrectly.


And if the home is not brand-new, or has not had recent renovations. Edmonton electrician says could just be faulty, due to age. And electrician just needs to come in and update certain parts of the system.

When the grounding and bonding is not done properly. What might happen, is that there is an over abundant amount of current. That should flow back to the original source where it originated from.

And that is the system that causes the breaker or the fuse to trip, and opened the circuit. When the circuit is open, electricity sheds down. However if this is not done properly.

The breaker or fuse will not work. And any overloaded circuit, will stay overloaded. And the danger of that, is that when overloaded circuits strain to deal with a flow of electricity that they were never designed to handle.

Wires themselves will actually get physically hot to the touch. And take long for those hot wires to not only catch fire, but because the surrounding area to catch fire to.

This electrical fire can spread very quickly throughout the entire house. And this is my of the most of Wharton’s for people to ensure they have the grounding and bonding done properly.

And that they need to call their Edmonton electrician whenever something is not quite right. So that they can fix system that may not be working properly.

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