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Edmonton Electrician | Grounding and Bonding

Often, people might call an Edmonton electrician. Because they are complaining that their lights are dimming and flickering. And they do not know what they need to do in order to solve it.

Often, the Edmonton electrician to find out that the grounding or bonding was done incorrectly. Which means that the electricity in the system. Is not getting discharged.

But going back into the electrical current circuit. Where it can cause a variety of problems. To ensure that people have properly grounded and bonded electrical systems.

They need to ensure that they either get it inspected when the electrical work is done. Or hire and Edmonton electrician, who will use checklists. In order to ensure that they get everything done correctly.

So that they do not put the electrical currents at risk. Anything that has to do grounding and bonding is going to be governed by the Canadian electrical code.

Which not only specifies how grounding and bonding should be done. But that it is the mandatory to get the grounding and bonding inspected. To ensure that it is done correctly.

And any electrician that knows what they are doing. Understand that the Canadian electrical code gets updated every single year. Therefore, they should know what the current requirements are going to be.

However, people may not understand the difference between grounding and bonding. And while they have the same principles, which is to protect an electrical system from being overloaded.


Grounding refers to anything that is done before the service. Whereas bonding refers to anything done after the service. And the goal will be to help the current device operate, whether it is avoid or fuse.

If grounding bonding is not done correctly. Not only can there be dimming and flickering of lights. But it can also cause a surge of electricity in a system. Which can actually be dangerous.

When there is a surge of electricity because the grounding and bonding is not done properly. What can happen, is that instead of the additional electricity going into the ground.

It discharges into the electrical system. And when it discharges into the electrical system. What can happen, is damaged anything that is currently plugged into the outlets.

This is why electricians recommend people have surge protectors on their electronic equipment. Especially their computers, whether it is a desktop, laptop or something else.

Because if there is a surge, then it can end up electrocuting the inside of the electrical devices. And if it is a computer. Not only can it destroy the computer. It can also erase all the information that was on the computer.

If and has recently had renovations, or even if they have moved into a new residential property. They may want to get an electrician to inspect the electrical systems. To ensure it is done properly.

If they do not have the grounding or bonding done properly. Not only can they put the things that are plugged into the electrical system at risk. But it can be dangerous to people living in the house as well.

Edmonton Electrician | Grounding and Bonding

Many people are not sure what grounding and bonding is says Edmonton electrician. And while electricians go to school in order to learn the finite differences. People simply need to keep in mind that it is going to help them ensure that additional electricity is discharged safely.

The reason why people have breaker boxes attached to their electrical system. Is so that if there is an overabundance of electrical current going through a certain breaker.

It can turn the electricity off to that wire. So that it does not cause a fire. And having the proper grounding and bonding here is very important. Standardized can safely handle the extra electricity.

That is going to be turned off. The grounding and bonding work together with the breaker. To provide a safe system. That will be able to handle electrical surges. And turn off the circuit safely. When it is overloaded.

And while there are differences between grounding and bonding. Essentially, referring to where the work was done. Whether was before the service or after the service.

They both have the same principles. Of ensuring that there is a conductive path back to earth, to carry any fault current to safety.

The Canadian electrical code actually changes on an annual basis says Edmonton electrician. And electricians need to be aware of what the code says. So that they can continue grounding and bonding the electrical wires as safely as possible.


When people do not have proper grounding and bonding. The electric current is not going to be able to flow back to the service. Which will cause the breaker to not trip the circuit.

Then, with an overloaded circuit, the wires will overheat. And this is when an electrical fire will happen. And the most dangerous thing about an electrical fire. Is that it starts in the walls of a home.

And it can spread from room to room quickly, burning undetected. Until all of the walls of the house are on fire. And causes a great risk for people to try and escape. Because the entire house is on fire.

This is why it is very important to hire and Edmonton electrician. That can do things there early and safely.

An ideal situation, will be for the electrician to use checklists. So that no matter what job they are working on. They can ensure that every important aspect of the electrical work was done.

Because no matter how good they are, if they miss one small step while grounding or bonding house or a commercial building. It could cause the entire system to be at risk.

Which not only can cause overloaded circuits. That can cause problems to the equipment that is plugged in to them. But it can pose a safety problem to the people inside the building at the time.

Therefore, while people should not needs to worry about what grounding and bonding exactly is. They do need to know how important it is to hire the right electrician to do the work.

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