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Hi everyone and welcome to today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician where we bring customer service back to the trades and today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician. We’re going to be talking about some background info on us and our team here at Hauer Power Electrical. As always here at Hauer Power, we are happy to answer our customers questions.
If you have an electrical concern or electrical topic we want to hear about it as their professional Edmonton electrician. Our mission is to provide you with power through customer service. So I’ll start you off with a quote here.
If you’re working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today. A satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement and that’s something we firmly believe in. So, our story comes with our problem, mission, vision and values.
So when you have so many electricians in the trade and a market that’s saturated with electricians there, their customer service isn’t always going to be there. And we seen that as an issue. People would get rinsed when it came to contracting fees and they would get robbed and they just wouldn’t be happy with your experience with their contractors.
So that was a problem and we thought, Hey, that’s something we can improve on here. Let’s step up to the plate and give the people what they deserve. So we want to bring customer service number one to you. That’s our mission. Where did we grow up here and our team, we’re all scattered about personally. I grew up in North Edmonton. Where did I go to school? I went to school at Lorelei elementary.
Some of you might’ve heard of it. It’s just in the North end.
They’re not a bad school. After that went to Marie Butterworth school, that was our junior high. That was a good school and followed that up with Emily Missouri. Uh, I mean, lizard high school has the Voyagers and there were, I got started in the trade through the rap program, UROP program as a registered apprenticeship program, which helps people get into the trades at a younger age.
Get that experience. And it helps with the employers too because when I was in that program, the public school board would actually pay for a portion of the WCB for the employer and pay for a portion of the worker’s compensation for the employer. So that way it was an incentive to hire some starter kid from high school and uh, it would show the initiative on their end too that they would find an employer and get going in a trade.
That was a great program and I would highly recommend it to anyone in high school looking for a career choice.
My first job, not my first career, my first job was renovating homes with my family. I started that, uh, jeez, I think I was 12 years old and we started working on houses when I started to be able to use the tools and learn how to use the power tools. And what a great experience it was from tile to hardwood to laminate flooring. That was just flooring, drywall, mudding, sanding, taping, painting, exterior, any sort of renovating at all. That’s what we did.
Plumbing, electrical work. Pretty quick what I liked and I liked the electrical. And ever since then I got indentured once I figured out one, I would around age 16. And I’ve been in this trade ever since, so that’s 12 years now as today’s date.
And I wouldn’t trade it for any other career. It’s a great, great opportunity. Uh, highly recommend it to anyone if you like electricity, if you like science, if you like learning. You’re constantly going to be dealing with all three of those in this trade.
So what am I so fascinated about? Electricity. It’s fun. It’s a good trade to have and it’s always interested me. It’s such a common thing in today’s world, but if not respected or worked with correctly, it can create disastrous outcomes. You can get chaos pretty quick if you have poor electrical installed. I’m just happy to have been able to learn so much about the field and to help out our customers by safely implementing it. A safe electrical system is a good electrical system and anything else is not something we want to deal with.
When I decided to start my own company here at Hauer Power Electrical, your Edmonton electrician, again, I seen a lack of customer service in the trades and not enough people were willing to go the extra mile to help out the great people of Edmonton. I seen this niche and thought, and we can do better than that. So I posted interviews and got together a team. A great team of really friendly electricians and they’re not about to take shortcuts, quality workers. I’d go to the end of the earth for them and our team is willing to go to the end of the earth for you.
Our mission is customer service and whenever we leave a customer’s home, we ask them, Hey, were you satisfied with your service today? And we’re always blown away by the response. That’s the best part. That’s the best part is seeing the reaction and seeing the positive attitude that we received.
The most difficult part of the business is just getting out to more customers. Well, most people haven’t heard of us cause we were startup. We’re not as a well known as maybe some other services like professional electric or uh, maybe Canam electric or Ledcor some of the bigger companies. But just because we’re not so big, it plays in our favor because we know we have to make a name for ourselves.
So we push ourselves that much harder to get you the best customer service possible. Many services claim to help out, um, with with uh, getting you the customer service but they don’t always foot the bill when it comes to it. They just want more money. And what we’re after is more customer service. That’s our goal. Getting out to you, getting out to you, the customer is always a challenge. Some people will find us and some people will find other people.
At the end of the day, if you find a contractor that you’re happy with, then that’s, that’s great. We’re just happy to be another one. But if you haven’t, maybe look us up. I’m sure we can help you out and give you what you need and make that experience that much more enjoyable. The most rewarding part of this business is just, as we said before, after every install tried to ask our customer whether it’s a commercial, electrical job or a residential, electrical job, we’ll ask them, Hey, where are you satisfied today?
And their reaction is always the most rewarding part of the day. They’re always blown away by the customer service that we brought to them. And that makes all of us very happy. Currently, we’re sitting at nothing but five star reviews and I can’t see that changing for any rational reason. I in five years. That’s part of our goal.
In five years, we hope to have reached thousands more Edmontonians in the commercial and residential industries and to have brought smiles and great quality electrical services to that many more clients. If we could reach the entire city and improve it that way, then that would be perfect too. But in five years, that’s our goal.
So as always here at Hauer Power Electrical, if you have any electrical concerns, any questions you can reach out to us 780-935-0622. That’s I, N F O at H, a, U E R P O, w E R. dot. CA. As always, we are your Edmonton electrician bringing quality professional service and our mission is customer service to provide you with power. Have a great day guys.

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