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Hi everyone and welcome to today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician where we bring customer service back to the trades. In today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician, we’re going to be. You’d be talking about company history as always here at Hauer Power Electrical. We are happy to answer our customers questions.
If you have an electrical concern or electrical topic, we want to hear about it as your professional Edmonton electrician. Our mission is to provide you with power through customer service. So I’m going to hit you up with a quote, a stat little story, and then we’re going to get into some more frequently asked questions about a company history that we get asked on a daily here at Hauer Power Electrical. So the see what is right and not do it is a lack of courage. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we had Hauer Power.
I started as our mission to bring customer service back to the trades. A stat here at the first power plant owned by Thomas Edison, opened in New York city in 1882 the first power plant owned by Thomas Edison opened in New York city in 1882 now, many of you the audio. Okay, that sounds, sounds about right. Maybe you, and you may be known the fact is our class have come so far since then and so has electricity and its principles, but customer service in the trades, in the electrical field, it’s lacking and it needs a change.
So that’s what we aim to do. Our business is located right here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. And we bring customer service. That is our mission. That is our goal. That is what we want to do for you. Anyone can do electrical well, but we, we bring customer service. So how we got started in this industry was, uh, how I got started in the same district was I actually seen someone get an electric shock when they were working on the lights in our childhood home.
I see it as sparks flying and I thought, wow, uh, there might be some room for improvement there. I feel like maybe that shouldn’t be happening. And since then I’ve learned a lot more and sometimes maybe that happens, but, typically it can be avoided and that’s what we aim to do. What was the deciding factor? I get asked this a lot. What was the deciding factor that you had to start your company?
Well, uh, I always seem to get asked this one, so I was tell them truthfully, I say seeing everyone always passing the buck whenever an issue arose, saying, Oh, it’s not my problem. Rather than trying to come up with a solution for the customer, they would just walk away rather than try, try to solve the issues as they arose. They’d see something and say, well, washing my hands of that, not my problem, I’ll leave that one for the next guy.
And that always comes back to the customer. And that’s one more stress for the customer. And that’s not okay. 30 busy enough people, they don’t need one more thing. And that’s why our mission is customer service in the electrical contracting field here in Edmonton. Our has been operating in two years. We started in January of 2018 and we have a collective over 50 years in the electrical trade industry throughout all of our staff.
So through residential, commercial, a little bit of industrial, our experience brings to the table. Lots of troubleshooting skills, lots of installation skills, construction, renovation, whatever your electrical project may be. We’re happy to help and we’re happy to bring you the customer service that you deserve for your job. Our biggest problem, um, often we get asked what’s the biggest problem that you saw for people? Older facilities here in Edmonton, it’s getting to be an older city.
They often need costly upgrades. We try to accommodate this by finding other solutions, comparing costs rather than just doing the easiest way that might be the most expensive. Now everything comes down to money and some things it’s just expensive to do. The material is pricey. Our time is pricey. And no matter what kind of seniors discount or military discount or emergency personnel discount, we can give you items still cost what they cost.
So we try to bounce around this. If you’re doing a service upgrade in your home, that cost is going to be astounding. It’s going to be surprising to you and the government doesn’t have any plans in place to subsidize the cost of a service upgrade. Now, while we know that it’s a fire hazard, those old federal panels and while you might know as a hazard, the government has not acknowledged it and they have not done anything to subsidize the cost of swapping out your, your home panel, your house panel.
So what we do is we can give you two estimates for free, one estimate for a service upgrade here in Edmonton, Alberta. The other estimate could be for just upgrading your breakers and sometimes that’s all you need. If you have those old black federal breakers, they’re a fire hazard. Federal is known for tripping the old federal style breakers. The old federals that have since no longer been made, the new Federalist can be changed out and it’s going to be a lot cheaper.
It’s still going to be expensive cause breakers are not cheap. Electrical breakers are very expensive. However, it’s going to be cheaper than upgrading your entire service. It may be a bandaid fix to just change out the breakers. Seeing that you still have the existing buses in your existing panel, it would be the best, safest way to just upgrade your whole service, your whole panel, get new stuff after 35 years.
Plus these homes are not built to last for electrical. Everything’s going to fail and the same way a two by four is going to dry out and become weak the same way a copper wire will or aluminum wire will. We’ll have more videos about aluminum wiring and the cons of aluminum wiring in the future.
Our frequently asked questions. How many people have we helped at this point today we have 105 happy customers. We hope to expand and help thousands more by solving our client’s issues every day and bringing the level of customer service that we aim to bring. Now some of those clients we have daily work with some of those clients they come and go but they’re all repeat customers because they’re all happy and that’s a big part of what we do is bring customer service and bring repeat customers.
Now on our team currently today we have for today, last a few months back, we had six. Before that we were smaller and before that we were smaller but our team is constantly growing uh, in quality and in size. And as soon as we can help more customers, then we can get more quality electricians out to help you. If, if you have any specialized training and you’re looking to work for our power center resume to info@hauerpower.ca.
We’re always happy to keep your info on file and if you have some polarizing traits that you can be a good fit with us because not everyone can work for us then we’d love to. We’d love to get in touch with you and see what you can do. People ask that. Is there any specialized training required for our team members to be considered to work for our business?
And yes, we have somewhat strict conditions polarizing traits for employment. You must be felony free. That means if you have a criminal record, we are not going to send you out to a customer’s home. If you have a criminal record, we’re not going to send you out to a commercial maintenance facility. We don’t know if we can trust you. If the law doesn’t trust you and you can’t respect the law, then how do we know that you’re going to respect our customers?
And respect is huge here at Hauer Power Electrical, you must also be on time everyday and in good enough physical shape to stand and labor 12 hour work day. If you can’t be on time, then you’re going to be late and you know this, you won’t be a good fit here. You won’t last. Save our time. Save your time, save yourself the trouble and work somewhere else.
Our customers require that we be on time for them and to bring a level of customer service that we aim to bring. You must not be tardy. You must be on time and if you cannot deal with a long day of service calls and keep up with the workload, then that’s fine. You’ve got to let us know, but you might not be a good fit here. Some of our days are 12 hours, some days shorter, but whatever we have to do, we have to make sure the customer has their power back on at the end of the day and if you can’t step up to the plate and help out our customer, then you won’t be a good fit here at Hauer Power.
In addition to those, you must be a competent electrician or a competent starter, either if you’re in the apprenticeship program or a certified journeyman electrician or a master electrician or even a starter Edmonton electrician, you must be competent and pass some basic functional tests.
So at Hauer Power, we have our plans for growth. And if you can’t pass those basic tests, then maybe you won’t be a good fit. You might want to work somewhere else. But if you are a good fit, feel free to send a resume to info@hauerpower.ca and you might be a good fit for you and we might be able to fit you on our team. And in the next five years, we plan to increase our team size and customer base to help reach more customers with their electrical needs and help bring more customer service to the electrical training.
That’s our mission. That’s our goal. That’s what we aim to do. And as always, we’d like to recap, um, the most rewarding part of what we do, uh, here at Hauer Power is when I walk away from a customer and I hear how you hear the reaction after ask them one question.
I say, how was your customer service today? And they always blow me away with their reactions. It’s always something new. It’s never cliche, it’s always heartfelt. And that genuinely brings a smile to everyone’s face. It instills the fact that they’re still good people all around an attendant area, whether it’s the customers or employees.
Every time we hear that and we hear that reaction, that that really, uh, just instills that level of gratitude that everyone has. And it, it helps say, Hey, there’s, there’s still good people out there. So at Howard power electrical, you’re professional Edmonton electrician, your quality electrician, your . We are always here to bring you customer service. We do provide emergency services.
We will be prompting you with an emergency phone number. Should you ever call after hours. Our overtime rates do apply or emergency rates do apply, but we’re there when you need us. And that’s, that’s why we bring that customer service that we do. So call us nine three five zero six two two text us. Same number (780) 935-0622 hour. Email us at info@hauerpower.ca. We’re happy to accommodate any sort of communication chain that you want to do and we’re happy to accommodate your schedule. Give us a call today and see how we can bring you power. Have a great day at an attendant. Stay safe out there.

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