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Hi everyone and welcome to today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician, where we bring customer service back to the trades.
In today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician, we’re going to be talking about our company values. As always here at Howard power electrical, we are happy to answer a customer’s questions, concerns, any topics. If you have an electrical concern or an electrical topic, we want to hear about it.
Give us more info as your professional Edmonton electrician. Our mission is to provide you with power through customer service. Uh, I’m going to hit you guys up with a quote, a stat fact and a story, and then we’re going to get into some frequently asked questions about our company’s values.
So the quote I have for you today, uh, is creativity, is intelligence having fun. That’s uh, from Albert Einstein. And a stat I have for you is in Canada in 2016, our total electricity energy usage was 1785 gigajoules.
That’s 1,785 gigajoules. It’s a boatload. The province, Quebec had the largest share of consumption with 35%, followed by Ontario at 27%. And Alberta we were third ever nation’s total electricity, energy usage at only 11%. Uh, it’s astounding because we produce the vast majority.
So while our country is very vast with varying opinions about how things are run, our company here in Edmonton is focused on our values and we think you should know about them. So that kinda ties in with that. And here’s the frequently asked questions that we get asked that are about our values here at Hauer Power Electrical, your Edmonton electrician.
So when people say, Oh, why do you think your a customer should know about your company values? You know, uh, why, why should we know? Should we be careful what your company’s values are? Well, it’s important to know what a company’s values are because you’re letting this contractor into your home or your place of work, your business.
If you don’t know what this company stands for, how do you know what this electrical contractor what their intentions are for you? Cause if, if you’re letting them in and maybe they’re prone to lying or they have a history of felonies or maybe they have a, just a disrespectful background, you don’t want to employ them in your facility. It’s going to destroy your culture and it’s going to reflect on to you guys by bringing in a professional electrical contractor.
It shows a bit about your own company and how you want that company to be reflected. So, uh, employees on the other side of things. So that’s our customers and why they should hire a professional Edmonton electrician. Our employees need to know what our values are so that they can bring them forward to the customer.
When an employee is looking for a new place to work, they need to know that they will be respected and dignified and employees need to know that their are valid and that they are appreciated as people.
And not just a number here at Hauer Power. Honesty is a two way street with everyone on board, from the customer to the employee to the company, all hands on deck. Uh, honesty is a very important value here at Howard Power.
As a professional Edmonton electrician. You know, there’s one non-negotiable value that we have about service. And honestly, it’s honesty. If anything rings true with customer service, it’s the value of honesty. It goes hand in hand with integrity and a line doesn’t make our clients happy and nor should.
It doesn’t make anyone happy. Our customers, our clients, our, uh, employees, our company, honesty is number one. Folks.
One non-negotiable value we have about our timeliness is that tardiness is unacceptable. If you’re early, then you can’t be late. Always show up on time or don’t worry about showing up in the future. If our customers demand our employees beyond time, then we need to accommodate for that and our customers deserve that.
They deserve us to be on time. When we say we’ll be there Monday at 8:00 AM, that’s exactly where we’re going to be Monday at 8:00 AM and that’s not unreasonable. So if you can’t fit into our customer’s schedule, then we can’t fit you into ours.
If our customer needs are our, uh, electricians to be on time, then that’s exactly what we need to do as an electrical contractor, uh, regarding teamwork. That’s another big value of ours. That ties into safety. That ties into so many other values that are super important. As an professional electrical contractor, electricity can be extremely dangerous and so working on it can present a large amount of hazards regardless of our lockout tagout program in place.
There still needs to be a strong sense of teamwork and trust. You can put all the templates and procedures in place, but at the end of the day, if you can’t trust the guy who has your back when you’re working on, I’m currently de-energized but potentially live electrical, then that could be a bigger issue.
Our employees have to mesh well together and work as a team to complete projects safely and on time without trust and teamwork and nothing would get done. And more importantly, nothing would get done safely. One thing our staff will tell you that they’re doing a, it sounds cheesy, but every time a crew is working together, we’ll ask them a few first few times.
You know, how they’re doing together, if they’re getting along, if they’re meshing well together. It’s important to trust your partner when you’re working in our electrical field. That ties into safety and safety is huge in our field. It’s huge in any industrial fields, commercial field, even residential field.
But when you’re working with electricity, safety is that much more important. So as a quality electrical contractor, we play that into our values and we utilize that aspect every single day that we step foot site, uh, integrity as, as mentioned before with honesty.
And that is the name of the game. Integrity is everything. That’s your name. It’s checks and balances. It’s accountability. Integrity is working together with the other values. If you don’t have integrity, your other values fall right apart. Uh, then your team will have no culture.
Your team will have no repetition. Your team will have no accountability and your team will not get the work done with our electrical contractor company. Integrity means tying in all the values that make our work so great. That means bringing you the best level of customer service that we can bring you.
That’s where integrity falls into place with us. Coming from there, a positive attitude, that’s a huge, huge trait.
Without a positive attitude. Well, you have a negative attitude and that won’t get you anywhere positive, uh, cliche or not. That’s the truth. We do our best to stay positive no matter what the hours are, no matter what the conditions are, we have to stay positive in the electrical field.
Negativity has no place in the workplace, cause that’s going to bring your teamwork down when it brings your teamwork down. Now that brings safety down along with everything else with it. So we keep a positive atmosphere here at our Edmonton electrician jobsites.
If there’s ever anything we can do to improve that, we’d go for it. Everything we can do reasonably do in our power to, to keep a positive atmosphere in the workplace is an necessity and it has to happen. That’s how we deliver value to the customer. Value goes hand in hand with customer service.
If an electrical quality electrical contractor is bringing you services that don’t have solid value, uh, then they’re going to burn your house down. That’s the whole point of quality electrical services as a quality electrical contractor. If our service doesn’t have a solid value for our customer, then that poses a hazard.
We’re not there. Twiddle your thumbs, twiddle our thumbs. We’re there to control the flow of electricity through your property. And to do that, we need to have valuable expertise in our field, which we do have and we’re, we’re proud to have it, dude. We have all the certifications from core to WCB to insurances to training from journeyman to master and red seal, etc.
At for this, we need to constantly invest in the development of our staff and our team. Any opportunities for training through the apprenticeship program or code update courses are mandatory for workers improvement. Without constant training, we can’t stay on top of the constantly changing issues.
Any electrical field, the Canadian electrical code book changes every three years and you need to stay on top of it. Changes are very important in the community and electric code as maybe things were working for a hundred years before, but 5% failed.
They take that 5%, they analyze it, they crunch it, and they say, this is what we’ve got to change to accommodate for the future. It’s a constantly changing system with new features out every year, just like solar panels on your home, constantly changing or solar charger stating stations at the mall. If you have a photo voltaic car, a solar car, whatever you want to call it, if you have an electric car, you need a charging station in your garage.
Say these things are constantly changing as well as arc fault codes, ground fault codes, kitchen codes, uh, even commercial codes. All of Canadian electric codes are constantly changing. And for that, we need to constantly train our team and stay on top of these issues, uh, in that ties into all the care that we put towards our business, our team and our customers. This business is our livelihood.
Our team is a solid group of trusted good individuals and our customers, that’s where we live and we spend a majority of our time with our team and our customers because they’re just that important to us. Customer services, our mission, it’s our livelihood, it’s our integrity and that ties in with all of the best values that we can possibly put forth.
Honesty, uh, teamwork, safety, all of these values are super important to us and they should be super important to you and when you hire a quality Edmonton electrician to do some professional work in your facility or your home, you need to know that that contractor is right on top of their values and that’s where we stand here at Hauer Power Electrical. As always, guys contact us if you have more questions, concerns or you want to hear more about a certain topic.
Our phone number is (780) 935-0622. You can email us at info@hauerpower.ca and you can check out our website if you haven’t already at hauerpower.ca we give free estimates and we are always happy to sign on new clients. Call us today and see what we can do for you cause that Hauer Power, we’re all about providing power through customer service. Have a great day guys and stay safe out there.

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