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Hi everyone and welcome to today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician where we bring customer service back to the trades. In today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician, we’re going to be talking about the problem that we solve. As always here at Hauer Power electrical, we are happy to answer our customers questions.

If you have a electrical concern or an electrical topic, we want to hear about it as your professional Edmonton electrician. Our mission is to provide you with power through customer service. I’m going to hit you guys up with a quote, a stat, a fact and a story and a then I’m going to get in some more frequently asked questions about the problem that we solve here at Hauer Power electrical.

So our quote, people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do. Our staff here that I’m going to share with you today is that Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb, but he did invent one that stayed lit for more than a few seconds.

That means he didn’t invent just like us and we didn’t invent customer service. But our goal is to bring you the best customer service that we can bring you. We want to improve on what is already there and uh, bring it to be the best light bulbs have come a long way and customer service still has a long way to go.

Our story here is just like, just like that, I mean electricity since the 18 hundreds. How it started out. A light bulb with lasts for one second, then a few more seconds. And today we’ve gotten away from the traditional incandescent light bulb and we’ve gone to led some LEDs, even just mimic the incandescent, the Edison style of led light bulb. So, we’ve also come a long way and customer service has still a long way to go, but that’s why we’re here today.

So our primary services, for the problem that we solve is commercial maintenance, renovation and residential service calls. We do residential construction, we do residential maintenance, we do residential renovations, everything in between.

But our favorite thing to work with cause we’re so good at it is commercial maintenance. Why there is a need for what our company does is pretty simple. I mean, electricity surrounds us everywhere we go. You go to the bathroom, there’s electricity in there. To have a solid electrician on your team. Is it great contact to have and what you need is the reliable electrician.

That’s another thing that we really pride ourselves on is how reliable we are. You say 8:00 AM we’re there at 8:00 AM we don’t, we don’t, uh, come late and we always come on time and uh, we go, we always come with a smile on her face resident ready to solve your electrical problem.

This specific niche that we serve, is commercial maintenance. That’s where we shine the brightest with our extensive background of commercial maintenance, electrical troubleshooting skills and familiarities with commercial methods, electricity. He doesn’t change from residential to commercial to industrial to institutional.

Maybe the voltage is do the same principles of electricity. The main bill. It’s all about the wiring methods. What type of cable that you use, whether you are using Lumex in a home or BX AC 90 in a commercial facility or you’re using tech cable in an industrial facility.

Those are all the same kind of copper conductors or aluminum units on cases. But the electricity doesn’t change. It’s just the wiring methods and that’s where we shine is commercial wearing methods, different solutions, different problems. We’ve got an idea for everything. So get out us if you have a problem you want.

So, biggest problem that we solve for people is obviously the need for power and it may sound cheesy, but customers always need us when they need power, whether it’s the building going down, switch gear, failing, addition of circuits, running new circuits, running new conduits, um, new cables to new areas of the building.

When something fails, we need to fix it. And if it has wires, it needs us. It’s cheesy, but it’s true. And that’s what we aim to do. The factor that drove us to provide this solution for this problem was after working for numerous, faceless companies that cared solely about profit and not their customers or employees, we realized that things could be done differently here in Edmonton.

And we seen that niche. We’ve seen that, that problem. So we thought, okay, there’s something we can do about this here. Let’s bring customer service back and let’s give the people what they deserve.

So we find most of our customers through various lead sources, uh, we implement through a large majority of our customers is, how we find these lead sources. But nothing beats a word of mouth reference from our current clients, our current customers, the best compliment we can get is a reference.

We already get the rewarding feeling of, of hearing what you have to say. When we asked if you felt customer service today and they’ll say, Hey, how is your customer service? Do you feel like you were satisfied today? We always get that rewarding feeling. That’s a great feeling. But nothing beats a word of mouth reference when, when we’re in your network.

That means the most to us and that’s where we want to be. Do we tend to have a lot of repeat business? That’s a good question. Yes. Uh, all of our business seems to be repeat the vast majority when we crunched it last, our repeat customers account for 95% of our current to date sales.

So about 5% of our current standing year to date sales is from new customers, which is pretty small. That’s just goes to show how great our customers like us and how often they want to keep using us because they appreciate our customer service and they appreciate what we do for them and we appreciate them as a customer, as a client in a, in a such a competitive industry.

We’re happy to be able to share those stats. The electrical contracting industry in Edmonton is extremely competitive with the large number of under-qualified electricians not trained in residential or commercial, electrical. They’re doing jobs for cheap. They’re not following the proper wiring methods or the proper code.

They’re not doing things up to code and they’re not getting it inspected because they do not have the master’s credentials to pull these permits. So we’re seeing, we’re seeing quality work less and less and more and more electrical issues, which yeah, it’s, it’s good for business, but that’s not what we want to see.

We want to see good quality electrical in people’s homes and in commercial facilities. These under-qualified electricians and untrained electricians are causing an upset to the electrical industry. Not only are they driving prices down, which hurts us on our history and allows us to have less safety programs, have less training programs, have less skill set to share.

But it also gives the customers who are providing, um, PR, who are encouraging these people to give these customers poor electrical. They will not have their permits in place. So when they go to sell their home, they will be faced with a difficult situation. They also will not have insurance.

So if something does go wrong and chaos does strike, they don’t have the insurance, they can’t come after. Um, they can come after that electrician but he won’t be able to afford to buy them a new home or, or get them in a new facility cause he won’t have insurance.

Here at Hauer Power, we do have insurance, we do have WCB and we are COR certified company. We have our certificate of recognition and we work hard for all those things and we work hard to keep all of those things in good standing. Why are we motivated to be the best in our industry? Electrical work has always interested.

All of us personally, after 12 years of being in the trade, I still enjoy doing the work and knowing that I did a good job and that I helped out another customer, it’s always a rewarding feeling to leave someone’s home or business and I look up and see those lights and it. Yep, I did those. That’s a great feeling to have. You see six spotlights in a customer’s living room and it used to be the darkest room in their house and now it’s the brightest.

I love, love that feeling of putting in smoke detectors in someone’s home, knowing that they didn’t have them before and their house could have burnt down, but now they have a safety protocol in place and their home is that much safer because of that. So when we get in front of you, we’re not trying to take advantage of you.

We’re giving you electrical services that you do in fact need and that’s satisfying to us. And at the end of the day it’s satisfying to you. And that’s the most important part. Um, what we do to reach our goal of being the best in the industry is we put in long hours, we implement every fresh approach possible. Um, that’s where we start to help that everyone that we can, our team goes over and above to find new ways of helping the customer and bringing in the best quality work that they can find.

Quality electrical contracting isn’t just a mission, it’s our life. That’s, that’s what we aim to do. That’s our goal. That’s our vision. That’s where all our values tie in and putting together the right team is what we’ve done. And it’s just not matched.

You won’t find this level of customer service. We go above and beyond our reviews. Show it our customers, show it, our repeat customers show it and ask around. We’re always happy to help out another Edmonton customer. So for all of your electrical services in Edmonton and area, give us a call at hauerpower.ca. Check out our website, check us out online. Review us on Facebook. Give us a Google review.

Are always happy to hear your feedback. That’s very important to us. Give us a call for free estimates. (780) 935-0622 we’re looking at the description below. Also, you can email us at info@hauerpower.ca that’s I N F O at H, A, U E R P O w E R. dot. CA. Also in the description below, as always as your Edmonton electrician where you are happy to bring you power. We provide emergency services all hours of the day. Give us a call, see what we can do for you. Uh, have a great day and stay safe out there. Guys.

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