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Welcome to today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician where we bring customer service back to the trades. In today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician, we’re going to be talking about our company’s vision and mission. As always here at Hauer Power Electrical. We are happy to answer our customers questions. If you have an electrical concern or an electrical topic, we want to hear about it as your professional Edmonton electrician.

Our mission is to provide you with power through customer service. I’m going to hit you guys up with a quote, a stat, a fact and a story. And then we’re going to get into some a frequently asked questions that we are asked about regarding our company mission statement, our visionary values, um, what we aim to do. So here’s a quote I’ll hit you with your a clear vision backed by definite plans gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power. Pretty generic quote, but, it winds with what we’re going to talk about today.

So Canada ranks fifth on the world scale for power generation at 3% of the world’s power generation. So a sixth in the whole world, at 3% of the world’s power generation, China towers at the top with 25% of the world’s power generation as a 2016. These are all from stats Canada, Canada in sixth place, and Canada, China,

25% of the world’s power generation 2016.

So while government will always change hands, statistics will fluctuate for power consumption and generation. We had Hauer Power will always strive to bring our clients the best quality electrical customer service possible, regardless of if we’re ranking sixth, if we’re ranking fifth, fourth, third. We rank ourselves at number one in customer service.

Some people ask, Oh, what’s the main problem that you solve for your customers?

Stressful electrical problems and issues with their electrical systems. That’s our number one problem that we saw. So when a customer has a, an electrical problem or an electrical issue with their system, whether it’s a residential system, whether it’s a commercial system, whatever it is for their electrical problem. We provide troubleshooting services, flat rate services, transparent building, electrical services, whatever you need. That’s what we do regarding electrical. We don’t do anything else other than electrical.

Approximately how many customers do we serve per month?

That’s another question we get asked. And that completely depends on which customers we’re working with. Some customers have some large scale projects, renovations, construction those people, sometimes they’ll take up a month, maybe even two. So maybe that’s one customer two months. However, typically it’s 10 to 30 customers depending on that size of project and the client.

Their needs for electrical services. But we serve about 10 to 30 customers per month on average, regarding the size of project and the size of their needs.

How many customers would we want to help in the next five years? That is such a common question we get asked. It’s the same answer every time. We always want to help a thousand customers in the next five years.

They need our professional electrical services. They need customer service when it comes to electrical contracting here in Edmonton. And that’s what we aim to provide. So in a thousand, more customers, we hope that that stretches five years. And, and that’s our goal.

To reach that, to reach a thousand more customers in five years to bring electrical services to this market. We rinse and repeat. We, market and we refer, we approach, we work hard. We put in those times every single day. It doesn’t matter if it’s 12 hours on a site. It doesn’t matter if we really push the limits and how much we’re working.

Changing out night shift, whatever we got to do to get to the power when we need to get you the power. That’s what we want to do. It’s all about customer service and quality electrical here at Howard power.

And that’s our mission. That’s our vision and the values that we’re going to bring with that honesty, integrity. Look us up on hauerpower.ca. We’ve got a long list of what, what we stand for and what you can get behind. I’m sure you can get behind it if you have integrity yourself.

So strategic advantage when we’re talking about how we should strategically advance and VAD pages. Um, however you want to word it. Uh, over our competitors, we ever dedication and our drive, it’s unmatched. Day in, day out we’re doing whatever we can to do to provide the best level of customer service and quality electrical to get people who’ve had intent. Our customers, I’ve shopped and they’ve tried different contractors and we frequently receive the same feedback that we at Howard power electrical went over and above for quality work and customer service.

We do whatever it takes. If we’ve got a fish, the wires, if we need to do drywall work, that’s the last thing we want to do is tear apart new drywall. We do have a patch guy that we like to refer because same thing, all the customers are happy with him. That’s the kind of work that we want to do for you is we want to show you what has to happen in order to get you to your solution.

If you need a receptacle on a mantle piece. We just did one of those the other day. Everyone told them that, uh, it couldn’t be done or that it would cost this much money and it was exuberant. And so we, we came in, we had a look and we said, okay, this is what has to, this is what has to happen in order to do this right.

Here’s about how long it’s going to take, here’s the materials that it’s going to take. And we went from there. Customers happy with our service, left us a Google review. Thank you so much. And we went on with our business and we’re happy to have them as a repeat customer, uh, where their new guy and we’re always happy to hear stuff like that.

So having the repeat customers, there’s a service that we offer. It’s free of charge. It’s included in all the work we do. Any supplied material receives a minimum one year warranty to all of our clients in all contractors, supplied goods, labor services. We offer a minimum one year warranty on all of our projects that covers commercial projects, that covers residential projects, anything electrical here in Edmonton and area. We offer a one year warranty on that. Now. It’s not going to cover theft.

It’s not going to cover deliberate misuse. It’s not going to cover if, maybe your dog chews it apart. We can’t cover stuff like that. But the minimum one year warranty says that our material and our labor is quality and sound. We often get asked, how is our warranty communicated to our team and to the customer.

Now our warranty is communicated to our team, the, uh, training sales training and our associated documents that we have internally to our customer. Our warranty is communicated verbally as well as written and documented across invoices, estimates on our webpage, et cetera. We always give our one year warranty for all supplies and all labor and we try to follow up with our customers before the one year warranty is up to help save our customers money.

This is one more thing that we do to further enforce and show that we give the best customer service that they can receive.

Other customers, other, contractors, sorry, other electrical contractors. We’re not too sure what their warranty does. Some, uh, six months, maybe some five years. But we feel like a one year warranty is a more than sufficient. And if you feel like maybe you need more than that and give us a call, uh, other companies that we, strive for that we strive to be like, there’s a couple of ones that really stand out to us.

There’s a Spurrell accounting, there’s glacier accounting, those are two great put together companies as well as inspired method marketing. Uh, all three of those companies, they really have their stuff down Pat. And that’s something that we strive to be, we strive to succeed to their level and hopefully one day surpass it. And these companies, they always meet our needs and they further extend our services past what is expected of them.

And that’s exactly what we aim to do to stand out in our field is go over and above and beyond for the services that are required. What is, what is about them really that we really enjoy, but is that a, they always lead by putting their customers first.

It’s such a selfless way that it shows integrity and we stand behind that 110%. So what our customers should know about us, uh, is that we would do anything reasonably in our power to keep our customers satisfied. That extend through to all the staff here at Howard power electrical.

As your Edmonton electrician, we are always happy to bring you the best customer service that you can possibly attain. So as always here at Hauer Power, if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or anything that you’d like to see in future videos or future future topics, uh, give us a shout. (780) 935-0622 right here in Edmonton, Alberta as your Edmonton electrician. We are here to provide you with power through customer service. You can also get ahold of us through email at info@hauerpower.ca. Be sure to check out our website, Howard power.ca if you haven’t yet, and stay safe out there. Have fun guys.

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