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Hi everyone and welcome to today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician where we bring customer service back to the trades. In today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician, we’re going to be talking about what our company does and always here at Hauer power electrical.

We are happy to answer our customers questions. If you have an electrical concern or electrical topic, we want to hear about it as a professional Edmonton electrician. Our mission is to provide you with power through customer service.

I’ll start you off with a quote, a stat and a little story and then I’ll get into some of the frequently asked questions about our business. So, uh, if you don’t appreciate your customers, someone else will and we believe in that. That’s why our mission is customer service for all electrical services. And 67% of Canada’s electricity comes from the renewable sources and 82% from non GHG emitting sources.

This comes from stats Canada’s website. So 67% of Canada’s electricity comes from renewable sources and 82% from non greenhouse gas emitting sources. That’s pretty good. That means we’re coming from a while. We’re making a change over is 67% from, from renewable, which is, which is a good step.

It’s a step in the right direction, some fuel, uh, some sources of fuel have their place. Others not so much, we appreciate all types of fuel and efficiency and this day of age and we’re happy to bring that to you with some customer service. So some of the frequently asked questions about us.

How long have you been in business? Our company and its employees have over 50 years of electrical trade background in the industry, which is pretty impressive cause it’s actually good background. We’re not just pulling cable and, and pulling wire and not the boring stuff.

We’ve done a lot of troubleshooting, a lot of technical stuff. Now while our business has only had its doors open for two years at this point, we’re excited for that because that shows how much we have to try harder than the big guys in order to bring you at the level of customer service that this great city requires and deserves.

How big is our team right now? As work fluctuates with the economy and with the trades and with the time of year, we focus on our team right now. Uh, we’ve had at most six at a time. However, when we had to gear down, we are currently at four. Um, and to get the job done right and on time and an efficient way currently for is the right number for you.

For us to serve you, we should say. We’re based out of Edmonton, Alberta, uh, and we service Edmonton and area for all electrical services.

Where we operate is Sherwood park, electrical, Saint Albert electrical. We do electrical services out in Beaumont. If we need to go to Stony plain to give you customer service, we’re willing to do that. The spruce Grove, even Fort Sask, we have clients out there in miscue. We do some electrical work and LaDuc we do some electrical work all over Edmonton and area. We’re happy to bring customer service to all of our happy clients.

Now what does our company do best? We get asked this one a lot and it just goes right from our mission customer service. Uh, we have nothing but five star reviews. We have nothing but happy customers. We have yet not to say it won’t happen, fingers crossed, but we have yet to make a customer unhappy. Now it can be hard to find a good electrician in Edmonton, but it’s even harder to find one that brings the level of customer service to the table.

We cover both of those bases. As an electrical contractor, electrical is an issue. Um, regarding safety. If you don’t wire your home or your business safely, if it’s wired to fail, then it’s going to fail. Our people, our quality, uh, we do the best work we can do. Um, there’s no doubt about it. We, we don’t burn things down.

We don’t wire things up to fail in a certain time. We have a warranty and we abide by that warranty and we have a code and we even surpass that code. We give you the best quality electrical that we can give you with the best level of customer service that is available. So one, one of the other things we do, um, that we’re really proud of is we work safely and that’s a huge deal in our industry, especially when you’re working with live electrical working safely can bring its benefits.

It does take extra time cause we have to fill out documented paperwork. As a Cor certified company we are compliant with all WCB, all core documents and we’re in good standing with our insurance companies so that we can confidently solve whatever electrical issue you may be facing while being covered should the event anything goes wrong.

If you have a handyman working on your system, you won’t be insured. And if he burns your home down, your, your tough luck cause you used a contractor that was not registered, was not insured. As a quality contractor, we are aware that you need to have WCV working in your home. If you have someone working in your home and they fall off of a ladder and hurt themselves, now you’re on the hook. Unless they have their own WCB. If they don’t have WCB and you’re on the hook for their liability, you can be facing a world of troubles.

We take that right out of the equation, have our own WCV and our own insurance and we follow a strict safety protocols as a Corp certified company, special equipment technology experience. Those are all things that are required by an electrical contractor. Many tools that we have in our house for residential, commercial, electrical companies, um, a lot of the other smaller guys don’t have it. A lot of the bigger guys have it.

However, they won’t bring the level of customer service that we’re going to bring you. A lot of the smaller guys, they might frequently rent these tools, which becomes more cost lead to you, the owner, the customer, the property manager, whoever you may be. When you rent a tool, you’re going to Mark it up. And with our tools already owned and in house, there’s no markup on a tool rental fee it’s already paid for.

So let’s ask, give bigger discounts to our customers, like a senior’s discount, like a military discount, like a police service, emergency service discount. We appreciate everyone in this great city of ours and we appreciate giving them the discounts that we can get them and to do this, we own all of our tools in house.

Some of the bigger guys won’t bring that customer service and some of the smaller guys won’t bring those level of competent tools, but we’re happy to bring the best of both worlds to you here at Howard power electrical. Um, this way we can give you competitive pricing and the same level of customer service that you should expect from an electrical contractor. Now our ideal client is facilities maintenance staff. They love Boston, we love them and it’s a great working relationship we have with all of our facilities, maintenance staff.

We’re always happy to sign on any new client and get them the quality electrical services that they need. However, facilities, maintenance staff always keep coming back to our commercial electrical maintenance services because they love the level of customer service that we bring them. We give them a stress free environment. We fill out all the safety forms to take one less thing off their list of things to do cause they’re busy people.

As a residential contractor, we’re always happy to sign on with more residential clients and get them the power that they need when they need it. And we’re always happy to accommodate whatever schedule it is that they may be facing. Um, something that we try to do better every single day is we try to improve our schedule to accommodate new people. If we can batch certain items or get certain people to just finish up those loose end jobs and we can be ready for the next customer to finish up their work.

So we try to implement new procedures and modified task steps in order to improve everyone’s experience from the wallets of our customers to the services that provide, um, to the employees doing the work itself. We’re happy to try and implement these procedures to make life easier for everyone, especially our customers.

Why are we so passionate about what we do? Uh, electricity is fascinating and surrounds everything that we do and in having a good, thorough understanding of electricity. And it’s many wonders. It’s many theoretical principles. It helps us to come up with options for your electrical problems without creating more problems. We have master electricians, journeyman, electricians, apprentice, electricians, and we’re all here to give you the best possible customer service while bringing the quality electrical the trade provides that the trade requires.

Our biggest goal for our business is reach as many customers as possible to bring customer service to as many customers as possible.

That’s a reflected in our mission, our vision, and our values and that’s something that we strongly, strongly feel. If we can reach out to a thousand more customers in the next five years than we’ve met our mission, we’ve met our vision and for that, that’s what we want to reach out to you today. That’s why we film these videos.

That’s why we go to the ends of the earth for our customers. To bring them the best possible service that we possibly can. As always here at Howard power electrical, we’re happy to bring you customer service, provide power through customer service. If you ever have any questions, feel free to call us. At (780) 935-0622 email us info@hauerpower.ca or shoot us a text. We’re, we’re happy to accept texts to any, any level of communication is great with us and we’re always happy to accommodate your needs as always. Have a great day Edmonton and stay safe out there.

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