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Even though the decision on what smoke detector system to purchase does not come up very often says Edmonton electrician. It is a very important decision when it needs to be made. Typically, the times in someone’s life that they start thinking will smoke detectors, is if they move or buy a house, if a loved one experiences house fire, or once every ten years, when Canadian electrical code recommends people change their devices. Because it is such a seldom thought about decision, people should be getting as informed as possible in order to make this very important decision. This is going to be a system that protects their house, their belongings, and most importantly their loved ones.

When it comes to what type of smoke detector the purchase, how they are powered is actually very important says Edmonton electrician. The most inexpensive units on the market are simply battery-operated alone. While this can ensure that everybody who needs a smoke detector can afford one, this also leaves people vulnerable, because there is virtually no backup system with this type of unit. Even with regular, monthly testing these devices can have the battery die in between tests, leaving the home vulnerable in case of a house fire.

A much better option are the smoke detectors that are hardwired directly into the wiring of a home. Not only are they hardwired in, but they also come with the battery backup system, so that in case the power gets cut, the smoke detector is still protecting the home. A version of the hardwired smoke detector is one that also wires all of the smoke detectors together. What this does, is allows the smoke detectors to communicate with each other, allowing all of the smoke detectors to sound if one of them detects smoke in the house. Also, it can help people ensure that all of their smoke detectors are working, because pushing the button on one, will check the battery power in all of them at the same time.

There is even a smoke detector that is on the market that not only is hardwired in, as well as wired to each other, but it also connects to the household Wi-Fi, allowing people to get alerts directly to their phones and mobile devices says Edmonton electrician. These style of smoke detectors can have the smoke detectors being silenced straight from their mobile device, and will get alerts as to what the carbon monoxide reading and the house is. People who are away for long stretches of time, or who have pets in the house will the artwork often really love this style of smoke detector that can give them a significant amount of control and connectivity to their home.

Regardless of what smoke detector system person purchases, ensuring that they have up-to-date and current working smoking detectors is extremely important to ensure that no matter what system they have, they are ensuring the safety of their loved ones.

Edmonton Electrician | Helping Homeowners Understand Smoke Alarms

Purchasing smoke detectors is a decision that many people are not making on a regular basis says Edmonton electrician. For that reason alone, they should be contacting their electrician whenever they need to make this decision. Whether it is because the purchased a new home, or are simply replacing their old units because they are ten years old. By talking to an expert in the field can help ensure that a homeowner is making the most informed decision possible. When it comes to protecting the people and their home, this is the least that they can do.

When it comes to smoke detectors, people should understand that there are actually several different ways that the smoke detectors actually detects smoke. The two most common methods are the photoelectric and the ionization. How the photoelectric smoke detectors operate is on the principle of light refraction and light reflection inside the smoke detector. When smoke enters the unit, it refracts or reflects the light, signals the alarm. This works, because smoke is opaque, and therefore it can reflect and refract the light very well. the ionization alarm uses two electrically charged plates inside the smoke detector. These electrically charged plates actually pass a current back-and-forth to each other. Since we have established that smoke is opaque, as it enters the smoke detector, it interrupts the electrical current and triggers the alarm.

People should be aware that while these are two of the most common ways that smoke detectors work, there also not the only ones on the market. In fact, people can even buy combo units that combine two most popular methods together, and reduce the instances of false alarms being triggered. However, there are even more high-tech and complex units than this that can significantly help people.

Edmonton electrician says the nest system of smoke detector is very popular and is the top-of-the-line on the market today. The reason why, is because in addition to the photoelectric and ionization smoke detection systems, it also uses split spectrum light technology as well as blue light filters. What this means, is that this is the alarm system that has the fewest instances of false alarms over any other unit on the market. In addition to that, it also has Wi-Fi compatibility that allows it to connect directly to peoples wireless networks and give them updates and alerts directly to their phone.

While people do not necessarily needs to have the most technologically advanced smoke detector, they should be consulting with their Edmonton electrician in order to figure out what the best system is for their unique circumstances and their home. By allowing a professional to help, they can end up with a system that best suits their needs, and is at a price point they will be able to afford. Even though this is decision that does not have to be made very often, people should ensure that they are making this decision with a lot of research, and conversations with people who have their best interest at heart.

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