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Edmonton Electrician | Hire a Professional For Renovations

Many homeowners may think that they can avoid hiring a professional like an Edmonton electrician. When they are doing their kitchen renovation. They often justify it, by saying that the renovation is so small that they do not need one.

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However, if any of the renovation that they do. Will affect any part of their electrical system. Not only do they need to hire an electrical professional to do the work. But that the entire electrical system in that room.

Needs to be upgraded to the most current Canadian electrical code. Because according to that code, any change. No matter how small that change is to an existing electrical system.

Requires having everything else in that room upgraded to the electrical code. And since this code is upgraded every three years. Chances are quite good that the kitchen will need the upgrading done.

Another mistake homeowners make. Is when they are doing their kitchen renovation, they think they can simply hire a handyman. That will take care of all of the components including electrical.

The reason why this is a mistake. Is because when someone knows a lot about electrical systems. But do not work on them every single day. They may miss important things that compromise the safety of the wiring.

While they might also not do the work according to the most current Canadian electrical code. Because upgrading to the most current code. Is a lot of work, even for an Edmonton electrician. Who works in its on a daily basis.

But for someone who does not do this for their living. May be using an outdated version of the code. Which means they could be missing important safety steps. Or be doing things in a way, that is now known to be unsafe.

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It is incredibly important that when even a small job is being done on the wiring. It is done by a professional. That not only knows how to do this the most safe way possible.

But also, who will be able to know how many times needs to be inspected. And at what stages it needs to be inspected. So that homeowners can have peace of mind that it is done properly.

Even if homeowners are simply purchasing a bunch of new appliances for their kitchen. May require upgrading their electrical system. Especially if their new appliances draw more electricity than the old ones.

Therefore, when homeowners are planning any work done in their kitchen. They should simply contact their Edmonton electrician. Who will come out, and be happy to do a walk-through of their kitchen.

Look at the existing wiring, and make a recommendation on what electrical work needs to be done. As well as get homeowners a price for what this will cost. So that homeowners can budget for this in their renovation.

While kitchen renovations are the most expensive renovation for homeowners to do. Kitchen renovations also add incredible value to a home. Which is why it is worthwhile to do it properly.

Edmonton Electrician | Hire a Professional

When homeowners are planning a kitchen renovation, they should also be planning on hiring an Edmonton electrician. Because even a small kitchen renovations. Often require upgrading the electrical system.

Depending on how many years ago their home was built. They may have out dated outlets. As well as wiring that is no longer functional for today’s electrical requirements.

For example, most kitchens several years ago. Will have been wired with a 14gauge wire. And while there is nothing technically wrong with this. 14gauge wires will only handle a fifteen amp breaker.

And many electrical devices. Such as refrigerators, stoves and even pressure cookers. Require upgraded wiring. In order to avoid overloading the circuits, and causing the breaker to turn electricity off.

Even when homeowners simply want to add more outlets in their kitchen. So that they can have more things plugged in at a time in this room. Edmonton electrician will require adding more circuits to their panel.

The reason why, is because the electrical devices in a kitchen. Typically draw a very large amount of power. And so not only does every outlet need to be on its own circuits.

But most electricians suggest splitting the outlet, so that two things can be plugged into one outlet. Without risk of overloading those circuits, and tripping the breaker.

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Therefore, even adding just to new outlets. Means the Edmonton electrician will need to add four circuits to the panel. And their panel may not have that ability to accommodate that number of new circuits.

Therefore, they will have to make the decision with the homeowner. About whether they should add a subpanel. Or if they should simply install a new panel with more capabilities of adding more circuits later.

And when they are doing things, such as adding an island with an electrical outlet. Or adding a dishwasher. In a kitchen that did not have one already. They may need to add even more circuits than they realized.

Even when people are just upgrading their kitchen lighting. Away from the fluorescent lights, in favour of the more cost-effective LED lights. They may need to increase the number of circuits on their panel.

Because according to the Canadian electrical code. There can only be fourteen devices per circuit. And every lightbulb in an LED system. Should be counted as a separate device.

Therefore, even something as simple as adding under the counter strip lighting with an LED system. Could require adding two, three or more circuits. Which is why it is important to hire a professional.

When homeowners are planning a kitchen renovation. One of the first things that they should do, is contact Edmonton electrician to do a walk-through of their kitchen.

And give them a quote on what it will cost them to do those changes. So that they can budget accordingly for this cost in their kitchen renovations. Although it will increase the cost of this plan.

Having it done properly and safely. Will ensure that this kitchen renovation continues to provide value for years to come.

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