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Edmonton Electrician | Hire a Professional Electrician to Install Emergency Lights

With how important it is to insure a business has emergency lighting, business owners should employ and Edmonton electrician to help them. Not only do they need to ensure that they have enough emergency lights. But business owners also need to ensure that they are installed in the best locations, that they have enough of them, and that they are pointed in the right direction to help ensure that in the unfortunate circumstances of a building evacuation, everyone will be able to see the way out very clearly.

But how important this is, business owners should not think that they are able to do this themselves. That the additional cost of hiring a professional will go a long way to ensure the safety of all of their staff as well as all of the customers who might be visiting their business at the time.

Emergency lights need to be installed on the ceiling or on the wall, so that it can clearly illuminates the pathways out. One of the most common problems that Edmonton electrician sees is that the lights are installed properly, but the lamps are not putting it in the right direction. The lamps are either pointed straight ahead, and without a wall or even up at the ceiling.

That’s the right place that they should be pointing is at the floor. The reason why, is because depending on the nature of the emergency, evacuees might not be able to look up at the walls or the ceiling in order to see the way out. for example, in the event of a building fire, smoke might be feeling the hallways so much that it obstructs view of the walls and ceiling, or it’s might fill the hallways so much that evacuees must crawl on the floor to escape breathing in the Smoke, which means they have to be able to see the emergency lighting on the floor.

Once a business owner has ensured that they’re building has adequate emergency lighting, they need to ensure that they are being inspected on a regular basis. While a business owner will be able to easily do this, they may wants to hand it off to an Edmonton electrician. That way, they don’t have to try to remember to do it, and during the testing, if the electrician sees any necessary maintenance that needs to be done, they can simply go ahead and do it, so that they don’t have to worry about maintaining it as well as testing it.

The Edmonton electrician will test each emergency light for 30 seconds every month, to ensure that the lights still work. And then annually, they will test them for 90 minutes. The reason why they need to be tested for an hour and a half, is because that’s the length of time they will need to operate in the event of an emergency. An hour and a half should be enough time to evacuate to the entire building, before they stopped working.

Edmonton Electrician | Get a Professional to Install Emergency Lights

It’s extremely important that business owners not only install emergency lights in their business says Edmonton electrician. But they need to ensure that they are continuing to work, on an ongoing basis and that’s they have the necessary maintenance being performed on them. While business owners are able to do this themselves, by employing a professional, business owners can ensure that they are taking care of their building, their staff, and their customers without having to try to remember when it needs to be done.

It’s extremely important that they hire and Edmonton electrician to test their system on a regular basis. While it can be very easy for business owner to do themselves, a professor I’m sure that if there’s any necessary maintenance such as a light bulb has burnt out, but they are able to replace it very easily.

However, one of the most important reasons why a business owner should have somebody else take care of this for them, is because they will be able to provide a different perspective on the building, and help keep it safe. If business owners have made changes to the layout of their office, the emergency lights May no longer be as functional as they should be. A business owner might not think about this, but an Edmonton electrician will be able to easily see that.

Not only should a business owner be getting an Edmonton electrician to install the lights, and test them on a monthly and an annual basis, but they also needs to ensure that they have the adequate exit signs as well. These should be professionally installed as well says Edmonton electrician, because while the exit lights must be illuminated at all times, they also will have their own power source to ensure they stayed lit up in case the power to the building has been cut.

If they’re not installed properly, it could cause damage to the ballast, and therefore damage to the building. Or, the voltage could overload the ballast, which would backfire and cause damage to the sign itself. Business owners I shouldn’t worry about taking this problem on themselves, they should contact their Edmonton electrician to figure out if they have the correct exit lights, and install them if they do not.

It’s also very important that business owners that have the correct exit lights in their building. While the old standard for the exit signs used to be red that said the word exit, this is no longer adequate anymore says Edmonton electrician. In fact, they are not legal, and if a business owner has purchased a building, that already has these lights in it they might be grandfathered in by the inspector. However, they are less likely to be visible in the case of a fire.

And it requires the evacuees being able to read English in order to understand that it is the exit. Bye switching over to the green signs that have a picture on them showing a stick figure exiting a doorway, people will be able to see the signs better in a fire. And it won’t require the use of knowing English in order to understand that that is the way out.

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