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Edmonton Electrician | Hire A Pro Before Doing Kitchen Renos

Doing kitchen renovations, will be one of the most expensive renovations to do says Edmonton electrician. Because of the many different trades that are likely going to be involved.

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They will need an electrician, a plumber, someone to do flooring and drywall. As well as other potential trades, like someone to do the painting. And while it is going to add a lot of value to the home when it is done.

Homeowners may be tempted to cut corners where they can. In order to save some money. And while there are many ways that they can save on expenses when doing kitchen renovations.

Such as installing a less expensive stove, or fridge. Or, they may decide to do the painting themselves. However, one of the things that they should never try to save money on. Is the electrical work.

In fact, out of all of the things that they might be able to do themselves. Electrical work is one that they should never try to do. And when they are doing a kitchen renovation, the electrical work will be extensive.

For example, if they are planning on getting new appliances. They will need to ensure that the new appliances that they are installing. Will not overload the circuits of the outlets that are already there.

When the home was first built, the electrical outlets were most likely installed. For the appliance that was going to be put in that location. And putting something that is drawing more power.

Will overload that circuit, and will cause the circuit to trip the breaker. Simply by plugging the device in to their outlet. Therefore, they need an Edmonton electrician to help them know.

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If they can plug their new kitchen appliances whether it is a fridge or stove, or even a microwave or dishwasher. So that they do not end up finishing the renovation.

And then have to call an Edmonton electrician in any way. In order to run different wires. That will allow them to plug the electrical devices in. Without overloading the circuit.

As well, in kitchens, they are typically not enough outlets to begin with. Most likely, as a way of saving cost when building the house in the first place. Therefore, when people are doing kitchen renovations.

Not only do they want enough outlets. But they often want more than they need. To ensure that they can add electrical devices. Without overloading the circuits in their kitchen.

Therefore, Edmonton electrician will want to know all of the different electrical devices that they have. That could potentially be plugged in. And approximately where people would want to use those devices.

Whether they have a coffeepot, or an espresso machine. An electric kettle, electric frying pan. Or even things like toaster oven or toaster. Or a blender for example.

Will give them a good idea. Approximately how many outlets there going to need in their kitchen. And how many circuits they are also going to need in their kitchen.

By knowing all this information, can help ensure that people get right number of circuits installed. And will be able to use their kitchen after renovations very easily.

Edmonton Electrician | Hire An Electrician While Doing Kitchen Renos

Kitchen renovations are an extremely involved process, which is why people should hire the right Edmonton electrician for the job. They are going to know a lot of technical information.

But also, if people are going to cut corners. And have a general handyman do the electrical work. There may be mistakes that are made, that could cause a lot of problems for the homeowner in the long run.

One of the first things that homeowners should take into consideration. Is the fact that if any work, no matter how big or small is being made to the electrical system. The entire electrical system needs to be upgraded.

The Canadian electrical code gets updated every three years. And if the kitchen was built longer than three years ago. The electrical system must be upgraded to the current code.

No matter how minor the change is being made to the existing system. The reason why the electrical code changes so often. Is to ensure that it is as safe as it possibly can be.

Therefore, it is in the homeowner’s best interest. To ensure that it is up-to-date. But if they hire a handyman that does not know this. They may and up with a kitchen renovation that causes problems.

Like overloads their circuits unnecessarily. Or that it does not pass the inspection. And they will eventually need to hire a certified Edmonton electrician to fix it, adding cost unnecessarily.


If they had simply hired the electrician in the first place. Or, worst case scenario is that the electrical work is done improperly. And that leads to problems, including an electrical fire in the home.

And as devastating as an electrical fire can be in someone’s home. If they had hired an uninsured contractor. The insurance will not cover the damage. And could significantly impact the homeowner.

Therefore, it is incredibly important that when people are doing kitchen renovations. No matter how big or small they are. That they hire and Edmonton electrician that is certified and insured.

And doing this, will help them have peace of mind. That very few things will go wrong in the process. But if something does happen. However rare that might be. The electricians insurance will cover it.

As well, hiring a certified and insured electrician. Will help the homeowner have peace of mind. Because there will be two different inspections done. First is the rough in inspection.

Where the electrician will indicate where all of the grounding and bonding will happen. As well as where the wiring is going to be, and where the boxes will be located.

By ensuring that the inspection is done. Will give more peace of mind that the job will be done properly. Although it does not guarantee there will not be mistakes.

The more times a job can get someone’s eyes on it. Before the end, the more correct it is likely going to be. Giving homeowners their wonderful kitchen renovations. Without risk of electrical fires.

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